Element Roku TV Black Or Dim? See How To Fix It

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Do you sometimes experience your Element Roku TV going black? Does it go dim at times? Is this affecting your viewing experience? Well then, this is the right article for you.

Element TV is one of the best smart TVs today with its built-in Roku platform, tons of channels, and many more exciting features.

As good as this may sound, you may run into a few problems while having the time of your life with this extraordinary smart TV.

In this article, you will learn why your Element Roku TV goes dark or dim. You will also learn how to fix the issue.

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Why Is My Element TV Black Or Dim?

You may be experiencing the dark TV screen on the Element because of different reasons, one of which is because of loose cable;

Loose Cable

Your Element TV is black because some of the cables may be loose. A simple reason why your element TV screen is black or dim is that some of your cables are not well connected.

It could be that a cable such as the HDMI cable is not well connected. The simple result is that the TV screen will become black or there will be no display.

Brightlight Issue

Another reason why the Element TV is dark is that your TV has blacklight issues. Backlight is a source of brightness until those issues are resolved, you may continue to see your Element TV screen black or dim.

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Issue With Display Settings

Your display settings may be an issue and you may have set your display settings in such a way that your Element TV has a very dim display.

So it may not be a technical issue or a problem with the TV. It may just be the settings you need to adjust.

Local Dimming

There may also be a problem with your local dimming. Local dimming is a feature that automatically adjusts the screen brightness.

There may be an issue such that the local dimming may not adjust properly and that may cause the TV screen to become dim.

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How To Fix Element TV Black Or Dim

Since you know the reasons why your Element Roku TV screen is dark or dim, see how you can fix the issue on your TV.

Fix 1: Check All Cable Connections

Many times, the simple reason why your Element TV goes black or dim is that your television cables are not well connected.

Before you take any step when your Element TV goes black, make sure you check all the cables, especially the HDMI cables to make sure that they are well connected.

If there are any loose cables like the power plug, you can quickly connect them.

Fix 2: Switch Off T he TV For A While

In the absence of any cable problems, you can also switch off the TV and unplug all cables.

After doing this, wait for a considerable time, like 5 to 20 minutes before plugging all cables back in.

Doing this will refresh the TV system and this may solve the issue of your Element Roku TV going black or dim.

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Fix 3: Disable Local Dimming

It may be that your local dimming is not functioning properly and is causing your TV screen to become too dim. You will have to disable it and manually set your preferred screen brightness level.

Click the * button on the remote control > Advanced picture settings > Local contrastDynamic contrast off

After turning off the local dimming, you will have to manually turn up the brightness. Navigate to brightness on your settings and turn up the TV brightness.


Being the owner of Element TV is quite exciting as it presents a lot of exciting viewing content.

However, a dim or black Element TV screen may make your viewing experience very sour. Your screen can be dim or black because not all cables are well connected.

It could be an issue with your TV backlight or your display settings. There are several ways to fix the issue.

Check that all cables are well connected. Turn off the TV for some time. Modify your display settings. You should be good to go after trying these fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stop My Screen From Going Dim?

  • Disable adaptive brightness
  • Increase the screen timeout

What Does Dim Screen Mean?

It means your screen’s brightness has been reduced after you have reached the dim idle timeout.

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