How to encrypt any Android phone

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On an encrypted device, all personal data gets encrypted, this includes things like your email, texts, contacts, Google Account data, app data, photos, media, and downloads. Some non-personal data, like file sizes, aren’t encrypted.

How to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on mobile with xCloud and others

GTA 5 is one of the most popular game ever created by Rockstar Games after Red Redemption 2. The game covered everything from living, doing crimes, and all the bad things you can think of. And despite the game was released eight years ago, it’s still one of the most popular with over 140 million copies sold.

How to request verification on Instagram

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To get the verification tick on Instagram, you’ll need to make that you’ve properly set up your Instagram profile and complete everything that’s is required. If you haven’t, here are the things that you need to note before applying for verification on Instagram.

How to force close apps on Android

There are probably a lot of reasons you might want to close an App on your Android device, it usually annoying when an App does not work as excepted. When an Application refuses to close in a normal manner, you might consider force closing such an App and it is pretty easy to do that.

How to delete WhatsApp account


If you don’t want to use the messaging app anymore you can check out some WhatsApp alternatives. Using WhatsApp gives you lots of features, but if you don’t want. Here’s how you can delete your WhatsApp account