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Our Story

We found Techvocast in 2018 to provide easy-to-understand technology content with a real-world guide.

From what started as a hobby to see how the web works, is now becoming a growing brand for tech solutions on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. With the inclusion of troubleshooting guides and tech updates.

Also, Techvocast shares solutions for applications on popular OS such as iOS and macOS, Android, and Windows.

The site’s contents have been read thousands of times. These articles helped fix tech devices and apps for daily users.

Our Mission

“To explain technology in the simplest way possible.”

Editorial Guidelines

At Techvocast, we strive to publish the best, most accurate, and useful articles. That’s why we do a lot of testing and in-depth research. Our articles go through reviewed for accuracy, grammar, readability, better formatting, spelling errors, and images.

We continuously update our content library to meet up with the current development of apps and services that are updated regularly, to keep the article up-to-date and in-depth as always.

If you see an outdated article that needs to be improved or has another issue, please contact us at [email protected], and we’ll look into it.

Why you should trust our recommendations

We detail our product and service recommendations to the core with hands-on experience and comprehensive research. These recommendations are from authors and editors who have helped your day-to-day activities with the best of technology, how-to guides, and fixes for your device and apps.

For writers who have used these products and services and know the ins and outs of it with plenty of experience, recommending the product to you with our advice will give you a go on better chance you’ll have with the product or service.

The products and services will recommend are hand-picked by our editorial team without consideration of affiliate relationships, or payments for recommending the product. But if there’s an affiliate option for it, will or may not include it on the product recommended.

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