Why Is My YouTube TV Blurry? See How To Fix It

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Have you realized your YouTube TV has turned blurry all of a sudden? This sometimes happens when you are enjoying videos and suddenly the video becomes blurry.

Sometimes you can partially see the video playing on the YouTube TV app. This may be because of different reasons, from the streaming device to the internet connection.

If you’re still wondering why the YouTube TV app keeps blurry videos on your TV when watching, you’ll learn why and see how you can fix it.

In this article, you’ll learn why your YouTube TV is blurry. You’ll also learn how to fix the issue to stop your YouTube TV from being blurry.

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Why Is My YouTube TV blurry?

There are many reasons why your YouTube TV may be blurry. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you have a blurry YouTube TV.

You May Have A Bad Internet Connection

Most of the time, it is as a result of poor internet connection that your YouTube TV has reduced the video quality.

If you do not have a strong internet connection to watch the video on YouTube TV, you will not be able to have a clear view of the full quality that you need to have a better experience on the TV.

Your YouTube TV could also be blurry because of intermittent. If your internet connection keeps going on or off, you are going to see your YouTube TV going blurry.

PQ Is Set To Auto

If you have Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) set to Auto, this may be why you’re experiencing a blurry video on your YouTube because the internet is low.

The PQ allows SDR to be converted to HDR, since the Setting is set to Auto, this may automatically bring the quality down to 480p. This can even happen when you have a fast internet connection.

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The Video Quality May Be Low

It is also sometimes a result of the kind of video quality you have chosen to watch. If the video quality is far below 1080p, you may not be able to watch it to the quality you want it to be.

The video quality can affect the kind of view you have, causing the video on your YouTube TV to be a blur.

If the person behind the YouTube channel doesn’t upload a good-quality video, the video quality won’t be clear on your end, and it may end up blurry.

But it can be boosted up if your app is up to date, and you’ve updated the device software or firmware.

Your App Is Out Of Date

You may be using an outdated YouTube TV app that does not allow you to watch the video in the best quality it should be.

If you use still use an outdated YouTube app to watch the videos on your Smart TV, you’ll need to update it to get the latest update and stream videos at better quality.

Outdated Streaming Device App

Another reason why your YouTube TV is blurry could be a result of the streaming device you are using.

If you have an Amazon Firestick, Roku stick, or Chromecast, and you haven’t updated it, these may also be the problem.

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How To Fix A Blurry YouTube TV

From the different reasons your YouTube TV is blurry, you’ll be able to tell which categories your fall on. Since you do know the reasons, here’s what to do to fix it when YouTube TV is a blur.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

You need a proper internet connection to be able to watch a video that’s not blurry on your YouTube TV.

If the WiFi you’re using is connected to many other devices, the internet may be slow and you’ll not be able to watch video with higher quality.

If the video quality you have chosen is 1080P, but you are still not having the best quality it means your internet connection isn’t strong enough.

Therefore you can be watching the video at about 480p which gives a lower quality. If you want to check the speed of your internet connection, visit www.fast.com to check the speed of your internet.

Fix 2: Set Video Quality To HD

Since the PQ is set to Auto, you’ll need change to change the video quality from Auto and choose the video quality you want to watch the video in.

The Auto is defaulting to a lower version sometimes, and this may lower the quality of the video, to make the video doesn’t look blurry you’ll have to select a higher resolution.

Because this can sometimes bring the video quality down, you’ll need to manually select the quality settings you want to watch the video with. You’ll need to set it from Auto and set it to HD resolution.

To set the video quality manually; open YouTube TV > Click on your profile picture > Select Settings > Click on Video Quality Preferences > And select the highest video quality.

You can also set the video quality while watching the video. From your remote, click down twice and highlight the HD icon, click on it then Select Resolution. Now Select the HDR video quality you want.

Once you change the video quality settings, you’ll be able to stream videos on YouTube with higher quality.

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Fix 3: Check Another Video

If you’ve tried all the fixes and it’s not working, it’s because the video quality is very low and there’s not you can do. To be sure, open another video and see if it’ll still be blurry.

Fix 4: Update The YouTube TV App

If you’re using an outdated YouTube TV app, you may likely experience an issue with the app, and not get the best video experience.

You should update the YouTube TV app on your Smart TV. . If you do not update it you will have an issue watching higher video quality.

Fix 5: Unplug T he Smart TV

If you’re not getting any results on the video quality you’re watching on your YouTube TV, you’ll need to restart your Smart TV. This will clear store data that can fix the issue.

Turn off your Smart TV and unplug your TV from the power outlet, then wait for about 30 seconds or more and turn it on. Now see if the video on your YouTube TV is still blurry.

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Fix 6: Update Smart TV

If you’re experiencing video quality issues on your smart TV, you’ll need to update the TV software.


If you realized that your YouTube TV is blurry and you want to fix it we have given you all the reasons why your YouTube TV is blurry and how you can fix the issue.

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