Why Won’t My TV Turn On? [The Right Way To Fix It] Solved!

So, if you're worried and frustrated, don't worry because you can easily fix it by following this guide.
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Have you ever experienced that you sit on the sofa to watch your favorite show, but the TV won’t turn on? 

And you’re asking yourself, “Why won’t my TV turn on?” Well, There are various reasons why TV won’t turn on. 

So, if you’re worried and frustrated, don’t worry because you can easily fix it by following this guide.

In this guide, you’ll learn why your TV isn’t turning on and how you can fix the issues.

Some Major Reasons and Right Ways to Fix the TV “Turn On” Issue

If your TV doesn’t turn, you can check if the issue is fixed. Let’s explore and check what might have gone wrong:

1. Check the Power Supply

The first most common issue for your TV won’t turn on because of a power supply problem. So ensure your TV is connected to a live power outlet and plugged in correctly. If the plug is properly in, it may not give a power supply. So change the power socket and try again with a different outlet.

2. TV might be Turned Off

Check whether the TV is turned on or off. It may not turn on after pressing the remote button. So first, ensure it’s turned on, and if it’s still not working, then turn it off and on again, simple. Press the power button to turn off and on the TV to restart it. 

3. May require a Software Update

If the socket is working, and you tried off/on but are still not turning on, it might require a software update. Check if there’s any update required in the TV or any software update to fix the issue.

4. Need a Reset

If nothing works, try this solution because a hard reset can work. But before making any reset, ensure you know how to reset your TV with proper instructions, then take any steps. A hard reset can turn your TV on.

5. Check the TV Connection Cables

If you’ve been using an old TV for a long-time and suddenly it stops working and won’t turn on. The biggest reason can be damaged connection cables, so check the back side of the TV and find if any damaged cables need to be replaced. The issue can be resolved once the new cable connection is set up.

6. Replace Batteries in the Remote

One of the basic reasons is that your TV won’t turn on, i.e., the remote won’t work. Try to replace and add new batteries in the remote and insert them correctly. Now try again to turn on the TV.

7. Blocked Remote IR Sensor 

If you added fresh batteries to the remote, but it still won’t open, it ensures that the TV and Remote can communicate in front of them with the IR sensor to work correctly. Also, you can clean the dust from the remote before trying to turn on the TV.

8. Check the Backlight Issue

If you turn on the TV and the power light turns on, but the screen remains blank, then it’s a cause of backlight issues. To check whether the backlight is the issue, grab a flashlight and shine it closely on the dark screen, and you will find a faulty backlight. If you found it, then call the mechanic to fix the broken backlight. 

9. Faulty TV Motherboard

If these small reasons aren’t getting a solution, it should be a big reason, like a broken motherboard, whether you can call a mechanic or handle it yourself. 

Here’s the simple step-by-step process to check the motherboard by using a multimeter:

  1. First, remove the back panel of your TV and unscrew all sides.
  2. Identify where’s the motherboard (It looks green and placed left-side).
  3. Now, use a multimeter to test each voltage source.
  4. Check where there’s a dead voltage source to ensure it’s a faulty motherboard.

Note: You can also take help by watching a video tutorial on how to check the TV Motherboard with a multimeter on YouTube.

10. Call the TV Manufacturer

If nothing works, then the final option is to call the manufacturer. An expert can help you to resolve the issue, especially for your TV model. 

But before contacting the TV manufacturer, here are some things you should consider:

  • Gather Information about Your TV: Make sure you’ve complete details about your tv model number, serial number, and other details before contacting the manufacturer.
  • Be Prepared to describe the Issue: It’s important to describe the issue so that the manufacturer understands and comes up with an exact solution.
  • Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions: After sharing the issue with the manufacturer, follow the instructions to resolve the issue.

Wrapping Up!

When a TV doesn’t turn on, it can be a frustrating experience, but you don’t need to worry because you can resolve the issue.

By following the given ways, you can fix the TV issue. We hope this article helps you fix the TV and won’t turn on the issue in simple ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my TV Turn On properly?

It could be because of a low or no power supply. Try to find if there’s any faulty power socket or weak batteries in the remote.

Can I Turn On my TV with my mobile?

If your phone supports an IR blaster, then you can download any TV remote app to use it as a remote.

Why won’t my TV Turn On, but the red light shows?

If the TV doesn’t Turn On, but the red light shows, it can be an issue with the power supply, remote control, or TV set.

What are the Causes my TV won’t Turn On?

Various reasons cause a TV won’t Turn On, such as power source issues, software issues, damaged cables, remote won’t work, and hardware problems.

Can a software issue prevent a TV from Turning On?

Yes, it can be a big reason for TV won’t turn on if there’s any software issue or required update.

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