Bright Spot On TV? See Why And How To Fix It

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You may have been watching a show only to no tice a bright spot on the TV. This issue is usually faced by users that use the Samsung TV.

However, whether or not you use Samsung TV, if you are wondering why there are bright spots on your TV and want to know how to fix it, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn why your TV has a bright spot. You’ll also know how to fix the bright spots on your TV.

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Why Are There Bright Spots On My TV?

A bright spot on your television screen indicates that your LCD panel is experiencing a problem. There are many possible reasons why there are bright spots on your TV.

Loose Reflectors

Firstly, a bright spot on your TV may be due to loose reflectors. The purpose of reflectors in your TV is to spread the light in the TV. Once the reflectors become loose, they emit light at one point on the screen.

Sometimes, the reflectors inside the TV get loose and fall off from their spot. Usually, they fall off due to the poor quality or the heat that is created inside the TV.

Due to this, all the lights inside the TV shine at a single point, and when that happens, you will notice a white spot on your TV.

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Dead Pixels

Another reason why there are bright spots on your TV is because of dead pixels. Every TV has numerous pixels whose main aim is to light up and produce the picture displayed on the TV screen.

When some pixels get damaged, they appear as bright spots on the TV screen.

TV Got A Hit

Bright spots also occur because your TV has been hit. If something or someone hits your TV, it may shift reflectors from their original position causing them to fall off or become loose. This then causes the bright spots on your TV.

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How To Fix Bright Spots On TV

Loose reflectors are the cause of the bright spots you see on TV. To fix this issue on your TV, you’ll need to reglue these fallen reflectors. Of course, to do this you need to open up the TV.

If you do not know about opening a TV, get in touch with a TV expert who can fix the issue on your TV. You can also talk to the seller of the TV to help you out if they can.

Fix 1: Fix Loose Reflectors

To fix a TV with bright spots, you’ll need to reattach the loose reflectors causing bright spots on your screen.

But you’ll need to open up the TV to fix the issue. If you’re used to losing and repairing things yours this will be easy.

Follow these steps to reglue the loose reflectors causing bright spots on your TV screen.

Step 1: Gather The Necessary Items

To glue the reflectors, you need to open the TV. However, to do this, you need some materials to ensure that you can open the TV safely and that you are safe throughout this entire process.

  • You would need
  • Medium-sized screwdriver
  • Small-sized screwdriver
  • Safety Gloves
  • Superglue
  • Prying tool
  • Magnetizers and Demagnetizers (optional)
  • Q-tips

Step 2: Put Off Your TV

Next, unplug your TV. Turn the TV off before unplugging it from the wall socket.

Wait for a few minutes before moving to the next step so that your TV’s capacitors can drain the remaining power to prevent any electric shock when opening the TV up.

Step 3: Put Your TV Face Down On A Soft And Flat Surface

Lay your TV face down on a flat, soft surface large enough for your screen. You can use a thick duvet, a bedsheet, or even your bed and lay your TV on it. You do this so you do not damage the TV screen

Step 4: Remove All Screws From The Back Of Your TV

Locate all the screws at the back of your TV, and use the right-sized screwdriver to unscrew all the screws. Here, you can use magnetizers and demagnetizers to make the work much easier.

Also, note that the screws on your TV will differ in size. So remember where you remove each of them from. And this way, you can return them with ease later.

Step 5: Remove The Back Cover Of Your TV

After unscrewing, remove the back cover of your television. This may be tough to do so you can use the prying tool to raise the edges of the TV and use your fingers to widen the gap between the TV body and the cover.

Step 6: Turn Your TV Over

Here, flip the TV such that its screen is facing your ceiling. Do not worry about the components. Most TVs are light and this prevents damage to any components.

Step 7: Remove Your TV Screen.

Unscrew the edges of the screen to remove your TV screen. Use your prying tool to lift the TV frame. Disconnect the cables connected to the screen and remove the TV screen.

Place the screen on a clean and flat surface.

Step 8: Lift The Diffuser Panel.

After removing the cables, lift the diffuser panel of your TV. This is the white surface you see. You need to remove it to see the reflectors.

Before doing so, label the sides of the diffuser so you do not place the diffuser in the wrong spot. If you place it wrongly, your TV will not have a correct display.

Step 9: Reglue The Reflectors

Behind the diffuser panel are the reflectors. You need to reglue all fallen and loose reflectors in place.

Do not use too much glue. Use the Q-tips to place the glue around the place where the reflector is loose. Too much glue can cause damage to the reflectors.

Step 10: Put The Diffuser, TV screen, And Back Of The Tv In Place.

After gluing all loose and fallen reflectors, place the diffuser in its original place and fix it in place, return the screen to its place and finally, screw the Tv back carefully.

Step 11: Test Your Screen

Plug in the Tv, turn it on and test the TV display.

Fix 2: Find A TV Repairer

If you can’t lose your TV to fix the issue on the screen, you’ll need to find a TV repairer that can help you fix the issue. This can cost a little money, but it’ll get the job done.

The repairer will just need to reattach or replace the diffuser. Reattaching the diffuser lenses should cost around $50. If you still have a warranty you can go to where you bought the TV for.


Seeing bright spots on TV is not new and can occur on most television screens. This is a problem that can be solved and so do not get worried.

This guide has detailed the causes of bright spots on TV and what can be done to fix them.

However, contact a TV specialist if you cannot solve the problem. They have more experience with issues like bright spots on TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Bright Spots Appear On TV?

Loose reflectors are the cause of bright spots on TV. When these reflectors inside the TV get loose they cause bright spots.

How Do You Get Rid Of TV Marks?

Use a dry cloth and rub gently on the TV screen.  You can also use water to lightly moisten a clean, dry cloth, then wipe the screen. Do not let the water run down the screen or enter the back of the screen. After, use a dry cloth on the screen again

How Much Does It Cost to Remove White Spots?

The cost of screen replacement is about $200. However, it usually depends on the type of TV you have.  If the issue is more severe, be prepared to pay a bit more.

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