X (Formally Twitter) Notification Won’t Go Away? How To Fix It

Most Twitter users have also experienced these issues, and the notification won't just go away after you have read all the notifications in the app. It will just be there. Good lord, we found a solution.
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On my X (Formally Twitter) app, the notification won’t go away. This means that there is a notification I haven’t read on the app, but when I opened the Bird app, there was none.

The blue app has started misbehaving and Twitter notifications won’t go away even after reading all the notifications.

But I found a way to remove the notification alert from my screen and did I mention my friend also has the same problem. Well, we removed the red icon from the app.

In this article, you’ll learn how to fix X (Formally Twitter) notifications that won’t go away, and remove the red icon from your home screen.

How To Fix X (Formally Twitter) Notifications Won’t Go Away

Most Twitter users have also experienced these issues, and the notification won’t just go away after you have read all the notifications in the app. It will just be there. Good lord, we found a solution.

The first thing you should do in this kind of situation is to force close the Twitter app from the recent app drawer or restart your device.

And if it doesn’t remove the notification icon from the app, try these other fixes.

Fix 1: Open X (Formally Twitter) On Another Device

The fastest way to solve the Twitter notification on your device is to open Twitter on another of your devices, like your computer, iPad, or Android device.

Open the Twitter app and check your notifications and everything you have missed.

This will sync your account and thus will let other devices know that there aren’t any notifications on the Bird app.

Go to the device so that the notification won’t go away and check if the Twitter notification is still there.

This works well and is easy. If the notification won’t go away, here are other fixes you could try.

Fix 2: Having Different Account Notification

If you have a different account on the app, and there are notifications from these Twitter accounts, the Twitter app may show the red notification icon.

Tap on your profile picture, and change your account. Check if there is a notification for those accounts and clear them.

Fix 3: Sign Out And Sign In

If the notification is getting annoying, you could try signing out of your Twitter account and signing in again. These, of course, may also fix the problem.

Fix 4: Message Request

If your notification on Twitter isn’t going anywhere, there may be a notification in your message requests box.

This may be the reason Twitter keeps saying you have a notification, and when you open the app, you rarely see any.

At the top of your Messages section, you might have missed the “Message requests” box.

This is where the message from people you don’t follow goes (you can change the settings).

When anyone you’re not following but who is following you sends you a message, the message will go to the Message requests box.

Once you accept their message, it then moves to the regular DM folder.

If you don’t check the Message requests box, Twitter may still be showing you that you have a notification.

Fix 5: Restart Or Force Restart Your Device

If opening Twitter on another device doesn’t solve the problem on your phone, restarting it after will surely make the red notification icon leave the Twitter app. This will most likely solve your problem with the bird app.

Restarting your iPhone will refresh your device and clear all the apps running, so if there’s any little bug that doesn’t want the Twitter notification to go away.

You might get it removed by just restarting your iPhone. To restart your iPhone, go to Settings > General, scroll down, and tap on Shut Down.

Force restarting your device could solve your problem since several users have been using it to get bugs and glitches out of their devices.

We have written a detailed guide to help you force restart your iPhone.

Fix 6: Update The Twitter App

The other options will probably work, but if your device isn’t going through, the next thing you should do is update the Twitter app.

At least these will update everything, even if a bug is causing the problem.

Go to your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and check if there is a new update. If there is an update, install it and open the Twitter app again.

These will surely fix the notification on Twitter that isn’t going away. If for anything this doesn’t work, you can try our last fix.

Fix 7: Reset All Settings

The next option you should be looking at is resetting all iPhone or iPad settings. this doesn’t erase your data on your device, just the settings you have made changes to.

The Twitter notification won’t go away may be caused by some settings changes (We don’t know yet). Resetting it may remove the red icon from the app.

To reset all settings, open your iPhone Settings > General > Reset. Tap on Reset All Settings, tap Reset All Settings again, and confirm with your iPhone passcode.


If your Twitter notifications won’t go away, you can use the guide to remove them. Most times, it’s because you have an unread message in the message requests box.

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