Peacock TV Subtitles Not Working? See How To Fix It

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Do you watch movies and shows on Peacock TV often? Do you prefer to use subtitles when streaming your favorite movies and shows on Peacock?

Sometimes when subtitles are not working as they should, it’ll affect your viewing experience and it can be very frustrating when you can’t understand the language spoken in the movie.

The movie won’t be that much to you if you can’t hear or read what they say. So if Peacock TV subtitles aren’t working, see why and how you can fix it.

In this article, you will learn why the Peacock TV Subtitles are not showing. You’ll also know how to fix Peacock TV subtitles not working.

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Why Is Peacock TV Subtitles Not Working?

Peacock TV offers subtitles for their movies and shows. But if you’re not able to use the subtitles on Peacock TV, they’re different reasons why this is happening.

It may be that you’ve not enabled subtitles on Peacock TV that’s why you’re not able to use it when watching a movie or show.

To make subtitles work on Peacock TV, you’ll need to enable it when watching a movie or show.

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How To Fix Peacock TV Subtitles not Working

However, you may realize that your Peacock subtitles have not been working for a while now. Here are some ways by which you can fix them.

Fix 1: Enable Subtitles

Your subtitles may not be appearing because you have simply not enabled your subtitles.

If you do not enable your subtitles while streaming on Peacock, you are going to rely solely on dialogue provided by sound.

With the subtitles, you can get both written dialogue and Closed captioning. Closed captioning refers to the description of sounds in the movie or show you are watching other than dialogue. Here is how to enable subtitles:

For PC: Hover the cursor on the screen while streaming a movie or show> Tap on the text bubble [like a comment box] > Tap on English under Subtitles to enable.

For Mobile App: Tap on the screen to pause > Tap on the text bubble > Tap on a language to enable. This enables subtitles to appear as you stream.

Subtitles are mostly in English although there are a few movies and shows for which Spanish is available.

Fix 2: Refresh Your Page

If you are still not able to see subtitles after trying this method, you may have to refresh the page if you are watching on the web.

With a mobile app, you can exit the app and reopen it to have the changes implemented. It may take up to 30 seconds for the subtitles to appear so you will have to have patience with the subtitles.

If you do not see the subtitles after such a period, you can go ahead and refresh the web page or the mobile app depending on your means of streaming.

If this problem persists, then it might be a technical issue on the side of Peacock TV.

It could also be that there is no subtitle package for the particular movie or show you are streaming. Although this is rare, it does happen.

For some legal reasons also, Peacock may not be allowed to display subtitles for certain movies and shows.

So if you are watching a movie or show and you have tried so hard to enable the subtitles without any success, it is very possible that Peacock may not have the legal right to display subtitles for your consumption.

In such cases, there is practically nothing else to do but resign yourself to stream ing without subtitles.


Peacock TV is a cool new Streaming app that gives you the best of entertainment. You might want to stream all your movies and shows with subtitles.

To do that, you simply need to enable the subtitles in your preferred language while streaming.

If this fails, you may have to check your mobile device’s accessibility settings to make sure that your device allows subtitles to be displayed.

Beyond these actions that you can take, if your Peacock TV subtitles still do not work, then it might be a technical issue on the side of Peacock TV.

It could also be that are no subtitles available for the particular movie or show you are streaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Peacock Not Have Subtitles?

Peacock has subtitles. To enable it, tap on the screen while you are steaming. Tap on the text bubble and select a language to enable subtitles.

How Do You Change Peacock To English?

Open the Peacock app > Select the show or movie > Select Language setting (‘Audio & Subtitle’) > Select  English

Does Peacock Have English Subtitles?

Most of the subtitle packages are in English. Others are in Spanish.

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