AirPods Pro Not Working? See Why & How To Fix It

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AirPods Pro which come in two models (1st Generation and 2nd Generation) include many features like active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and volume adjusting gestures, which the AirPods does not have.

Although AirPods were made for iPhone and iPad, it is not only for Apple devices but it can also connect to all smart devices.

AirPods are supposed to provide easy functionality to the user, but most users of the AirPods cannot seem to get it to work.

In this article, you will learn why your AirPods Pro are not working and what can be done to fix it. Apple’s AirPods Pro, much like the base AirPods, are the alternative to earpieces.

Why Don’t My AirPods Pro Work?

Not Connected

AirPods Pro connects to your device via Bluetooth. If they are not working as they should then it means they are not connected to your device’s Bluetooth.


Your AirPods Pro may be damaged, which is why they are not able to work. A lot of things can cause your AirPods to be damaged.

The AirPods Pro may have come into contact with water, or it may have hit the ground or suffered a software problem.

Low Battery

The AirPods Pro like all electronic devices is battery powered and must be recharged from time to time. If it is not working, then the battery must have run out.

It’s fake

Another reason your AirPods Pro are not working is because they are fake. Fakes, knockoffs and replicas although much less costlier than the original product do not offer the same quality that the original product does.

Software issues like out-of-date firmware can cause bugs and technical glitches in your AirPods Pro. This will cause the AirPods Pro to malfunction and not work.

How To Fix “AirPods Pro Not Working”

Fix 1: Choose AirPods Pro as Primary Output

Your AirPods Pro may be connected to your device, but the reason why it is not working is that your device has not made it to the output device.

To fix it, just click on the list of output modes when you’re playing a song, watching a video, making a call, and choosing the AirPods Pro as the primary output.

This will route all your sounds from the phone’s speakers to the AirPods.

Fix 2: Close range

Connect your AirPods Pro to your device by pairing it through Bluetooth.

To do this, Put the AirPods Pro in their charging case > Open Settings on your device > Select Bluetooth > Long press the button behind the AirPods case to make it ready for pairing > Select the name of your AirPods Pro when they show up on your device to pair and connect the Airpods Pro.

Fix 3: Charge AirPods Pro

After connection via Bluetooth, ensure that your AirPods Pro and the device are always nearby. Being too far apart will cause them to disconnect.

Although AirPods Pro has a longer-lasting battery than their counterparts, this does not mean that they last forever.

AirPods Pro also do need to be charge as they require power to function fully.

When AirPods run out of battery, they shut off completely and they won’t work unless they are charged.

Fix 4: Upgrade Firmware

To update the software version of your AirPods Pro, you will need to use an iPhone.

The firmware upgrade of your AirPods will eliminate technical glitches and bugs.

Make sure both the AirPods and iPhone are fully charged > Connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi network > Pair the AirPods with the iPhone and leave them for about an hour. This will automatically upgrade the Airpods’ firmware.

Fix 5: Reset AirPods Pro

Reset the AirPods Pro if they are not working. The rest of your AirPods Pro will bring the AirPods Pro back to default and also fix all software issues.

Put the Airpods in the charging case and close the lid > Wait a while and king press the button behind the Airpods > Wait for the color signal to turn white and go off > Press the button again to turn on the AirPods.

Fix 6: Update your Device

The software version of your device might be making it incompatible or not pairable with your AirPods Pro because it is out of date.

Your device’s operating system should have software updates for you to upgrade your device.

Android: Open the Settings app on your mobile device > Scroll down to System > Click on System update to check if there’s an update available > Download and install the update on your phone.

iOS: Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Select General > Choose the second option: Software Update > Wait while the device checks if there are any new updates available > Select the latest one and wait while it downloads and installs.

Fix 7: Restart your device

Another fix for solving the problem of your Airpods Pro not working is to restart your device.

iOS: Hold down the power button (for models below the iPhone X) or hold down the power button and the volume down buttons(for iPhone X models and later) for a few seconds > The shut down menu will appear on the screen > Slide the power icon to turn the phone off > After the phone shuts down, press and hold down the power button to turn it back on.

Android: Press and hold down the power button of your device > Wait until the shutdown options appear on the screen > Select the restart option and let the phone reboot.

Fix 8: Buy Authentic

You may think you are saving money by purchasing replicas and fake versions of the AirPods Pro, but these fake versions are bound to damage quickly.

Only purchase your AirPods Pro from Apple Store or any certified shop like Amazon, eBay, or BestBuy.

Fix 9: Apple Shop

Visit a certified Apple Store or any of its affiliates to check on your AirPods Pro if it is not working.

It may be a hardware problem and we advise that only a certified repairer should tamper with the AirPods Pro.


You can connect your AirPods to any device once the device supports Bluetooth. Do not throw your AirPods away just because they do not work.

Follow the fixes in this article for when your AirPods Pro decides not to work. The causes of this problem are also listed in the article.

FAQs on How To Fix “AirPods Pro Not Working”

There may be a static sound in the AirPods Pro as audio is being played. Also, it may just cease to work in the middle of you using it

The firmware of the AirPods Pro are automatically upgraded when they are charging and connected to an Apple device. The Apple device must also be connected to the Wi-Fi.

Yes. Even if an AirPods is damaged, it can be repaired. Although it may cost you depending on the magnitude of damage, if you have a warranty then it shouldn’t be expensive.

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