Acefast T8 True Wireless Earbuds Sound Better For $62: The Review

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When I first saw the new Acefast T8 Wireless Earbuds, I knew I wanted to get my hands on them.

The new transparent earbud is doing something different, and this crystal earbud may be inspired by the Nothing Earbud.

Their new products are all see-through, maybe they should be called “The Transparent Company” not “ACEFAST”, just kidding, but this is the new trend for mobile accessories.

I was able to get my hands on the Acefast T8 True Wireless Earbuds, and all I can say is that, well this is something, the body, touch, sounds, and everything. We’ve much to talk about.

These earbuds are known for more than their looks!! Some exciting features that make Acefast earbuds stand out are a 3D embossed display, great sound quality, Bluetooth 5.3, fast charging, LED indicators, IPX4 Waterproof, a long-lasting battery, and much more.

After testing Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds, we’ve covered them in-depth and the most
honest review about them. So that you can decide whether it’s worth buying or not!!

Let’s break down its review – unboxing, design & build quality, performance, sound
quality, battery life, comfort, and whether it is worth buying.

Acefast Crystal (2): Unboxing

Acefast Crystal 2 earbuds’ unboxing process is exciting because the packaging is so glossy, premium, and eye-catching, with a nice cover display.

There are six color options available – Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Pink, and White. I’ve ordered my earbuds in Blue color, which is my favorite.

So when you open the box, a plastic layer covers all the accessories carefully. Now, It’s time to check what you’ll get inside this box.

Here are all the things that come in the box:

  • Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds
  • Soft Silicon Cover
  • Extra Pair of ear caps (All Sizes)
  • Silicon Cable
  • User manual
  • Type-C charging cable

The best part is that all the things in the box have a similar color, making the experience more satisfying and enjoyable.

Acefast Crystal (2): Design and Build Quality

One of the unique things about Acefast earbuds is the attractive, transparent design that shows the insides of the earbuds.

It’s inspired by Nothing Earbuds 1 & 2, but it takes one step ahead regarding design.

A digital battery with an LED indicator on the top of its body shows the battery percentage and four battery bars for both left and right earbuds, which is so cool.

Its body is made of sturdy plastic, but it has seamless edge curves and a smooth handheld grip.

You’ll find a Type-C port at the bottom side, and while charging, both left and right earbuds light up.

Also, the earbuds have a magnet to keep attached to the charging case and prevent fall out.

I tried to check its magnet power, and the earbuds remained attached.

If we consider the design and build quality, then it’s an attractive and durable earbud compared to others.

Acefast Crystal (2): Performance

In terms of performance, these Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds give a great performance experience during the review.

Its sound is clear, loud, and balanced while playing music and calling.

The T8 supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3 version that quickly connects with your device and offers a good range of connectivity and stability.

It has responsive touch controls that allow you to easily play/pause a track, skip, and adjust the volume +/- in one touch.

Overall the experience of using these earbuds was smooth and enjoyable, with clear sound and fast response to touch actions.

Acefast Crystal (2): Sound Quality

After testing the Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbud’s sound quality, I found it to be great, and it also has a loud bass that enhances the overall listening experience.

One of the key things about these earbuds is a 10mm aluminum-magnesium alloy driver and 6mm titanium dome tweeters. Both combined give a clear, loud, and balanced audio experience.

These earphones are not specifically for audiophiles, but tweaking the equalizer makes the listening experience more satisfying and enjoyable.

The sound quality and bass are good, so that you can consider these earbuds for outdoor listening, high midrange sounds, and EDMs.

There’s no active noise cancellation feature available. However, it supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3 version and noise reduction options to enhance the listening experience.

After testing the sound quality with different music tracks, I can say that the sound quality is really good, smoother, and louder.

Acefast Crystal (2): Battery Life

The battery life of Acefast Earbuds is as good as advertised, i.e., 6-7 hours of listening experience on a single charge.

You can charge the earbuds three times using the case, which gives more than 25 hours of battery life.

From 0 to 100% charge, it takes around 90 minutes but 10 minutes of charging can give you 2 hours of usage.

Note: There’s no wireless charging option; plug in a Type-C cable at the bottom to charge the earbuds.

It means you can use the earbuds the whole day without any worry about charging.

The earbuds case has attractive LED indicators showing real-time battery status on the case and the remaining power of the earbuds bars separately.

Acefast Crystal (2): Comfort and Controls

Let’s talk about its comfort and controls. The best part of having Acefast Earbuds is that they provide multiple sizes of ear caps in their box (Small, Medium, and Large).

So you can pick any size that makes you feel comfortable or share it with your loved ones with their size.

These ear caps are so qualitative and comfortable that you can put these earbuds on for long hours while watching movies without discomfort or pain in your ears.

On the other hand, the touch controls are responsive and easy to use, but it will take
quite some time to understand because there are different ways to use the earbuds.

Such as – a single tap for adjusting volume, a double tap to pause the song, and a triple tap to skip the song. So it will take time to become comfortable with using the touch controls. There’s no customization option for changing the actions.

Overall the comfort and controls of using Acefast Earbuds are great.

Acefast Crystal (2): Pricing

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Wireless Earbuds are offered at a competitive price of $69.99. These earbuds at this price range seem value for money.

But Wait!! There’s an additional 10% off, which makes this deal $62.99 only.

Is It worth buying Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds?

Overall, if we look at all the impressive features such as an attractive, transparent body, fast charging, LED indicators, great sound quality and base, strong connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3v, higher range, long-lasting battery life, water resistance, and other accessories that come in the box with six color options, then it’s worth considering this option at the given price of $62.99.

So you can surely consider these earbuds as value for money!! You can get the Acefast T8 True Wireless Earbud on Amazon.

Nowadays, having transparent earbuds to see inside electronics is a new trend that we’ve seen from Nothing earbuds, but Acefast takes this trend to another level with their attention-grabbing earbuds design.

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