How To Force Restart or Hard Reset iPhone (All Models)

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If your iPhone is acting up or malfunctioning, a quick troubleshooting process to undergo is to force restart or hard reset the iPhone.

In most cases when you come across some problems on your iPhone due to software, force restart or hard resetting your iPhone can solve the problem.

To force reset or hard reset iPhone resolves unresponsive apps, frozen screens, and many other issues on your iPhone.

In this article, you’ll learn how to force reset or hard reset your iPhone regardless of the model.

To Force Restart iPhone Models

As Apple has different models of devices, from the iPhone 15 down to the earlier model, there are different ways to hard reset these devices.

Whichever model of iPhone you use, it very possible to force restart them by following the step-by-step procedures in each section to accomplish your motive.

How To Force Restart iPhone Models (iOS 16)

If you have an iPhone model running on iOS 16, here is how to possibly force restart your device with a few steps to follow.

Step 1: Press and Release Volume Up and Volume Down Button

On your iPhone, quickly Press and release the Volume Up and Volume Down button located on the left side of your device.

Step 2: Long-press Power Button

After doing the first two steps, press and hold the side button (5-10 seconds) on the right side of your device till the Apple logo displays, then release the button.

Your iPhone will immediately restart after a few seconds. But if it doesn’t, look for a way to charge the device and retry the steps.

How To Force Restart iPhone 7 Series Models

If you have any of the iPhone 7 series devices (iPhone 7 or 7 Plus), follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press Jointly Volume Down and Sleep/Wake Button.

On your device, Press and hold the Volume Down button together with the Sleep/Wake button till the Apple logo displays on the screen.

Step 2: Release The Buttons

Quickly let go of the buttons at once when the Apple logo appears and wait for your device to restart at once or after a few seconds.

How To Force Restart iPhone 6 Series Models

To force restart an iPhone 6 or any other models under the series (6s, 6 Plus, or SE), here are the steps to follow to achieve a successful force restart or hard reset process.

Step 1: Press and Hold Sleep/Wake Button and Home Button

You have to Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button located at the right side of your device together with the Home button seen at the bottom of your device screen.

Step 2: Continue Holding Buttons

Do well to still hold the buttons at the same time until the Apple log appears on the screen.

Step 3: Release Buttons

Quickly release the buttons when you see the Apple logo and wait patiently for your device to restart normally.


It is ideal to always back up your data to prevent any potential losses while carrying out these troubleshooting measures.

In the meantime, to properly force restart or hard reset your iPhone as at when need be can get your device running smoothly as supposed.

But if you encounter any issue force restarting any of your iPhone model, channel the query to the Apple Support team for further assistance.

FAQs on How To Force Restart or Hard Reset iPhone Models

No, after you force restart your iPhone, all your saved data will still be there.

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