AirPods Connecting While In Case? Top 12 Ways To Fix (SOLVED)

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You already know what AirPods is so I’m not going to bore you with the talk of introduction. If you use the AirPods or AirPod Pro, you may encounter problems like AirPods connecting while in case.

This is because of several factors, the software or the settings you have chosen. And after using the AirPods, you place it back in the case, the AirPods Pro will be connecting while in the case.

This is frustrating, I just finish listening to music, why is the AirPods keep connecting while in case? This problem will stay until you fix it, you better do it now than later.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix AirPods and AirPods Pro connecting while in the case, and why the AirPods keep connecting when in the case.

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Why AirPods Keep Connecting While In Case

If you are experiencing this issue and your AirPods is connecting while it’s still in the case, they may be different reasons that are affecting it.

One could be the Automatic Ear Detection disabled, this isn’t supposed, but the problem is a software issue and Apple has not done much about it.

While your AirPods is supposed to disconnect and begin charging when you put it in the case, it’s still connecting and this can run down the AirPods battery before you even have a chance of using it.

1. Automatic Ear Detection Is Disabled

One of the reasons you see that your AirPods keep connecting when in the case is that the Automatic Ear Detection is disabled.

This might not be the problem, but it is just something that’s contributing to it.

When the Automatic Ear Detection is disabled, the AirPods will think that it’s still in your ears and will try connecting to any of your devices or the last one.

2. AirPods Still Connected To Your Bluetooth

If the AirPods are still connected to your Bluetooth, the AirPods will still be connecting to your device.

Although, this is automatically supposed to have disconnected and started charging immediately it doesn’t, and we beg why it’s so, nothing from Apple.

But the normal should be when you finish using the AirPod do well to turn off your Bluetooth, it’s also a way to protect your device.

3. AirPods Case Is Open

Software problems are wide, and it can give you months of frustration if there is no fix from the company.

That is why you should try the simple fix first before waiting for the product fix.

If your AirPods are in the case and it’s open, this can also make the AirPods connect to your iPhone.

To avoid this make sure, you cover the case fully.

4. AirPods Is Not Charging

If your AirPods is not charging, there may be a technical problem, and this may also result in the continuous connecting of your iPhone to the AirPod.

This can also be because of the way you kept your case, not putting it in a clean place may allow dirt gets into the charging port, and this may prevent it from charging.

The charging port may just be damaged, so check it out just to confirm.

If the phone cannot be charged you should fix it, because it will keep on connecting, except you have the Bluetooth of all your connected devices turned off.

5. AirPods Is Fully Charged

Sometimes your AirPods may connect to one of the previously connected devices close by if the AirPods are fully charged.

This is not normal, and it can be due to a software issue

6. AirPod Or iPhone Has A Software Issue

The AirPods connecting in case to your iPhone may be due to a software issue, there may be a bug that is causing your AirPods to connect to any of your previously connected devices once it is in case.

To remove the bug and keep out Airport from continuing connecting you will need to fix the AirPods with the guides below.

To disconnect the AirPods with your iPhone you need to use one of the 12 fixes in this guide.

A normal AirPods: If you have already connected your device with the AirPods and then finished listening to music, you put the AirPods back into the case, and it automatically disconnects and begins charging.

If you take the AirPods out of the case and you will be connected automatically to your device. Other than this, the AirPods is having an issue, and here is how to solve it

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How To Fix Airpods Connecting While In Case

They are several ways you can use to fix your AirPods and AirPods Pro if it’s connecting while in the case with your iPhone after you are done listening to music.

Different things cause the AirPods to randomly connect while in case, and we have written different solutions so you can use them to fix the problem.

If your AirPods pro connects while in case, you can they out these 10 fixes.

Fix 1: Enabled The Automatic Ear Detection On Your AirPods Setting

As I have described above one of the problems affecting the AirPods connected while in the case is having the Automatic Ears Detection disabled.

To fix the connecting in case problem you will have to enable AED from your iPhone Bluetooth Settings.

If the Automatic Ear Detection is turned on it will sense if the AirPods are in your ears or not.

If the AirPods are not in your ears, they will be disconnected from your iPhone once you put it in the case.

This will make the AirPods function properly, and users have said this solution fix the problem, and it should fix yours.

To turn on the Automatic Ears Detection: First, wear your AirPods, and make sure they’re connected to your device.

On your iPhone Settings > Go to Bluetooth > Find the AirPods > Tap the circled “i” icon under the My Devices. Then toggle off the switch next to Automatic Ear Detection.

Fix 2: Turn Off Your Device Bluetooth

If your AirPods are connecting while in case, you can fix this by simply turning off your Bluetooth connection.

This is the fastest and easiest way to avoid the problem. And you should also turn off your Bluetooth connection once you have finished using it.

When you turn it off, it will stop your AirPods from connecting to your iPhone.

Fix 3: Forget Your AirPods And Reconnect Later

Another solution to fix the AirPods problem is to unpair it from your iPhone.

This works, and it will stop your device from connecting with the AirPods while in case.

A bug may be causing your AirPods to keep connecting when it’s in case.

You can unpair the AirPods by going to your iPhone Settings. And tap on Bluetooth and find the connected AirPods under My Devices.

Then tap the circled “i” icon in a circle beside your AirPods. Then Tap on Forget this Device. Confirm your action by hitting Forget Device.

The AirPods will be removed and unpair from your device.

After some time when fully charged, pair the AirPods to your device again and see if the problem has gone.

If not continue reading we got more solutions for you.

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Fix 4: Close The AirPods Case

If you have the AirPods case open and it’s trying to connect with your iPhone or other devices you may have around, you can close it.

This will however try to stop the device from connecting because it’s charging.

When AirPods is charging, every connection is supposed to be stopped and to charge it you need to close the case.

Fix 5: Remove Dirt From Charging Port

If your AirPods case has a low battery and it’s not charging after you plug in the charger this can also signal your device to keep on connecting.

Since the AirPods are not charging, this may be because of some dirt in the charging port, or the port has been damaged.

You can use something like a brush or needle to remove the specks of dirt from the port.

Fix 6: Reset Device Network Settings

If you still have the issue, you can reset your network settings on your device. This helps fix connectivity issues on your phone.

If your AirPods are still connecting, reset your iPhone network settings, this will reset your Bluetooth settings, WIFI settings, and cellular settings.

Resetting the network settings may help you fix the videos not loading problems that are causing the issues.

To reset your network setting on an iPhone, go to Settings > GeneralReset > Reset Network Settings.

Once you have reset your network settings, you can connect your iPhone and AirPods to see if the problem is still there. Some users have had success with this.

Fix 7: Reset AirPods

To fix the AirPods connecting problem you will need to factory reset the AirPods back to their default settings.

Everything will be as when you first purchase the item, and if they are any bugs around the software this should remove it.

To factory reset your AirPods: Press and hold the setup button on the charging case, and when the status light displays orange and flashes white, release your hand from the button.

Once you have done the factory reset on your AirPods you can try connecting it with your device and check if it’s will connect while it’s in case.

Fix 8: Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will refresh your device and clear all the apps running, so if there’s any little bug that doesn’t want the AirPods to disconnect once you put it in the case, it might get removed by just restarting your iPhone.

Fix 9: Force Restart Your iPhone

If restarting your iPhone doesn’t solve the AirPods problem, and it’s still connecting to your iPhone while in case, you will have to force restart your iPhone.

Force restarting your iPhone shut down the hardware and software.

Force restarting your device could solve your problem since several users have been using it to get bugs out of their device.

iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch:Press and hold the Side button (sleep/wake) and the Home button together until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons together until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 8 or later iPhone models: press and release the Volume Up and then press and release the Volume Down button and press and hold the Side (sleep/wake) button until the Apple logo appears.

iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch: press and release the Volume Up button and press /release the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Home button until you see the Apple logo.

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Fix 10: Update Your iPhone Version

If you have been trying out different methods to fix AirPods connecting while in the case and still have no results, you’ll have to update your iPhone version to the latest.

This will help remove bugs and glitches from your iPhone and let things work more smoothly.

This solution works for some users, you should try it too.

To update your iPhone to the latest version, go to your Settings app, and tap on General > Software Update > Download and Install if there’s a new update available.


There isn’t anything much to say here but what I can tell you is if your AirPods are still connecting while in case, you can just turn off your Bluetooth.

Another solution that has proved to solve the problem is Automatic Ears Detection. Once you enabled this feature for your AirPods, you won’t have a problem again.

So before blaming that the fix did not work, try each of the steps once at a time.

Every solution here may not work for all devices, find the one that works for you to fix AirPods connecting while in case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my Airpod Pro keep connecting while in case?

The reason your AirPods Pro is connecting while in the case is that the Automatic Ears Detection is disabled. This is also caused by bugs and some minor issues on your iPhone. You can use our solution to fix the problem.

Will AirPods connect if they are in the case?

AirPods are not supposed to connect while they are in the case, if this happens it means that they are some issues your device is facing. It may be a bug or you have the Automatic Ears Detection disabled.

What to do when “Automatic Ear Detection” stops working?

If the Automatic Ear Detection toggle is on but does not work, you can try cleaning the AirPods. If the proximity sensors get jammed with dirt, they cannot function properly. With a soft cloth gently wipe the dirt and check if it works properly.

How do I stop AirPods from connecting while in case?

To stop AirPods from connecting while in case, you need to enable the Automatic Ears Detection. This will allow your AirPods to work when it is in your ears, when you take them out your phone speaker will be the one playing. You can also turn off your Bluetooth connection. This will fix AirPods connecting while in case.

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