How to delete a Google Account

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Deleting Google Account will not immediately remove your account, it’s going to take some time — so during this time, you can still restore back your account.

How to create a Google Account

When creating a new Google Account you don’t have to use your business name, you can use your personal name. If you want to create a Google Account for your business, use Google Workspace for that.

How to use Android Nearby Share on your phone

Android Nearby Share

Nearby Share is now rolling out to other Android devices — ranging from Android 6.0 and above. It might take some time before it reaches your device, or the feature might be sitting there right now. Nearby Share will appear on your device once it is available.

People Card: How to create your own virtual Google Card

Image: Google

It just like the rich display you get when you search for popular personality, big business and celebrity. You get this display with relevant data for the company or celebrity. You can get that by becoming a celebrity or you can do just that with Google People Card (add me to search). But don’t be so exited yet, because right now, it’s not yet available for all country.

Google introduces new features for its game streaming service Stadia

Google Stadia

Yesterday, Stadia rolled out some new features that will make gameplay interesting, and communication easy between two players and parties. The streaming service add support for messaging. This message can be sent to players that you’re in game with. It also add feature that enable users share screenshot, and video clips via web and mobile. With more information added on the users Stadia profile.

Google wants to teach you how to use Chrome by using tutorial videos

Google Chrome how-tos

In chrome they are flag that are used to enable some kind of functionality, and now a new flag has recently being added in the Dev and Canary Chrome called #video-tutorial. Once you open the flag and set it to ‘Enabled’ a new video card will appear below the sites shortcut. From this video card, different tutorials videos will appear cycling around. Once you tap any of the video a list of videos will appear giving you all tutorials on how to use Chrome browser.

How to transfer Google Play Music library to YouTube Music

Transfer your Play Music Library

So — a new music app for Google and YouTube is happy about it. Google wants you to move from Play Music to YouTube Music. By that, they mean moving all your Play Music library to YouTube Music. It isn’t just about Google — YouTube want to grow its Music user from the help of… Continue reading How to transfer Google Play Music library to YouTube Music