What Does “Sent As SMS Via Server” Mean?

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You may have received a message saying Sent As SMS via Server after sending someone a message, and you may be wondering what it means.

Sometimes when you send someone a message, instead of getting a regular read receipt, you get a message saying “Sent As SMS via Server” next to the message.

If you’re seeing this message, it may also be that you’re using an outdated messaging app. Y ou should update the Google or Samsung Message app.

In this article, you’ll learn what “Sent As SMS via Server’ means. You’ll also learn what to do when you receive such a message.

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What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean?

Sent as SMS via Server means the message has been sent by the default messaging app of the Android phone that has Rich Communication Service enabled.

The messages are sent through a server, meaning they can be sent from anywhere worldwide.

It shows that the message has been received by whoever you sent the SMS to and it passes through the RCS protocol.

Rich Communication Service (RCS) is a communication protocol in the usual SMS or MMS messaging, which offers an enhanced messaging experience to Android phone users.

The protocol was launched as an alternative to the SMS protocol in most Android-based devices.

Due to Rich Communication Services, users no longer receive message receipts that say set, delivered, or read.

Instead, they receive the message, Sent As SMS via Server. This service is accessible with Samsung’s or Google’s Android Messages App.

With RCS, you can send pictures and videos in text messages and even have group chats. You also get typing indicators and better security when texting.

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How To Stop Sent As SMS via Server

Here’s how to stop receiving the message Sent As SMS via Server whenever you send a message to someone.

Fix 1: Enable The Show When Delivered Option

One way to stop Sent As SMS via Server is to enable the Show When Delivered Option.

This option allows you to turn on an option on your phone settings that would let you see a Sent, Delivered, or Read receipt instead of Sent As SMS Server.

To enable it, follow these steps:

Open the Messages App on your Android device > Click on the three-dot menu which loads Settings > Go to More or Advanced Settings > Turn on the button next to Get SMS Delivery reports.

If you do not have that option, check for Show When Delivered option and turn it on.

Open Settings App on your phone > Click on General or Advanced Settings (This depends on the type of phone you have) > Go to Messaging > Turn on the Messaging Delivery Reports option.

You can text someone to check if you still have the Sent As SMS via Server receipt.

Fix 2: Clear Cache Of Messages App

Another way to stop “Send As SMS via Server” is to clear the cache of the Messages App. Clearing the cache can help to get rid of bugs and glitches.

Here is how to do this:

Open Settings on your Android device > Click on Apps > Click on Messages App in the Apps list > Click on Storage > At the bottom, tap on Clear Cache.

Fix 3: Ensure Both Devices Have RCS Enabled

You can stop the Sent as SMS via Server message from appearing by ensuring your device and the recipient have RCS enabled.

To Enable RCS: Open Google Messages App > Click on your profile picture at the top right > Select Messages settings > Tap General > Tap on Chat features > Turn on the Enable Chat features button.

Once you see Connected in green, it means RCS has been enabled.

Note that these steps might differ based on the type of phone you are using. Also, remember to do this on both devices (sending and receiving).

You can ask the person to follow this guide so they can enable RCS for their Google Messages app.

Fix 4: Switch To Safe Mode

In safe mode, you can uninstall the apps one by one and see which application is causing the problem. You can do this by following the simple guidelines in this article.

Turn off your phone completely > Press the down volume key and hold for a few seconds > The Safe Mode feature will be turned on and marked at the bottom left.

You can now uninstall the apps one by one and see which application is causing the issue.

Fix 5: Wipe Your Device Cache Partition

Wiping your device cache partition can stop you from seeing the Sent as SMS via Server message under your texts.

Only the not needed files are removed when the cache is cleared. Follow these easy guidelines to wipe your device cache partition.

Switch off your phone > Press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time until you get into Recovery mode > Use the Volume down keys to navigate the menus > Select Wipe Cache Partition option > Wait for the Cache Partition to clear > Reboot your device.

Fix 6: Install Google/Samsung Message

If you’re seeing the Sent As SMS via Server, it could be that you’re using an outdated messaging app that doesn’t support RCS.

To hide this text from appearing when you send a message, you should download the messaging app from the Play Store.

If you already have the app installed, you should update the app and the Sent As SMS  via Server will not show again.


Sent as SMS via Server means the message has been sent by the default messaging app of the Android phone that has Rich Communication Service enabled.

To stop Sent as SMS via Server, ensure that both the sender and recipient have RCS enabled.

You can also clear the cache of the Messages App to prevent bugs and glitches. I hope this guide was able to show you what Sent as SMS via Server means.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is RCS?

Rich Communication Service is designed to replace SMS and MMS messaging effectively. It enables users to easily create group chats and send and receive multimedia content like images and videos.

What Is The Difference Between SMS And MMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service which is used to send a text message between mobile phones. While MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. This service can be used to send multimedia content such as pictures, videos, etc.

Why Does Sent As SMS Via Server Message Appear?

The Sent as SMS via Server notification
results from changes to the use of SMS or short messaging system technology. It means the message is routed through a third-party service instead of directly from your device

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