Email Stuck in Outbox of Gmail? The Reason & How You Can Fix It

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If you are using Gmail and you discover that your email is stuck in the Outbox of your Gmail account, see the reasons why and how you can fix it.

There are reasons why your email is stuck in the Outbox section of your Gmail account, it may be due to network issues or other minor reasons.

In this article, you will learn the reason and how to fix emails stuck in the Outbox section of your Gmail account.

Why Is Email Stuck In Outbox if Gmail?

It can be troubling when you discover that your sent email is stuck in Outbox, but there are reasons for this issue.

Sometimes, this problem occurs due to internet connection issues, outdated Gmail apps, or even due to large file attachments.

There might be a bug or a glitch contributing to cause the problem. But whatever the reason or cause, below is how to fix it.

How To Fix Email Stuck In Outbox Of Gmail

There are a few working fixes to apply so as to fix email stuck in Outbox of Gmail. Below are the ways you can fix the problem.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

One of the most common reasons why your email is stuck in your outbox is due to an interruption or an inactive internet connection.

So to rectify the issue, quickly check your internet connection and be sure it’s working.

Fix 2: Refresh your Network

When you encounter the issue, you try refreshing your network to see if it will fix the problem.

The quick way to refresh your network is to put your device on Airplane mode and remove it after some time.

You can equally try restart your device to refresh its functionality and then check again.

Fix 3: Observe Attachment Size

Gmail only grants the sending of file attachments of 25MB. So check the file size of the attachment if your email has one attached to it. .

It can also be a contributing factor to why your email is stuck in your outbox.

If the file is above 25MB size, you can just upload the file to your Google Drive and then copy and send the link instead.

Fix 4: Check app restrictions Settings

If your Gmail app is one of the apps you restricted from gaining internet access can be the reason why your email is stuck in the outbox section.

Depending on the device you use, check app restrictions and grant the Gmail app access to background mobile data & WiFi usage if it is being denied network access.

Fix 5: Clear Gmail app cache

Clearing your Gmail cache on your device might help solve the problem. To do this.

Open your Android device Settings > tap on Apps & Notifications > Select App info > Choose Gmail app > Tap on Storage & cache > Clear cache.

Fix 6: Update Gmail app

It might be that you are still using an old version of the Gmail app. You have to update the Gmail app to see if it will fix the problem.

If you are using an iOS device, go to the App Store > Search Gmail > see if there is a current update for the Gmail app and update it.

If your using an Android device, go to the Play Store > search for the Gmail app, see if update is available then update.

Fix 7: Disable Gmail Offline Mode

Check if your Gmail offline mode is enabled and disable it as it can be the reason why your email is stuck in outbox. To do this.

Open Gmail with Chrome > click on Settings > select See all settings > click on the Offline section > Disable the Enable offline mode by unchecking the box.


The main factors that can get your email stuck in the outbox section of Gmail are the file attachment and sometimes an because of internet connection. With this guide, you will be able to fix the outbox email stuck on the Gmail app.

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