How To Transfer Google Play Music Library To YouTube Music

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Transfer your Play Music Library.
Transfer your Play Music Library

Google wants you to move from Play Music to YouTube Music. By that, they mean moving all your Play Music library to YouTube Music. It isn’t just about Google — YouTube wants to grow its Music user with the help of Play Music and that sounds like a nice move.

Here we know —the transfer process, but you’re not doing anything just activate chill and start watching a movie while your Play library transfer to YouTube Music.

YouTube in a blog post says “Play Music users will continue to have access to both services.” Adding that they “want to ensure everyone has time to transfer their content and get used to YouTube Music, so we’ll provide plenty of notice ahead of users no longer having access to Google Play Music later this year.”

Transfer from Google Play Music to YouTube Music on mobile

To transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music, open the YouTube Music app for Android or iOS.

On the home screen, you should see a banner that says “Transfer your Play Music library.”

YouTube Music
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You can initiate the transfer from the YouTube Music settings. Head over to Settings and you’ll see “Transfer from Google Play Music”.

Once you activate the transfer, Google will send you a notification informing you of your transfer progress. The process might be longer depending on the size of your library.

When the transfer is complete you’ll receive a notification on your device and via email. Now you can enjoy all of your playlists, albums, tracks, and more.

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Transfer from Play Music to YouTube Music on desktop

You can start a transfer from Google Play Music to YouTube Music on desktop.

To begin transferring your Music library to YouTube Music, open a web browser and type in the web address, then tap “transfer,” and the process should begin.

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Transfer Podcast from Play Music to Google Podcast

For podcast listener, you can transfer your subscriptions and episode progress to Google Podcasts with a single click. Go to

But as good as it seems many users don’t like the new development — but with time users are going to adapt and learn how to use YouTube Music.

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