Why Does Twitter Keep Logging Me Out? See How To Fix It

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Are you a user of Twitter but are not able to use the app well because Twitter keeps logging you out.

This is an issue that almost every Twitter user has faced before and a lot of users have reported this.

It is sometimes worrying, and you may be wondering why you are constantly getting logged out of your account. It is very common for Twitter at logging people out of their accounts.

In this article, you’ll learn why Twitter is logging you out of your account. You’ll also know how to fix Twitter logging you out.

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Why Is Twitter Logging Me Out?

Twitter may be logging you out for a lot of reasons that you should know before you can fix the issues on your account.

Twitter Think Your Account Has Been Compromised

If Twitter is logging you out suddenly the first reason for you being logged out may be that Twitter thinks your account has been compromised.

Twitter may be logging you out because it thinks that your account has been compromised. And this will make you perform certain actions, or still confirm that you’re the one using the account.

Newly Created Account

If you just newly created your Twitter account, you may experience this issue. Twitter must log you out. I’ve experienced this a couple of times.

But it mostly happened if you’ve not added a phone number to your account, even if you have an email, Twitter will log you out and request a phone number in addition.

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Disabled Browser Cookies

Another reason why Twitter keeps logging you out may be a result of disabled browser cookies.

If you are using Twitter on a browser sometimes if the browser cookies are off your account may not work properly on the website.

Old Credentials On Account

It may also be that you are using your previous credentials to log into your Twitter account which is why you are being logged out of your account.

If you have logged in with your previous password and you are unable to login into Twitter because it logs you out, check your password.

Twitter Has A Bug

It may be a result of app bugs and glitches which is why your Twitter account is not working as it should work.

It may be that Twitter is logging you out because you are using the app in the new app update or device update.

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How To Fix Twitter Keep Logging Me Out

There are different reasons why you’re not able to use Twitter well and logging out of your account is just one of the problems on the app, but here’s what to do to fix the issue.

Fix 1: Relaunch The Twitter app

The first thing you should do when Twitter is continuously logging you out is to close the Twitter app and relaunch it. If you do this your Twitter account can work properly.

You should close the Twitter app as well as all running apps on the device. If you are done, just relaunch the Twitter app and try to log in again.

Fix 2: Enable The Website Cookies

If you are using the browser to access your Twitter account and the browser cookies of has been disabled, you will not be able to use the app correctly.

You’ll need to enable the browser cookies of the website and login into the Twitter app again.

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Fix 3: Change Your Twitter Password

Change your Twitter password to allow you to log in to your account again and make it devoid of hackers.

If someone is trying to get access to your account, you should be able to change your Twitter password as soon as possible to secure your account.

Follow these simple guidelines to change your Twitter account password.

Open Twitter > Tap on Profile picture > Tap Settings & Support > Tap Settings and privacy > Tap Your account > Tap Change your password > Input current and new password > Update password.

Fix 4: Perform The Two-Factor Authentication

The Two-factor authentication security method is very necessary to protect your account from hackers.

If you perform this on the Twitter app you’ll be able to stop your account from being hacked.

Follow the simple guidelines to perform the two-factor authentication on Twitter.

Fix 5: Clear Twitter App Cache

You should clear the Twitter app cache to prevent it from misbehaving and logging you out of your account automatically.

This will make the app work smoothly if the fault is the app cache. Use the guidelines to clear the Twitter app cache.

For Android: Go to the Twitter app > Long press the app > Tap App info > Tap on Storage & cache > Tap Clear cache.

For iPhone: Open Settings > Tap on General > Tap on Storage > Tap on the Twitter app > Offload App.


Twitter does not log out accounts for no reason. If it happens it means that you just created a new account, and Twitter is asking you to confirm or add additional information.

If it’s an old account, it could be an error with the app because of an update, or someone is trying to gain access to your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Apps Randomly Log You Out?

Apps may randomly log you out  for security purposes. They do that to protect your account if someone is trying to gain access.

What Is Auto Log Out?

Auto-log-out is when your account has been logged out without logging out yourself.

Does Twitter Log You Out?

Yes, Twitter does automatically log you out if they want you to add your phone number, confirm your account or add additional information. If this is not it, it means there’s a problem with the Twitter app.

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