How To Make A Twitter Profile Picture A GIF (What To Do)

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If you are looking for a way to make a Twitter profile picture a GIF, you have come to the right place.

A profile picture is an image that represents you on your social media account and all its interactions on the site.

On Twitter, your profile picture allows your followers to identify your tweets, and it represents your brand.

In this article, you’ll learn whether you can add a GIF to your Twitter profile picture on your Android or iOS device.

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Can Upload A Twitter Profile Picture As GIF?

No, you can’t upload a GIF as your profile picture on Twitter. It’s not possible as this feature isn’t supported anymore on Twitter.

For an account that registered a long time ago, before 2013. They’re statement online that the Twitter account can add GIFs as their profile picture.

But for this to work, the person must have already uploaded a GIF to their Profile picture before 2013.

I haven’t tested this and wouldn’t be sure if it works. I don’t know anyone personally with an old Twitter account who has previously added a GIF to their Twitter Profile Picture before the feature was removed in 2013.

So since we’re not sure, we know that if it’s not going to work. We have researched hard on this and there is nothing you can do about it.

Twitter has removed the feature from the app, and you’ll not be able to add GIFs as your Twitter Profile Picture.

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What To Do If You Can’t Upload GIF As Your Profile Picture

If you’ve tried uploading a GIF as your profile picture and you can’t seem to get the profile picture to move is because Twitter doesn’t support it anymore.

If you ever tried uploading a GIF, you’ll get a photo instead. So that’s nothing you can do to fix this issue. Twitter has already removed the feature as it may never come back.

But hey, you can take Elon and request the feature on Twitter. Ask him if Twitter can allow user’s add GIFs as their Profile picture.


A Twitter profile picture identifies you to your followers and also identifies your tweets.

If you are wondering whether you can make your Twitter profile picture as a GIF, no you can’t. It’s no longer possible, as the feature has been removed from the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a JPEG or PNG file as my Twitter Profile Picture?

Yes, you can do this by opening or logging into Twitter, moving to your profile page, clicking on Edit profile, uploading, and selecting the  JPEG or PNG file you want to use.

How many times can you change your profile picture on Twitter?

There is no restriction to the number of times you can change your profile picture on Twitter, so feel free to change it as many times as you would like.

Does Twitter accept animated GIFs?

No. Twitter does not support animated GIFs for profile pictures and even header images. Any Twitter account created after 2013 would not be allowed to use an animated GIF as its profile picture.

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