Why Is Twitter So Toxic? Explained

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Have you ever wondered why Twitter is so toxic? Do you wonder why there’s a lot of hateful speech and toxic replies on Twitter?

Many people have complained about the issue of Twitter becoming so toxic and unconducive to use as a social media application, and it is fast becoming a major problem on social media apps.

It can sometimes become worrisome because when you log into Twitter and expect to see a meaningful tweet that gives value, you instead see people giving off hateful remarks and degrading comments without wondering about the effect of their actions on others.

In this article, you are going to learn the reasons why Twitter is so toxic. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself from the toxicity happening on the Twitter app.

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Why Has Twitter Become So Toxic?

It is important to know that Twitter never intended to become a toxic platform. It was made to be an avenue whereby users can discuss various ideas and communicate their different points of view.

However, it has slowly evolved into a toxic app where users can say all manner of statements and make insensitive comments, without minding whom they are hurting.

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What Causes Toxicity On Twitter

Twitter’s “absence of a real name” policy has made it very convenient and effective for users to upload anything to the platform without being worried if they would be found out.

The absence of a real name policy makes it possible for users to write cruel, hateful, and toxic speeches on the Twitter app without considering the outcome of their actions.

Some even go to the extent of creating several Twitter accounts to spread hateful, and toxic information knowing that they can go completely free after all is said and done.

Lack Of Moderation

One thing that Twitter lacks is an effective way to moderate what’s being said and done on the Twitter app.

This makes a lot of users post discriminating and toxic things without them becoming restricted or disciplined at most.

The lack of moderation on Twitter also allows what is known as “Echo Chambers”. This is when various individuals on the app are exposed only to certain viewpoints that they agree on and exclude other important points of view.

This causes an increase in the amount of toxicity happening on the Twitter app because people are not ready to agree with any other point of view.

Twitter needs to address the issue of moderation on Twitter to make the Twitter environment conducive and enabling.

Plenty Of Hate Speech

Again, another reason why Twitter is so toxic is because of the use of hate speech. Twitter allows hate speech which involves insulting an individual or a group due to their race, nationality, sex preference, and gender.

The dangerous thing about hate speech is that if care is not taken, it can spread quickly like wildfire and can cause harm to a large number of individuals.

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Another thing that makes Twitter so toxic is the presence of cyberbullying. This happens on Twitter a lot and has made the Twitter app so toxic.

Cyberbullying involves using electronic means to send scary messages and threats, post unwanted pictures and videos, and spread rumors that are not true.

This has affected a lot of people on Twitter and it can prove frustrating because it is hard to find the person committing cyber bullying.

The Spread Of Unverified News (Fake News)

If you log on to Twitter now, you will find several fake news that is being spread. Fake news is news that is not true in any way.

A lot of news springing up on Twitter is not true and it can go a long way to mislead a large number of people.

It is however advisable that you verify everything you see on Twitter before reposting someone else’s tweet. It will save a lot of time and trouble.

Unwanted Harassment

Another form of toxicity on Twitter is the issue of being harassed constantly. Nobody is free from harassment as you can be the one that will be facing such an ordeal.

Harassment can take different forms which include making hurtful comments constantly, sending harmful messages, or sending inappropriate sexual messages that are not called for.

It can be quite difficult to find out who is sending such inappropriate messages since Twitter supports user anonymity.

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How To Prevent Toxicity On Twitter

You can not remove toxicity on Twitter since you are not the only one using the application, you can only limit the amount of toxicity you will experience in the app.

There are certain things you can do to prevent the number of toxic things you will experience on Twitter.

To prevent toxicity on Twitter, here’s what you need to do.

Avoid Negative Posts

You may not be able to eradicate toxicity from Twitter, but you can reduce the number of toxic posts you see by reducing the way you interact with them.

You’ll need to avoid making posts or responding to posts that are highly offensive, insulting, or degrading.

It’s better not to comment at all on a toxic post than to comment and continue the toxic cycle.

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Limit The Way You Make Sensitive Posts

Try as much as you can to limit the way you make posts that are very sensitive and can cause an unwanted reaction.

You can do this by choosing a neutral tone to communicate your intentions in your posts. As much as you can, try not to inspire a negative reaction.

Filter Your Messages And Responses

Most times, the messages and responses we get are part of the reasons why Twitter is so toxic. To reduce toxicity on Twitter, you’ll need to filter what you type so as not to sound offensive or insulting.

It is important to note that people tend to read more negative meanings to what’s written than what’s spoken.

One typical way you can do this is by choosing to use less toxic words and responding with mutual respect and kindness to posts you don’t agree with.


Twitter is a good place to learn and interact with other people’s opinions, but it has been known to become toxic.

Due to Twitter’s anonymous policy, most users have taken the opportunity to promote hate and cause divisions among every other user.

However, you can choose to control how you access toxic content on Twitter and be respectful and kind when replying to comments or sending messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Go To Jail On Twitter?

Tweeting the same thing more than once can potentially put you in Twitter jail.
Also, including lots of links in your Twitter posts can get you locked out of Twitter.

How Can I Deal With Abuse On Twitter

You can report any abusive conduct to Twitter if it keeps reoccurring. However, if you think your life is in potential danger, it’s best to report it to your local police.  They should be able to follow up from there and address the issue.

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