How To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Account (SEE This First)

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You can receive notifications when someone follows, likes, and retweets one of your posts, but can you tell if someone viewed your Twitter account?

Many users have been asking if they can see the account that has viewed their Twitter profile, and they want to know now!

Who wouldn’t want to know the account that viewed the profile, just like the way LinkedIn does? But can you see these people who viewed your account?

In this article, you’ll learn whether you can see who viewed your Twitter page. There’s no official method to know who has viewed your Twitter page.

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Can You See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

No, you can’t tell who has visited your Twitter profile. The app doesn’t have a feature that allows users to know who has viewed their profile.

This kind of feature is only available on social networks like LinkedIn. But since you can’t see the people that have viewed your profile.

You’ll be able to tell how many people have seen your Twitter profile in total. By turning on the Twitter Analytics function, you may see the total number of people who have viewed your profile.

Twitter Analytics only shows important Analytics metrics for your profile. It shows the total visits to your profile and analytics about your tweets.

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How To See Total Viewed Of Your Twitter Profile

Since you can’t technically see the people that have viewed your Twitter page, and there’s no feature available like that, and possibly in the future.

Here’s how to know the total number of people that have viewed your Twitter profile over the past few days.

Step 1: Open Twitter

Open the Twitter app on your computer, if you haven’t login already, log in to your account. Now, tap the “More” option from the side menu.

Step 2: Click On Analytics

Once you tap on the More option, a new window will open, now, click on Analytics and you will be taken to the Twitter Analytics page

Step 3: Click On “Turn Analytic on”

On the Analytics, Click on the “Turn Analytic on” button. Now, you’ll be able to see the profile views option for your Twitter account.

You’ll be able to see the total number of people that have viewed your Twitter page, and you’ll also see other important analytics.


Twitter is unquestionably a place where people can express themselves, develop, and dazzle others with their posts and tweets.

For users to get the most out of their time on Twitter, the site offers a variety of fantastic filters and features.

Because there is no way for a person to know the names of the users who stalk their account, the methods mentioned in the blog come across as alternatives rather than solutions.

As a result, a user can track other things that are crucial for the account’s overall growth as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Check Who Viewed My Twitter Profile Using An App?

No, you can’t see who has viewed your Twitter page using any app on the internet. There are no app or tools that will allow you to see the people/account that has viewed your Twitter profile.

Can I Find Out Who Viewed My Tweets On Twitter?

No, you can’t tell who has viewed your tweet on Twitter there’s no way to do that since the feature doesn’t exist. So if you can’t see people who viewed your profile, you can’t see who viewed your tweet.

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