How To See When Was An Instagram Account Created (See The Date)

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Your Instagram account can be older than you can imagine. You might want to know when your Instagram account is created, or when someone’s account was created.

While you might recall the year you downloaded the app, you might find it confusing to remember the exact date and time you created the account. 

The good news is that you can see when an Instagram account was created and even see when you created yours to begin using Instagram.

In this article, you’ll know how you can see when an Instagram account is created. You’ll be able to see the date of your and another account.

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How To Know When An Instagram Account Was Created

Finding the date people created their Instagram accounts can be done by just going to the about this account section.

Not only will you discover the date your friends joined Instagram, but you will also find more details on the account.

From The About This Account

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to see when an Instagram account was created:

Step 1: Open The Instagram App

Open the Instagram app and sign in if you haven’t already. Then search for the user’s account you want to check the date they created their account.

Step 2: Tap The Three Vertical Dots

On the user’s profile page, tap on the three vertical dots and you’ll see different options, tap on About this account.

Step 3: See Creation Date

This will enable you to see when the account was created, and other relevant details of the account, such as their previous usernames, their active ads, country, and more,

Note that you may not find the “About this account” option on every account. It is only available to individuals with older accounts or user accounts that are verified.

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Look At The First Post

The first method has some limitations because most accounts are not verified or are not older.

However, another way to check when an Instagram account was created is by looking out for their first post.

Most persons with a new Instagram account often post a picture or video. With this, you can discover the year they joined Instagram.

The downside of this method is that some people are not interested in posting pictures, so this may be a tricky method for discovering how old an account is.

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How To See When Your Instagram Account Was Created

You can see when your Instagram account was created with these easy step-by-step guides.

Step 1: Open The Instagram App

Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device. And if you’re not already signed in, sign in now. Then go to your Profile page.

Step 2: Tap On The Menu

Go to your profile page and tap on the menu option on your profile at the top right corner. Then Select Your activity.

Step 3: Tap on Account History

From the menu section, select the Your activity option. From the Your activity section, tap on Account History.

Step: See Creation Date

You can scroll down to the end to see when you created your Instagram account, or just tap on Sort & filter at the top right, then tap on Sort by and select Oldest to Newest and tap on Apply.

You’ll see the date you created your Instagram account. And all the changes you’ve made since that day.


Instagram is an impressive social media platform with so many unique features, one of which will enable you to see when an account was first created.

Although this feature does not apply to all accounts in the app, you will be able to see your creation date from your Account history.

Also, you can check other users’ dates of account creation with our step-by-step guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I use to download my data on Instagram?

You can easily download your data on Instagram by using the app or logging in through browsers.

How can I see when a private account was created on Instagram?

To see when a private account was created, you need to follow them and get a follow back. Once you are friends with them, yup can easily see their date of creation through the step-by-step guide in this article.

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