What Is Secret Admirer On Instagram? (The Meaning)

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You may have come across an Instagram user who has entered your DM to inform you that he or she is a secret admirer.

Activities from a particular user on Instagram can make you think that this person can be admiring you from afar.

You may want to know what a secret admirer means on Instagram. You’ll also want to see if the person is just admiring or liking you.

In this article, you’ll learn what a secret admirer means on Instagram. You’ll also learn how to know someone is a secret admirer on Instagram.

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What Is Secret Admirer On Instagram?

On Instagram, a secret admirer is a person that shows affection and reacts to all the posts on your page.

While some are showing it, others may also be admiring you but are not liking your photo or video.

But for most, most Instagram secret admirers will always like your photos and videos on the app.

They’ll view your stories and comment on your post and show some expression of love in every activity you are performing on Instagram.

This person gives more attention, especially in texting, but you may not know the person himself.

Not all secret admirers on Instagram will let you know that they secretly admire you.

But other secret admirers on Instagram will let you know that they have some affection for you.

If you have seen someone who has expressed interest in you on Instagram, you can either choose to go in for the person or not.

Also, not everyone who follows you on Instagram and takes track of your activities is a secret admirer.

Some are stalkers who intend to get information about you at the end of the day.

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How Do I Know Someone Is On Instagram Secret Admirer On Instagram?

You can know someone is a secret admirer when you realize that the person is taking track of your activities on Instagram.

This person likes all your posts on Instagram, comment on every post, view your story, and texts you regularly via Instagram Direct Message.


A secret admirer on Instagram is known as someone who shows affection for you from afar and wants to know more about you, and he or she constantly likes your posts.

A secret admirer may either show himself or not. They may likely not identify themself, but some are open and they intend to get to know more about you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ghost followers and secret admirers on Instagram?

Ghost followers are followers who do not react to your posts but is a followers, and a secret admirer on Instagram is one who reacts to all your posts but has not informed you of his or her affection for you.

What do secret admirers do?

Secret admirers follow you on social media, react to your posts, and show affection for you from afar.

How do you know who your secret admirer is?

You can know your secret admirer when you realize the person is consistently reacting to your posts on social media.

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