Instagram Reels Not Getting Views? How To Fix The Issue (Solved)

If your Reels are not getting views, there are different reasons why, it could be that your content is lame [sorry], or it's the algorithm.
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Instagram Reels appear on the feed, so if you create content, you bet on reaching more people [followers]. But it isn’t always rosy, and your Reels may not get views.

Users have been complaining that they’re finding it hard to get views on Reels. But this isn’t Instagram’s fault.

If your Reels are not getting views, there are different reasons why, it could be that your content is lame [sorry], or it’s the algorithm.

In this article, you’ll learn why your Instagram Reels are not getting views. And you’ll also know how you can fix it.

What To Do When Instagram Reels Not Getting Views?

Some people see success in creating Reels, and their audience and followers have grown on the app.

And now, most creators have chosen Instagram Reels as their betterment platform to share their content.

This, however, helps them get a more targeted audience and more followers, and the engagement is pretty high too.

But if you’ve been having a hard time getting views and engagement with Reels, there are different reasons WHY.

So what do you do if you’re not getting views on your Reels? Well, this is how you can fix the issue on Reels.

Just so you know, there’s no way to quickly fix this issue. You’re not repairing a car. It takes time for Instagram to trust and know the type of content you’re posting.

To start getting good views on Reels, stick to a regular schedule, make use of relevant hashtags, use trending topics to create content, and stay consistent with the same niche.

Share a Reel on your page and story to tell your followers that there’s new content for them to consume.

Look for the time people are most active in your time zone to post the Reel, this will allow more people to quickly see it.

The best way to get good views on your Reels is to be consistent. If you regularly post, Instagram will push your content further.

This also applies when you’re creating videos on TikTok and other social media.

And make sure you’re creating either educational, entertaining, or inspirational content.

Why Are My Reels Not Getting Views?

If you’re wondering why views are not coming on Reels? well, there are many common reasons.

From the algorithm not working in your favor because of your type of content, or you’re reposting other people’s content (TikTok).

If you have a large following on Instagram, you have [stayed] consistent for the past few months, but you aren’t getting views on Reel.

Here are common mistakes that you could have made that may have reduced the views you get on your Reels.

If you’re posting content that is not engaging, you’ll not get any views. You reposted videos from other platforms.

You’re using a horizontal video style on the Reel instead of vertical. And the video quality isn’t sharp enough.

You don’t post content at the right time and don’t even stick to a schedule or talk about one niche.

Not using relevant hashtags and adding captions to the Reel, and you haven’t posted enough Reels.

It could also be that you’ve posted sensitive content, and post Reels around all the niches that you can find.

How To Fix Reels Not Getting Views

Since you know the reasons why you’re not getting views on your Reels, you’ll want to know how to fix [scale.]

To fix your Reels and start getting views, you’ll need to use this content creation strategy to gain viewers’ attention.

In addition to creating good quality content, here’s what the Reel should be about. This is just a way to scale your Reels to get more views.

If you’re creating content, make sure it’s either;

  1. Entertaining
  2. Educational
  3. Inspirational
  4. Informational

These types of content perform well, most especially entertaining content. Once you can grab the user’s attention within the first few seconds, then you’ll keep them.

In all, there are still other things you need to watch out for when creating content for Reels. Here’s how to fix Reels not getting views.

Fix 1: Don’t Post Right Away

If you just created an account with Instagram, the best thing to do is to wait and not post any reel yet.

If you do, your post will not get any views, because Instagram hasn’t trusted you enough. You have to give it time.

Once you create an account, you should wait at least a week before uploading any Reels. By this time, the algorithm might work in your favor.

Fix 2: Don’t Post Sensitive Content

If you are the type that likes to post sensitive content on your page, you’ll not get views.

To fix this problem, you’ll have to clear all your video that shows sensitive body parts or talk about something in the video that’s against Instagram community guidelines.

Fix 3: Use Engaging Content

If your content doesn’t excite the viewers, the engagement drops as more people see your video.

Instagram will reduce the number of people who are likely to view it.

If the Reels aren’t informational, entertaining, or inspirational, you’ll hardly get good views.

The more engagement and performance of the video, the more the Instagram algorithm will expand its reach on Reels.

Fix 4: Stick To One Niche

If you’re creating content on Reel, you need to stick to one type of niche and not spread across multiple types of content.

If you don’t focus on one niche, it’ll confuse the algorithm more on what type of content your account is based on.

If you’re not focused on one, you’ll not be able to get an increase in views.

If you post about entertainment today, football tomorrow, and movies next week. Your views will drop and the video will not be shown to more people on Reels.

So what you need to do is to pick a niche and stick to it. Don’t go about posting all the niches you can think of.

Fix 5: Post At The Right Time

If you post a video at 2 AM and you expect to get views on the Reel, you may not get any if you don’t have followers.

If you post videos randomly every single day, well, you’ll not be getting the views you want.

Posting at the right time on the app also plays a part in the number of views you get on your Reel.

Fix 6: Don’t Copy Content

If you’re always using people’s content [from TikTok] on Reels, you will one day get see 0 views on your Reel.

You should be able to make your reel, and doing this will give you the right to the contents.

Fix 7: Maintain A Posting Schedule

If you post too many Reels in a day, your video will never go viral. You need to maintain a schedule and stick to it.

Don’t post more than three times in a single day if you want to get any growth. You can post two times daily, once, or thrice.

As long as you maintain this schedule for as long as you can, then the algorithm will be in your favor.

Fix 8: Follow Trend

If you’re not getting any views on Reels, maybe you just aren’t following the trend in your niche.

If you follow trends and create content on it you’re more likely to get more views than not following trends at all.

We’re not saying you should go out of your niche, instead find the trend that everyone is doing in your niche and do something different from yours.

Once you start creating videos based on these trends, your views we start growing on the app.

Fix 9: Use Caption And Hashtags

If you’re posting videos on Reels, always use captions and hashtags on your video. This will help describe it to the algorithm and help recommend it to users.

If you don’t use any caption or hashtags on your Reels, your video may not reach more people.

Make sure the caption and hashtags are short and easy to read so that people can quickly grab what the Reel is about.

Fix 10: Be Consistent

If you want to grow online, you’ll have to be consistent with that. Being a content creator isn’t as easy as you would think, but you’re doing it, anyway.

If you want to get more views on Reels, you’ll have to be consistent in your posting.

Don’t post today and wait till next month before you post. Create a schedule that you fit into.

You can post three days a week or every day at a particular time. Just find the one you’re most comfortable with and stick to it.


If you just created a new account, and you’re expecting to get thousands of views, well, you’re in for a shock.

Be consistent, post entertaining, inspirational, and educational content, and you’ll see your views climb up.

If you’re not getting views on your Reel, it’s normal mostly for a new account or account that just started creating Reels.

But with time, you’ll be able to see the full benefits once you stay consistently for months.

Your little account will grow over time and you’ll start getting the views you’re hoping for in dew time.

Remember, there’s no quick way to get fast views on Instagram Reels, it takes time.

You already have a large following on your social media accounts, and even at that, you may face roadblocks.

FAQs on How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Getting Views

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If you're not seeing any view on your Reel at all even after people have watched it, you'll need to update the app or clear the Instagram app cache to fix the problem. You can also try logging out and logging in back to your account.

If you are wondering why you're not getting views on your Instagram Reels, it means that your content is not engaging enough to catch the viewer's attention. This could also mean that the algorithm is not yet in your favor, new account, copy content, among others.

To get more views on Reel, be sure to post educational, informational, entertaining, or inspirational content. This type of content catches users' attention, and if Thai continues, Instagram will recommend the Reel to more people.

Yes, it's normal not to get views on Instagram Reels. This however mostly occurred if you just started creating content, had a new account, had little or no followers, you didn't share the Reel in your feed.

If your Reels don't get views, go with the trend and create educational, informational, entertaining, or inspirational content. Don't forget to write your caption and add hashtags, and most importantly be consistent.

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