How To Track Someone’s Location On Instagram (Solved)

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If you are looking for a means to track someone’s location on Instagram, this article is right for you.

Instagram has some in-built location features that enable you to track someone’s location on Instagram even without them knowing.

You can also use some other third-party apps to track someone’s location if you have trouble using Instagram to find someone’s location.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find someone’s location on Instagram. You’ll also learn about some third-party apps you can use to find someone’s location.

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How To Find Someone’s Location On Instagram

There are different ways you can use to find someone’s location on Instagram. You’ll be able to use their post or any info from their story.

Using Their Instagram Posts

You can find someone’s location using the posts they make on Instagram. Instagram has some location features that allow users to put their location on their posts.

You can look at the person’s most recent post, and under their Instagram username, their most recent location should be there.

Another way to use Instagram posts to find someone’s location is to find out where they were when the post was taken. You could also check if they have geotagged their post on Instagram.

To do that, look for a small icon shaped like a globe; this shows that the post has been geotagged.

When you tap on the icon, it displays where the photo was taken, which would be their location.

Using Their Instagram Stories

Another way to find someone’s location is to use their Instagram stories. Most Instagram users post their stories in real-time, so you can use this to track their location.

Use the location label on their Instagram story to find their location. The location label is a label that Instagram uses to store all the locations you’ve visited based on geographic coordinates.

People usually put their location labels in their stories so their followers can tell where they are.

The location label is usually tagged in the Instagram story, so you view the person’s location when you click on it.

Third-Party Site

Some third-party online tools can be used to find someone’s location on Instagram. But this isn’t direct like putting their Instagram username, this is deep.

Grabify IP Logger is an online tool used to find the IP address of someone on Instagram. There are many IP finders online, but with this, you can get their IP and other info about them.

Step 1: Open Grabify

To get their IP and other information, open the Grabify site. You don’t need to create an account or anything.

Step 2: Copy The Profile Link

Copy the profile link of the person whose location you want to find and open the Grabify IP Logger website. Now paste the copied profile link and press Create URL

Step 3: Copy The IP Tracking Link

Copy the new IP tracking link generated.
Send the link to the person whose location you want to find.

When they click on the link, refresh the Grabify IP Logger page and scroll down to get the person’s IP address.

You’ll be able to see other info about the user. Tap on more from the IP section and you’ll see the country of the person, the device name, and the IP address.

To get a specific location on the IP, you can paste the link in an IP address tracker to find the person’s location.

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Why You Can’t Find Someone’s Direct Location On Instagram

Apart from this, there’s no way you can find someone you don’t know the location of on Instagram. It’s not possible, don’t let sites online fool you.

You can’t just take someone’s username, type it on a third-party app or site and you’ll see the location. Well, it doesn’t happen like that.

The only way you can see a person’s location is if you have their IP address. And there’s no way you can get that on Instagram, even if you know the person you’ll not be able to get it, except if you’re using Grabify IP Logger.


To find someone’s location on Instagram, you can use their posts, stories, and even a third-party tool.

This article has step-by-step explanations of how you can find someone’s location on Instagram. Note that this can only be done for a live Instagram account, not a deleted one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone track my location on Instagram?

Yes, someone can track you on Instagram. But this can only be possible when you put your location out there, or you click on the Grabify link.

How can I track someone’s location on Instagram?

You can use their Instagram posts and stories and even a third-party tool to find their location on Instagram.

Can you track the IP address of a deleted Instagram Account?

Unfortunately no, there is no way to track the location of a deleted Instagram account.

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