How To Say Follow Me On Instagram (Do It This Way)

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You might have followed someone on Instagram, maybe an influencer or a normal user but you are wondering if you can inform the person to follow you back.

Sometimes you need someone to follow you back on Instagram and you don’t know how to tell the person.

It is exciting when someone you follow follows you back on Instagram. This can be people you know and people you don’t know.

In this article, you’ll learn how to say follow me on Instagram. You’ll also know why you need to tell a few people to follow you on Instagram.

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How To Say Follow Me On Instagram

There are different ways you can ask someone to follow you on the Instagram app.

You can continue posting on your page, go to someone’s DM and ask them to “follow you”, or use Hashtags to get more people on your page.

Using Hashtag

One of the simplest ways to say follow me on Instagram is by using hashtags. Hashtag is a very simple technique that a lot of users use to get followers on Instagram.

When you use hashtags on Instagram it sends the user to your posts and it indirectly tells the user to follow you on Instagram.

You can use hashtags to say follow me on Instagram indirectly. Hashtags usually have to do with trending events.

Joining Groups

You can say “follow me” on Instagram by joining or creating groups on Instagram. In the Instagram direct message, if you join a group and others join, you get exposed to other Instagram users whom you can say should follow you on the app.

You can maneuver your way into various groups and let them see or know your content.

Sharing Your Content

Another easy way to say follow me on Instagram is by sharing your Instagram posts on other social media accounts.

If you are have other social media accounts you can share a link of your post/account on these accounts to draw attention to Instagram account.

When these users come to your post/account they will be compelled to follow you to get more of your content. You can also just type in “follow me on Instagram” when sharing the link.

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Using Location Tag

You can use the location tag to ask someone to follow you on Instagram. Location tags are used in posts to show a particular place where a certain post was made.

If you add location tags to your post, it adds your post to all other posts that were taken at the same place.

If a user is looking for posts on that particular location, the user can easily find you and want to follow you because of your content.

Sharing Interesting Content

Another way of saying someone should follow you on Instagram is by posting very nice and catchy content.

If what you post on your Instagram is very beautiful and catchy, most users would love to follow you for more and that is a way to get a lot of people to follow you on Instagram.


As an avid user of the Instagram app, it is very necessary to have followers on Instagram. This grows the trust Instagram users have in your account.

Sometimes it is necessary that you gain followers for yourself and you can do this when you know how to say someone should follow you on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you politely tell someone to follow you on Instagram?   

You can politely tell someone to follow you on Instagram by adding to your post that the person should follow you on the app.

How do I tell people to follow me?

You can tell people to follow you by using hashtags, location tags and posting very catchy and witty content. You can also include “follow me for more content” in the post caption.

How do you request to follow?

Your request to follow when you try to follow a private account on Instagram. You can do this by going to the profile of the user and tapping on “Request to follow”.

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