How To See Someone’s Close Friends On Instagram (See This First)

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If you are an avid user of Instagram and want to know how to see someone’s close friends on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram is one of the most used social sites in the world. It has many interesting features, like the close friend feature, which keeps friends separated from the public.

The close friend feature is one commonly used feature on Instagram, and can also be known as the best friends list on Instagram.

In this article, you’ll discover all there is to know about the close friends feature on Instagram, and learn whether you can see someone’s close friends on Instagram and how to do so.

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What Is Close Friends On Instagram?

Close Friends is a list of friends who can see your private stories. This feature allows you to limit the number and type of people who can see your Instagram story.

You can limit this number to only your close friends or family. The close friend’s feature is more or less like a private Instagram story where only people you choose can view the information and content you put there.

The list applies only to photos and videos you put on your story, not the pictures and videos you post on your Instagram page.

This means anyone who has access to your account can view your Instagram page but only those on your Close Friends list you’ve added can view the Close Friends story.

This is more like the Private Snapchat Story, where you can select several people that you want to share a story with.

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How Can I See Someone’s Close Friends On Instagram?

Unfortunately, no way allows you to see another person’s close friends list on Instagram.

Since the Close friend feature is geared towards the privacy of users who wish to have a story for only their close friends, there is no way to see another person’s close friends since it is an invasion of that person’s privacy.

No Instagram feature allows you to know the other people on the person’s Close Friends list. You can ask the person on their Close Friends list, but that is the only way to do so.

There isn’t any other app that can help you see someone’s Close Friends on Instagram.

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How To Tell That You Are on Someone’s Close Friends List

You can only tell when you have been added to someone’s close friend list when you see a greenish circle around the person’s Instagram story.

Once you see the greenish band around the person’s Instagram story, then that story is their close friend’s story and you have been added to their close friends’ list.

Instagram does not notify you when a person adds you to their Close friends’ list, and you would not be able to know the other people on the list.

Instagram also doesn’t notify anyone when the person is removed from a Close Friends list.

If you create your Close friend list, you are the only one who would be able to see the list.

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How To Create a Close Friends List on Instagram.

Creating a Close Friends list is simple and applies to Android and iPhone users. Here are the steps:

Open the Instagram app on your device > Tap on your profile picture icon > Click on the button with three horizontal lines > Click on the option Close Friend > Choose the accounts of the people you want to add to your Close Friends list > Click on Create List.

Note that Instagram prompts you to update your Close Friends list from time to time, and you can either choose to ignore it or update the list.


Until you see a green circle around someone’s story on Instagram, you would not know if you have been added to their Close Friends.

There is no way to see someone’s Close Friends list without asking the person yourself.

No Instagram feature or app can help with this. This is because Instagram wants to keep the user’s close friends list private.

To know more about Close friends on Instagram and how to see someone’s close friends list, read this article which details all you need to know about Close Friends on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Remove Someone From My Close Friends?

To do this, click on your Close Friends list. If you wish to remove one person, press Delete, and to remove everyone, press Delete all.

Does Instagram Notify Users About The Close Friends List?

No, Instagram does not notify its users about any addition to or removal from the Close Friends list.

How Do I Share Stories With Only My Close Friends?

To do this, upload a story as you would normally do, and instead of clicking on “Your Story” at the bottom left corner, click on the Close Friends option, which has a green circle on it. This uploads the story to only your close friends.

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