What Does “NFS” Mean On Instagram? (See Different Meaning)

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You may have come across NFS on Instagram and you’re wondering why you are seeing that or what that means.

NFS on Instagram is usually seen on some posts, especially by business accounts.

If you have seen this and you are wondering why you are seeing such an abbreviation on Instagram, then you are at the right place.

In this article, you’ll know why you see NFS under a post. You’ll also learn what NFS means on Instagram.

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What Does “NFS” Mean On Instagram

NFS is an abbreviation on Instagram that is commonly used on several posts and sometimes in comment sections.

This abbreviation may not necessarily mean what you think is used by many people, but on Instagram, NFS is known as “Not For Sale”.

This term is used by a lot of business accounts on Instagram when some items are being showcased on the app but are not available for purchase.

They tag these posts with “NFS” which means ‘Not For Sale,’ but aside from NFS meaning ‘Not For Sale’, other Instagram users use the NFS for other meanings that you should know.

We are going to show you the various meaning of NFS on Instagram. These can mean meaningful things, but you’ll easily get the meaning of what the user is using them for

NFS Mean “Not For Sale”

NFS as said earlier can mean ‘Not For Sale’. This is used for business products on Instagram, commonly used by business accounts to show that some products that have been showcased on the app are not ready for purchase, hence given the tag Not For Sale.

NFS Mean “Not For Sure”

Another meaning for NFS is ‘Not For Sure’. This is usually used in direct messages by users who shorthand words for certain conversations.

If another user has used NFS, it could mean that ‘Not For Sure’ is in an Instagram direct message.

NFS Mean ‘Not For Sharing”

NFS used on Instagram can also mean ‘Not For Sharing’. This should tell you that an item that has been shared with you by another user is not available to be shared or you are not supposed to share them.

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NFS Mean “No Funny Stuff”

NFS may also mean ‘No Funny Stuff’. This can be used in Instagram direct messages, so a user that conversations being have should be formal in not combined with jokes.

NFS Mean “No Future Squad”

NFS on Instagram can mean ‘No Future Squad’. It can be used as a hashtag on Instagram to show that some people do not use filters in their images posted on Instagram.

NFS Mean “Need For Speed”

NFS can also mean ‘Need For Speed’. This is also a certain form of the popular game, ‘Need for speed’ and when the hashtag is used, NFS can be used to replace it.

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NFS Mean “Not Following Specified”

NFS means ‘Not Following Specified’ which sees that you may have followed a user and the user is not following you back, so you use NFS to alert the user that he or she has not followed you back on Instagram.

NFS Mean “No Filter Sunday”

NFS can also be used on Sunday to mean ‘No filter Sunday.’ So certain users on Sundays can use NFS to mean that there are no filters to be used on images on Sundays.


NFS is an acronym on Instagram that means several things on the app. It is mostly used to mean “Not For Sale” by business accounts, but you realize that it is used on several occasions.

It can be used in direct messages, comments, and other activities on Instagram to mean different things altogether.

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Frequently asked questions

What Does NFS Mean From A Girl?

When a girl uses an effect it may mean that the product she selling is not for sale. It’s gone also means Not For Sure.

What Does NFS Slang Mean?

NFS may also mean No funny sh*t.

What Does NFS Mean On TikTok

NFS can mean Need For Speed on TikTok, especially during a challenge.

What Does Any Face Mean On Social Media?

Social media can choose to use NFS to mean no filter Sunday or not following specified

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