What Does “Slay” Mean On Instagram? (See The Meaning)

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You may have come across slay on Instagram and you want to know what it means on the social media app.

Slay is commonly used on Instagram by a lot of users on the app. When influencers post a new picture and use slay either as a caption or in the comment section.

If you have seen slay on Instagram and you want to know what it means, this article will let you know

In this article, you’ll learn what slay means on Instagram. You’ll also know why Instagram users use the word “slay”.

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What Does Slay Mean On Instagram?

Slay itself has a very formal meaning which has to do with violence. Slay on Instagram is used as slang, which means to do something perfectly.

Instagram users do not use the formal meaning of slay but they use slang to refer to very interesting posts that are made by influencers especially.

So on Instagram and other social media platforms, when a user uses the word “slay,” it refers to something extremely amazing that has to be commended.

These influencers especially take very beautiful pictures and put them on the Instagram app to see and view comments from other users who may refer to them as ‘slaying’.

The word “slay” can either be used as a caption on an Instagram post by a social media influencer to describe how beautiful he or she is looking in that particular post.

Followers of that particular influencer may also choose to use the word “Slay” to appreciate how amazing that picture is looking on Instagram.

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Why Do People Use The Word Slay On Instagram?

Instagram users love to use the word slay on a lot of posts because the word slay is a very informal way to appreciate something extremely beautiful.

If someone has posted an achievement or a nice picture or video on Instagram and you like to commend the person, you can choose to use the words “slay” to make the person understand how beautiful it is or how best you appreciate the image or video.


Slay is a very common word used by a lot of social media users, especially Instagram users. It’s used to describe how extremely beautiful images or videos of certain persons or users on Instagram are looking.

If you have seen the word slay on Instagram you should know that it means a particular post or video is either perfect or extremely amazing.

Instagram users love to use the slay word because it is very informal and bridge understanding between the commenter and the influencer/poster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Slay Mean When Texting?

Slay in a text can mean that something is amazing very excellent or beautiful

What Is Slay On Social Media?

A legal con is described as someone who loves to look so amazing in appearance and very beautiful especially on social media.

What Is Slay On TikTok

Slay on TikTok means something has been very beautiful or it is a top-notch

What Can I Say Instead Of Slay On Instagram?

You can use excellent beautiful or amazing to replace slay on Instagram.

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