Green Line On TV Screen? See Why & How To Fix It

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Have you ever seen a green line on your TV screen? You must have, and you’re wondering why the line is showing on your TV, and how you can fix it.

TVs can be very interesting to watch until you realize there’s a green line on TV the screen. The line can appear when watching your TV, or just after you’ve turned it on.

If you don’t know what must have caused it, this guide will  show the reasons why the green lines are appearing on the screen, and what to do.

In this article, you’ll learn whether the green line on a TV screen is normal or not. You’ll also learn why you see green lines on the TV screen and how to fix it.

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Why Do I See Green Line Om My TV Screen?

You may be wondering what exactly has caused the green line you are seeing all of a sudden on your TV screen because it is not usually of a TV.

When you see this, knowing the reason why you see the green line on TV will help you to fix the issue.

The line you see on the screen may be horizontal or vertical and that determines the actual reason why you are seeing it on your screen.

Therefore you should check whether the line on your screen is either vertical or horizontal and you’ll learn why there is that green line on your TV.

Vertical Lines: If you are seeing green vertical lines on your screen, the reason is simple and that is, there is an issue with your input cable.

That is, either there is a fault with the cable or it has not been properly connected to your TV.

Horizontal Lines: If you are seeing green horizontal lines on your screen, the reason is that there is a graphic failure on your screen and you are supposed to fix it.

Generally, the issue of the green line on your TV screen has to do with a problem with the cable connection or a problem with the TV. Sometimes it issue may be from the T-Con board on the TV.

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How To Fix When You See Green Line On TV Screen

You can now fix the green line on your TV screen since you already know the reasons why you are facing this issue. To fix the green line on a TV screen, you can resolve it by following the fixes.

Fix 1: Check Cable Connections

The first thing you must do, especially when the green line on your screen is vertical, is to check the cables connected to your TV screen.

Using the current cables, you can just remove all the cables connected to the TV and reconnect them.

Before you reconnect them, you can wipe the input side of the cord to get rid of dust which may be preventing the proper connection.

Among the cables, we have the HDMI cable which is the main cable responsible for what appears on your screen.

Make sure you fully connect the HDMI cable to your TV and if possible, change the cable together with all other main cables connected to your TV, and check if you still see the green line on your TV screen.

Fix 2: Turn On & Off Your TV

A lot of users of smart TVs do not even turn off their TV for a very long time and you may be one of them.

It may be as a result of the constant operation of the TV without a moment of rest, that is causing the green line on your TV.

You should turn off the TV for a while and turn it on again and check if you see the green line again. Use the power button of your TV or the power button on the TV remote to turn off the TV.

This will make the TV which has been hot for a very long time cool down for a while and operate normally after some time.

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Fix 3: Update Your TV Firmware

It will be necessary to update the firmware of your TV if you still encounter an issue with your TV.

You cannot try this on a normal TV but it is a requirement for smart TVs which allows you to update the firmware of the device.

If you can update the firmware of your TV, it automatically updates all the graphic drives on your device and that may clear the green line that appears on your TV screen.

Pick your TV remote and update your TV firmware.

Home > Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now

Fix 4: Change the T-Con Board

As stated earlier, the T-Con board can be a major cause of the green line on your TV screen. An issue with the T-Con board can cause your TV to misbehave and replacing it can help fix your issue.

If your T-Con board has been damaged and cannot correctly connect to your TV, the display may not be complete.

With this, you would have to replace the T-Con board and get it properly fixed to your TV so that you will not see the green line on the TV anymore.

Fix 5: Seek Professional Assistance

You may have to seek professional assistance if you have tried all the fixes above and it is not working.

Sometimes issues like the green line on TV go beyond just trying one or two fixes. You should consider finding a professional repairer to work on the TV to fix it once and for all.

The professional repairer may tell you exactly what is wrong with your screen and help you work on your device’s firmware so that you will no longer see the green line on your TV.

Fix 6: Get A New TV Screen

Replacing your TV screen may be necessary especially when you realize nothing seems to work for you.

The green line on the TV screen may have nothing to do with your TV’s software or the display but with the screen itself.

Therefore, after the professional assistance and your TV is still showing the green line, you can request that the TV screen is changed since it may be a hardware issue rather than a software.


Spending quality time watching TV can be very interesting until you see a green line on your screen.

It can be very worrisome especially when that is the first time you are seeing such a thing on your screen.

In this article, I have included all the necessary fixes you need to fix the green line on the TV screen.

All the guidelines can help you have a better experience with your TV when followed appropriately and you will no longer see a green line on your TV screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Fix Vertical Green Line on TV Screen

The vertical green line on a TV screen is usually caused by the improper connection of cables and this can be fixed when you properly connect the cables or you replace the cables. If this does not work, you can follow the other guidelines in this article.

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