How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets 2023 (Step-By-Step Guide)

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If you’re looking for tweets that have been deleted by celebrity or politician on Twitter after a crazy comment on an issue, well, we just happened to know how.

After making a tweet about something crazy, we often see these celebrities or politicians quickly remove the tweets to avoid reference.

But there’s always a way to search and find someone’s deleted tweets after hours, days, or months. By using the difference option, here’s what works.

In this article, you’ll learn how to search and find someone’s deleted tweets and saved them on your device. We’ve used different methods for this.

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What To Do If Someone Deleted A Tweets?

If you want to see someone’s deleted tweets, well it’s not that easy to do, but you can. You can’t view deleted tweets using the Twitter app or the web version.

Even if you want to see deleted tweets from a politician or celebrities, they’re different ways you can do this.

But we recommend using the Way Back Machine, or if it’s a recently deleted tweet you can use the Google Cache from their search engine.

For politicians in the United States, there’s a site that records all the deleted tweets from politicians in or running for office.

This is what you need to do when you want to find someone’s deleted tweets. You’ll need to go to the Internet Archive [The Way Back Machine].

If the Tweets are archived by chance, you will find them on Way Back Machine [Internet Archive].

The Way Back Machine archives public pages on the internet, and even for an open social network like Twitter.

To find someone’s deleted tweets, go to the Way Back Machine website and enter the Twitter profile link of the person you want to view their deleted tweets. Then click on BROWSE HISTORY.

A calendar will open, and you’ll see the dates that the Time Machine has saved on the public page.

Tap on the date of the tweet [which was also the day it was deleted].

Then tap on one of the time frames shown [snapshot], and Twitter’s way back will open. If you don’t see the date it means that the internet archive didn’t crawl the page.

If the Way Back Machine didn’t crawl the Twitter page that day you’ll not be able to see the deleted tweets.

Politicians, celebrities, and popular people are the only account that mostly crawls every day [not always].

If you’re trying to find someone’s deleted tweets that is not popular, it may be very hard for you to do so.

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How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets

If you want to find more ways to view deleted tweets of someone’s account, here are other methods you can use. But First;

Find 1: Using The Way Back Machine

If the page is not crawl, and you’re using the Way Back Machine you’ll not be able to see the deleted tweets.

You’ll need to know the date the tweets were deleted if you’re going to be using the Internet Archive to see people deleted tweets.

If the person isn’t a celebrity a politician or a well-known person, well you’ll find it difficult using the Way Back Machine to see their deleted tweets, because they don’t crawl regular accounts every day.

Step 1: Open Way Back Machine

To see someone’s deleted tweets you’ll need to start by going to the Internet Archive website.

Step 2: Enter The Profile Link

On the website home page, you’ll see a text box showing [https]. Enter the person’s Twitter profile link you want to see the deleted tweets, then tap on Browse History.

Step 3: Find The Month

A new page will load and you’ll see a year calendar open up, which is show all the dates from January to December.

You’ll see the dates that the Way Back Machine archives for the Twitter account, it shows in blue and green.

If you don’t see these colors, it means that the Twitter account was not crawled it saved, and you’ll not be able to see any deleted tweets.

Step 4: Find The Day

If you’re seeing these colors, go to the months and tap on the day the tweet was deleted [if you know].

You’ll see different Snapshots available for that day, and the time it was taken. This will allow you to know which one to Click on.

Tap on the snapshot, and then the Twitter page will open showing the deleted tweets, you can save by screenshotting the tweet.

Step 5: Find The Tweets

You’ll see the Snapshot of the Twitter account for that day. If Way Back Machine does not crawl the page, you’ll not be able to see the deleted tweets.

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Find 2: Using Google Cache

Google Cache is one of the simplest ways you can find deleted tweets from someone else. But this is only for the most recently deleted tweets.

If it’s long you’ll not be able to see anything on the Google Cache Twitter page, once google recrawl the page, the cache might disappear. To see tweets with Google Cache;

Step 1: Search The Twitter Account

To even see the cache version on Google, the account needs to be popular, if not you might not see the cached version.

Search the person’s Twitter account on Google, you can type [Twitter + username]. And then you’ll see different search results.

Step 2: Change To Cache

From the search, you’ll see different results, including their most recent tweets. Make sure you’re using your computer, if not you’ll not see the cache arrow.

Tap on the downwards arrow near the breadcrumbs of the search results, and tap on Cached.

Step 3: See Google Cache Of The Account

Once you tap on Cached, Google’s cached version of the tweets will open, and you’ll be able to see the recently deleted tweets.

You can screenshot the tweets if you want, but if you don’t you’ll be able to view this version again, as Google will replace it with the new one.

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Finding Your Own Deleted Tweets [Easy]

If you’re looking for how you can get see your own deleted tweets there’s a simple way to do it without sweating your head.

You just have to request an account archive from Twitter, and you’ll be able to see your deleted tweets.

To get the Twitter archive, you’ll have to go to your account settings to make a request.

Step 1: Open Twitter

If you’re using your computer, open the Twitter website, sign in to your account and tap on more from the sidebar menu, and click on Settings and Privacy from the menu.

If you’re using a mobile device, tap on your profile icon or swipe right, then tap on Settings and Privacy from the menu that appears.

Step 2: Tap Account

On the Settings and privacy page, you’ll see different options, tap on Account. On your computer, you’ll see the page already open.

Step 3: Tap Download an archive of your data

On the account page, tap on Download an archive of your data option from the option under the account, and enter your password.

Verify your identity by confirming the code sent to your Twitter account email address or phone number. Then tap on Request archive.

After 24 or less, you’ll receive the zip file containing your Twitter archive in your email address.

The email will notify you that your tweet archive is ready. Now, tap on Download now.

Step 4: Extract Zip File

Since it’s a zip format, you’ll need to extract it. If you’re using Android here’s how to do it, and see here for iPhone. If you’re using a PC, just right-click on it and choose “Extract all”

Once the zip file is extracted, open the “index.html” file that’s inside of the folder and it’ll open in your web browser. It will show you all your tweets, including the tweets you’ve deleted.

What About Third-Party Site Like Twipu And Snap Bird?

Well, we’ve tried accessing the app to test if we can view deleted tweets from celebrities or popular people, and we can’t.

And if you’re asking WHY, it’s because the website is no longer working, which means you can’t use these sites to view deleted tweets.

For Politicians

If you’re staying in the United States, well, there is a dedicated site that records any deleted tweets of politicians that are in office or running for office.

As stated by the site, Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

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Twitter is the social media where every celebrity wants to be, with just 280 characters, comments [tweets] can be savage, but they can be quickly deleted.

And the bird app doesn’t allow users to view someone’s deleted tweets as they’re no feature for this yet, and probably never would be.

But there are ways you can use to retrieve deleted tweets, and you’ll be able to see removed tweets from the account.

You can use the Way Back Machine and Google Cached to see deleted tweets from an account.

But it isn’t easy when you’re looking for deleted tweets for someone that isn’t popular.

If it’s a famous person you’re looking at their deleted tweets, there’s a chance that the tweets were screenshot by someone on the internet, and you’ll see it with the Internet Archive.

And if it’s recently deleted tweets you can use the Google Cached version to see the deleted tweets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find a deleted tweets

Yes, you can find deleted tweets that were deleted by the account about a comment made for an issue. You can’t use Twitter to see deleted tweets, instead, you’ll need to use other third-party services.

Can I find tweets from a deleted account

Yes, you can find tweets from an already deleted account on Twitter. If you want to get back to a tweet about an issue, or you want to take something from there, you’ll need to use the Way Back Machine.

Are deleted tweets removed forever?

No, deleted tweets are not deleted forever even after you’ve successfully removed them from your account. There will always be a way for people to see your deleted tweets on Twitter. Most likely people on Two still have access, and if the way back machine crawls it, the tweets will still be there.

How do I view a deleted Twitter account?

If you want to view a deleted Twitter account, you can use the Internet Archive [Way Back Machine] which saved the public available page. But you’ll be lucky if the Twitter account was crawled, if it’s not you’ll not be to view the deleted Twitter account.

Can I see my deleted tweets?

Yes, you can easily see your deleted tweets on Twitter, or you have to do a request for your account archive and you’ll see all your tweets, both the ones currently showing on your page and the deleted tweets.

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