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Twitter is one of the few to first use dark mode for their app and website, and now it has become a popular feature that every company wants to use. Twitter dark mode can make a user spend more time on the app — if the light is reduced it can help save our eyes.

To get Twitter dark mode on Android or PC you don’t need an extension or what so ever, the feature is built-in already so that you can use dark mode any time on your device.

Using light mode in a dark room is something you don’t want to try every day your eyes may just successfully pull out. The feature could also save and prolong your battery life to some extent — as dark pixels draw noticeably less power than white ones.

The fresh look will also make content in the feed more appealing and easy to refer to with a more detailed look. The dark theme is available in two; Dim and Light Out, unlike other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and messaging app like WhatsApp that doesn’t come with different theme variant.

Other apps like YouTube, Gmail, and Slack have a dark mode that helps you save battery and also ease your eyes. Even Google Play Store wants you to have it too. So if you want to try it out here’s how to turn it on.

How to turn on Twitter’s dark mode on iPhone and Android

To enable the dark theme shouldn’t take you more than a minute. Twitter has two dark themes: Dim with the dark blue background, and Light Out with the black background. Either one is okay but Light Out is my preference.

1. First, open the Twitter app for Android or iOS, and slide to the right side of your screen.

2. From the main menu, click on Settings and Privacy, then tap on Display and Sound.

3. Under Display, tap on Dark Mode, turn it on and select the theme you want to use for Twitter.

How to turn on dark mode for Twitter

? Quick Tip: A menu slide will open, scroll down and you will find a bulb icon, tap on it to select your preferred dark theme on Twitter and turn it on.

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How to turn on Twitter dark mode for desktop

If you’ve turned on dark mode for your browser (Chrome), Twitter Web will likely use the same settings because it’s using the prefers-color-scheme* setting. But if you want to enable Twitter dark mode on PC you can still do that from the settings page.

1. Head over to in your web browser. You can use any browser on your computer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Turn on Twitter dark mode - Home

2. Tap on the more options and select Display. Pick from the three options provided: Default, Dim, and Lights Out.

Enable Twitter dark mode - Display

3. Select Dim to enable the dark blue background or Lights Out to turn on the black Twitter dark mode.

Dark mode for Twitter - Light out

You can customize your Twitter dark mode by selecting the colored icons above the dark mode options. This changes the color of the Twitter links and icons.

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