Instagram Profile Picture Blurry? See Why & How To Fix It (Solved)

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Have you realized that your profile picture on Instagram keeps reducing in quality whenever you upload it?

It is very worrying whenever you try to upload a new profile picture and the photo looks blurred.

You may find your Instagram profile picture blurry and you would want to know how to fix it.

In this article, you’ll learn how to fix your Instagram profile picture when it’s blurry. You’ll also learn why the profile picture is blurry.

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Why Is My Instagram Profile Picture Blurry?

Before you’ll be able to fix your Instagram blurry profile picture, you should know why the profile picture is blurry. This guide will show you why.


Your Instagram profile picture is blurry because Instagram compresses the size of your picture, especially when it is over 1 megabyte.

In that regard, if the Instagram profile picture you are uploading is above 1 megabyte, Instagram compresses it below 1 MB to make it load faster when someone is trying to view your profile.

Instagram Glitche

Also, it may be that your profile picture is not the best quality because of Instagram glitches.

If Instagram is having glitches, when you try uploading your photo in its best quality, it becomes very difficult. Therefore you would have a blurry photo on your profile.

Aspect Ratio

Your profile picture may be blurry because the photo aspect ratio has been reduced to the normal size of a profile picture on Instagram.

The normal ratio of a profile picture on Instagram is 110 * 110 pixels. And with that, no matter the ratio of your picture, it is reduced to that size.

This is done to fit into your profile picture on Instagram. You’ll not get the exact quality of your photo since it has been reduced to that pixel.

File Format

Another reason you should consider why your Instagram profile picture is blurry is because of the file format of the picture.

It may be that the format of the photo you are uploading to your profile is not accepted by Instagram.

Therefore you should make sure that the picture you want to upload has either the JPEG or JPG photo format.

Using A PC

You may be using the PC instead of the phone to upload a photo on your Instagram profile which is why you are not getting the best quality.

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How To Fix Instagram Profile Picture Blurry

Now that you know the reasons for blurry profile photos on Instagram, you can fix them easily using the suggested fixes in this article.

Fix 1: Crop The Photo To The Profile Ratio

For you to see your photo not reduced to the least quality, you should make sure that it matches the required profile picture ratio by Instagram.

The size of your ratio should not be too far from 110 * 110 pixels so that the quality of your photo will not be reduced.

You can use your phone’s photo editor to crop the picture to 110 * 110 pixels or you can choose to download a photo editing app to crop your picture to the required size by Instagram.

Fix 2: Sharpening The Picture Before Upload

Before you upload a picture on your Instagram profile picture, you should sharpen the picture using the photo editor. Pictures usually look less blurry when they are sharpened.

You should not hesitate to edit the photo and increase how sharp it is so that after you upload, it doesn’t become a blur.

You can either use the built-in photo editor on your phone or download a photo editing app on the Play store or App Store to help sharpen your photo to the best quality.

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Fix 3: Compress The Size Of Your Photo

The size of your photo matters when you are uploading it on your Instagram profile. Since Instagram reduces the size of your photo from above 1 MB to the required size to save space and make your profile faster.

You should try compressing it yourself so that Instagram does not automatically reduce the quality of your photo, making it look blurry.

There are several compression sites that you can use to compress your photos from 1 megabyte and above to a specific KB. This will maintain the same quality when you upload to Instagram.

Some photo compression sites that you can use are;, or

Fix 4: Enable “Upload At Highest Quality”

To have the best quality, you should enable the “Upload At Highest Quality” feature on Instagram so that your photo will not become blurry after posting.

You can do this on your iPhone; Open Instagram > Go to your Profile > Settings > Account > Data Usage > Enable Upload at the Highest quality.

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Fix 5: Use Instagram’s Built-in Camera To Take The Profile Picture

You may consider using Instagram’s built-in camera to take your pictures. This is because the Instagram built-in camera has all the requirements when you are uploading your profile photo on Instagram

It will least affect the quality of your picture when you upload it. This will prevent your photo from being blurry. You may choose to do this to have the best quality picture on your Instagram profile.

Fix 6: Change The File Format To JPEG/JPG Or PNG

Instagram only accepts JPEG or PNG by default. Therefore you should make sure you change the format of your photo.

If it is not JPEG, JPG, or PNG, the photo uploaded to your profile may look blurry.

You can go to any file converters site to change the format of your photo to the required format.

You can try these file converters to convert your picture to JPEG or JPG:, or

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Fix 7: Upload The Instagram Profile Picture Using Your Phone

Usually, when you use your PC to upload your profile picture, it becomes blurry because Instagram works better on mobile devices since it’s specially made for mobile.

You should try uploading the same photo using your mobile phone and not the PC to see if the photo will still be blurry.


It is quite frustrating whenever you upload a picture on Instagram and it is very blurry.

You may want to have the best quality because of your brand on Instagram but if you are not getting that, you should try other options to change the quality of the photo.

Your Instagram profile picture may be blurry as a result of the size, the format, the device used to upload it, and other reasons laid out in this article.

This article has provided all the necessary guidelines you need to fix your Instagram profile picture when it’s blurry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a blurry profile picture on Instagram?

You can fix a blurry picture on Instagram by changing the size and format of the picture. You can also fix it using other necessary guidelines laid out in this article.

Why does Instagram make profile pictures blurry?

Instagram might make your Instagram profile picture blurry because of the size which is compressed to less than 1 megabyte. If this affects you, your Instagram profile picture will look blurred.

How do you make your profile picture high-resolution on Instagram?

If you want your Instagram profile picture to have a high resolution, you should make sure that the photo is in the 1:1 ratio. If this happens, your photo will have a very good quality Instagram profile picture.

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