What Does WTM Mean on Snapchat? 2023 (All Social Media)

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What does WTN mean on Snapchat? That’s what we’re trying to find out. If you’ve gotten a lot of the WTM on Snapchat and you want to know what it means, see the meaning.

WTM is an acronym, which has now become part of Internet slang. Although “WTM” could mean different things depending on how it’s being used in a situation.

So depending on what the person says before or after “WTM”, you’ll know the meaning. This doesn’t only imply Snapchat, but other social media as well.

In this article, you’ll learn what WTM stands for, how it’s used, and how you can use it during a conversation.

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What Does WTM Stand For?

WTM has three different meanings, depending on the situation or the topic you’re discussing. WTM means “What’s The Move?,” “What’s The Matter?,” or “Whatever That Means.”

These meanings are the same across all social media sites and texting conversations. So, it isn’t only for Snapchat, these meanings are the same on Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

WTM Stand for these three different meanings and are used in different approach when texting on social media with your friends.

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What Does WTM Mean When Used?

There are three meanings when used, depending on the situation and how you used it on the social app.

And out of the three, the “What’s The Move” slang is mostly used as WTM on Snapchat. This is because of parties and events.

The acronyms mean different things depending on how it is used. So even if you’re on Instagram or Snapchat, here’s how WTM is used and what it stands for on social media.

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What’s The Move

Depending on the situation, you can use WTM as slang for What’s The Move. It’s probably asking you if there is any outing or events you’re going to.

WTM is normally used if there’s an event, or the person is asking if there’s any party to go to this Friday or Saturday night.

Let’s take for example;

You: Hey Tim, WTM this Friday?
Me: We’re going to Kim’s party.

You can use it to ask questions about what’s going on, events, parties, and all the outings. Like Jim “WTM tonight?

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What’s The Matter

WTM also stands for “What’s The Matter.” This slang is used to ask you questions when you’re in a situation or dealing with an issue.

Maybe you’ve been cold or not being active as you used to be, someone might ask you; Hey Jim, What’s The Matter? This can also be used in real-life conversations.

Let’s take, for example;

You: Tim, are you okay, WTM?
Me: No, I’m just going through some rough patch.

So you can also use WTM to ask people questions online, if they’re going through problems, or just feeling sad.

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Whatever That Means

WTM can also be used when someone is confused or frustrated about something, or some Instructions that they can’t seem to understand or follow.

What’s That Means can be used to vent out your frustration, or something you’re less likely to care about. They can use it as; Jim asked me to use the formula, WTM.

Let’s take for example; He asked where I live, and I said the next junction, WTM

So you can use WTM to pour out your frustration, or something you dislike or can’t even understand.


There is so much slang used on social media, and it speeds things up when you read the message and understand it.

Before you know what the person is talking about you need to know what slang like WTM means.

WTM is a popular one, mostly used for outings and events, but it gots other meanings. The WTM is used across different social media, not only Snapchat.

So depending on what the person is talking about, WTM can mean “What’s The Move?,” “What’s The Matter?,” and “Whatever That Means.”

The most used meaning of the three is “What’s The Move.” So get the context of the text, before you confirm the meaning and what the person is saying in the conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does WTM mean different things on Snapchat, Instagram, and texting?

No, WTM does not mean different things on social media like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The meaning of WTM is the same across all the same social media channels.

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