What Does Clear Cache Mean on Snapchat? (2023)

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If you’ve been using Snapchat for a while, there are a lot of cache files stored on your device, this takes a lot of storage. You may wonder what the clear cache means on Snapchat.

The Snapchat cache store temporary data for the app, which allows you to use the app faster without running into issues. But when it gets full, it can also slow the app.

Cache files allow you to load videos, and use Snapchat camera lenses and filters without the mobile connection turned on. Here’s everything to know about the clear cache, what it does, and what it mean.

In this article, you’ll learn what clear cache means on Snapchat, what it does, and how you can use it for your account to fix issues.

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What Does Clear Cache Mean On Snapchat?

Clear Cache on Snapchat means that the feature helps you free up space, by removing temporary data that the app has stored on your device.

If your device is running low on storage space, the Snapchat app is laggy or slow, it’s because the cache file is full, and you’ll need the Clear Cache to help free up space.

The clear cache helps you restart the app and reload everything from the Snapchat server before storing them on your device.

When you use Snapchat, it stores caches that contain data for features on the app. These help the app run faster and build up the cache files. That’s why you’ve been able to use the camera lens without a data connection.

As the cache builds up, it takes a lot of storage, and possibly this may get the app running slowly or laggy because the storage is getting full.

To clean it up, you’ll have to use the Clear Cache on Snapchat to remove all the temporary data and begin the app afresh. It’s important to do this once in a while.

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How To Clear Cache On Snapchat

Since you already know what clear cache means on Snapchat, you sure do want to know how you can clear the cache on your Android or iOS device.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open the Snapchat app on your mobile phone. Then tap on your Bitmoji at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Tap Settings

From your profile page, tap on Settings ⚙️  [gear icon] at the top right corner and scroll down to the “Account Actions” Section.

Step 3: Tap Clear Cache

From the Settings page at the bottom, scroll down and tap on Clear Cache. On your iOS device, tap on Clear All, then tap Continue for Android.

Tip: If you’re using Snapchat on your iOS device, you can clear individual caches, rather than clearing the whole app cache. Android doesn’t have the feature, yet.

Tip: If you’re using Snapchat on your Android device, you can clear the cache from the app storage settings.

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What Happens When You Clear Your Cache On Snapchat?

Different things happen when you clear the cache on Snapchat. Well, if you want to know what it does, see;

1. Free Up Storage Space

Clearing cache on Snapchat helps free up your device storage space. As it takes up a lot of space when you’ve used the app for too long.

2. Delete Saved Lens

If you clear the cache, the Snapchat camera lenses you’ve saved will be removed, and some other files on the app. You’ll be able to download it back when you want to use it again.

3. Improve Snapchat Performance

When you clear the cache, it’ll help improve the Snapchat app performance and fix issues that clearing the cache could solve. It may also fix other popular Snapchat problems.

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Does Clearing Cache On Snapchat Delete Messages?

No, clearing the cache on your Snapchat account doesn’t delete the message you’ve sent on the app. You’ll still be able to see your previous chat, and the conversation you’ve saved.

Snapchat doesn’t touch your chats once the cache is clear, you’ll only feel that it’ll become slower at the beginning and faster once you continue using it.

Does Clearing Cache On Snapchat Delete Memories?

No, clearing the cache on Snapchat doesn’t delete the memories you’ve snapped/saved on the app. You’ll still be able to see all the videos and pictures you’ve taken after you’ve cleared the cache.

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Does Clearing Cache On Snapchat Delete Lenses And Filters?

Yes, clearing the cache on Snapchat will delete the lenses and filters you’ve saved on the app. Once you clear the cache, you’ll not be able to use the saved filter and lens again.

And when done, you might see that you have a ton of space. But you’ll still be able able to download the filters and lenses again once you want to use them.

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Does Clearing Cache On Snapchat Delete Streaks?

If you’re wondering whether clearing your cache will make you lose your streaks, No it doesn’t. Clearing the Snapchat app cache will not delete your Streak on the app.

Since your message won’t be deleted, the streak won’t be too. It will just remove all the temporary data file that makes the app run faster.

When you clear the cache, everything will have to be reloaded again, and you’ll be able to keep up the streak with your friends. If you’ve lost it, here’s how you can get it back.


Cache on Snapchat can help you see snaps and videos you’ve previously watched on the app. You’ll be able to clear the cache if you need to free up storage space on your device.

You can also clear the cache on Snapchat if you’re trying to fix any of the Snapchat problems on your device.

You can easily clear the cache from the Snapchat app settings. Tap on the Settings icon in your profile, scroll down to the bottom, and tap on Clear Cache.

If you’re using an Android, there’s also a clear cache option available on the app info settings.

Clearing the Snapchat app cache will not delete any of your Chats on the app, your Memories, or Snaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Clear the Cache On Snapchat?

Yes, you should clear the cache on Snapchat because of many different reasons. If your app is not working properly, the first thing you should do is clear the cache. This can help fix many different issues on the app.

Does offloading Snapchat delete Memories?

No, offloading Snapchat doesn’t delete your memories on the app. When you offload, your files will still be saved on your device.

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