Why Is My iPhone Charger Hot? See How To Fix It

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If you’re wondering why your iPhone charger is hot, well you’re not alone. Many iPhone users have been complaining about an unusual issue with their chargers.

The charger can be warm (hot to an extent), but becoming too hot than usual is freaking people out, and iPhone users want to know how they can solve the problem.

So if your iPhone charger becomes too hot, they’re a few reasons that may have caused it, and you might be surprised what it’s.

In this article, you’ll learn how to fix your iPhone charger when hot. You’ll also know the reason why your iPhone charger is hot when charging.

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What To Do When iPhone Chargers Get Hot?

If your iPhone charger is hot, they’re a few things you need to do and should not do to keep your charger warm when charging your phone.

The first thing you need to avoid when charging your iPhone is not to use the device. When you charge your iPhone and also use it, the charger and the phone will get hot.

If you’re in a room with a high temperature and the charger is plugged into a higher voltage, it may also influence the charger to get hot.

To solve this problem, try to plug the charger into an APC Surge protector, or an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

If you try it by using a low voltage or an APC power surge and your iPhone charger is still hot, you’ll need to buy a new iPhone-certified charger, and when doing this, please update your device.

If the problem continues visit any of Apple’s care services, or go to your local repair shop, where they’ll extensively check it out for you.

Buying a certified Apple charger, or a charger that is recommended for iPhone users can also work without it getting hot. You can get a brandable charger from Amazon.

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Why Is My iPhone Charger Hot?

If your iPhone charger is hot, different reasons might be causing this problem. It may be that the iPhone charger is hot because you’re using and also charging.

When charging your iPhone, don’t use it, the phone will get hot, and so will the charger. If the environment is hot, the charger and phone may be hotter.

But here are issues that real people have pointed out, which have caused the Apple iPhone charger to get hot, and even hotter.

Your iPhone charger gets hot when the charger cable is bad, but this isn’t always the case, but it also contributes when you have a charger that’s always hot.

But eventually, the fault is always on the adapter. Chargers that speed up the charge of your iPhone end up getting hotter, it’s that simple.

Another reason why your iPhone charger is hot is that the charger isn’t compatible, or you just bought a fake one that isn’t fit for your iPhone device.

So if you’re not using an official name charger for your iPhone or the one that comes with your iPhone, well you’ll likely experience this issue.

If you plug your device into a faulty wall socket, it may also cause the iPhone charger to get hot. So using a faulty socket or an extension may get your phone charger hot.

Your iPhone charger is also hot because you’re using an extension with too many plugs plugged in.

So plugging your charger in an extension where they’re multiple plugs can influence your charger and make it hotter.

Make sure you’re not charging your phone for too long. If you’re over-changing your iPhone for too long, it will get the charger hotter, this is because the charger will be in the socket for too long.

It is quite easier to resolve this issue since you now know the reasons for this problem you have with your iPhone charger.

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How To Fix iPhone Charger Getting Hot

Your iPhone charger getting hot is an issue that you can’t overlook. So if you want to fix the charger from getting hot, here’s what to do to fix it.

Fix 1: Use A Certified Apple Charger

There are a lot of Apple chargers that are counterfeit around the world and you may find it very difficult to purchase the original Apple chargers which will not be worrisome.

If you are not using an original Apple charger, you will realize that the charger you are using will not be able to pass out enough voltage to your iPhone.

And this causes more overheating than you should expect from your original iPhone charger.

Therefore, you must check and make sure the Apple charger you are using is certified and you must check the label of Apple which has on it, “Designed by Apple in California”.

If you do not see this on your iPhone charger, it may be original since the company logo is on the charger.

On the copper strips, if you do not see the Apple logo on it, you should know the phone is counterfeit.

Fix 2: Turn On Your Airplane Mode

When you turn on the Airplane mode of your phone, it can stop your device charger from becoming hot because the phone isn’t in use, and the charge is stored without any action on the phone.

When you turn on the airplane mode for your device, all connections stop on your phone and this does not permit your phone to connect to any signal and which makes your device charge faster.

Usually, when your phone is not in use and you are not accepting any calls, you can decide to turn on the airplane mode of your phone.

This will restrict your iPhone from working in the background as a result of connections which will require more time to charge the device.

If your device has connections, it will cause your phone to charge more than is required of it and that will not make your charger overheat.

Turn On Airplane Mode For iPhone:

Open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad, then tap the Airplane Mode button iPhone Airplane Mode icon. You can also go to Settings and select Airplane Mode to turn it on.

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Fix 3: Use Regulated Extensions

If you are using several extensions to charge your iPhone device, you should check it because it is also a major factor that sometimes contributes to your iPhone getting hot.

Overload extensions usually do not give your charger enough volt, which makes your charger work harder to provide your iPhone device with enough power. When this happens, it makes the charger hotter than you expect.

Therefore, we recommend that you set one wall socket aside to charge your device to give it enough wattage to supply your iPhone device. This will help resolve the issue of your iPhone charger not cooling down.

Fix 4: Update Your iOS

If your iOS device is outdated, it gives problems such as bugs that cause your iPhone device to work abnormally.

If the charger of your device is overheating, it may be a problem with your iPhone software and you must update your iOS to get rid of that as soon as possible.

To update your iOS to stop your iPhone charger from overheating.

Go to your Settings app, and tap on General >  Software Update > Tap Download and Install if there’s a new update to update to the new version.

Fix 5: Don’t Use Your iPhone While Charging

The fastest way to get your phone charger hot is by using the device when it’s charging. Give or take, not more than 15-30 minutes, your charger will be burning.

To slow the process and keep the charger warm and not overheat the iPhone charger, you’ll have to stop using it when it’s on the plug, be it an extension or wall socket.

Doing this will allow the charger just stay warm and it may eventually not cross the overheat line if the temperature of the room is okay.

So to fix your iPhone charger from getting hot, don’t use your iPhone to do social media, chat, or watch movies while charging the device.

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Do iPhone Chargers Get Hot Normally?

Yes, it’s normal for your iPhone charger to become warm but when it overheats, it becomes abnormal.

Usually, when you are charging your iPhone, it’s normal for the charger to warm up since it’s in use. But when it begins to overheat, you should know there is a problem.

There are even times when the iPhone charger overheats to the extent that it stops working and such an issue can be quite detrimental.

If this happens, you should make sure your iPhone charger is plugged out of your phone.


If your iPhone charger is still hot, you’ll need to buy a new power adapter and find an APC power surge. With all the reasons that may be getting your charger hot.

Following one of these guides, we surely get your charger to stop overheating. If you’re charging your iPhone or iPad make sure you’re not using it when plug-in.

When you use it, this can even speed things up, and your phone charger may be burning in minutes.

Make sure the room temperature isn’t too hot, and you’ve got a compatible adapter. Well, if you’ve tried everything in this guide, you sure need to visit your local repair store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hot Lighting Cable Damage My iPhone?

Yes, a hot iPhone lightning cable can damage your device in a way. Usually, the lightning cable can damage your device when the cable is a plug-in to your phone charging port.

Is it OK for my charger to get hot?

Yes, it’s okay for your charger to get hot, but this depends on the charger you’re using and the amount of power passing through the charger. And if it’s quick charging or not. A charger that speeds up the charging process of your device normally gets hot.

Can a hot iPhone charger cause a fire?

No, your iPhone charger may likely not cause any fire but it’ll get burned. But beware, circumstances are different and it may not be the same for you, because the electric device can cause a fire.

Why is my charger getting so hot?

Because the charger takes more power to quickly charge your phone. Most chargers now get hot, but others do not, you must have noticed that if your charger charges your phone quickly, it’ll get hot. But sometimes, it may be because of the wall socket or extension you’re plugged into.

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