Phone Battery Decreasing While Charging? Why & How To Fix It (Solved)

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You just bought a new device, or still using your old one. And when you charge the phone, the battery go down instead of increasing.

If you’re wondering why my phone battery is going down while charging, we’re shocked as you’re, but we’ve got the why and the fix for it.

It’s painful to know that you plug in your phone to charge, but only to come back to meet half of the percentage when you plug in the charger.

In this article, you’ll learn why the phone battery going down while charging. And you’ll also learn how to fix it.

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What To Do When Phone Battery Decrease When Charging?

it’s frustrating to know phone battery percentage going down while charging, this can be a painful moment.

When you put your iPhone or Android phone on a charger, and it doesn’t go up but instead it goes down, this is what you need to do.

This can mean that your phone knows that there’s a charger/cable plugged in, but there’s no power to charge the battery.

It can also be that the cable/charger is worn out, there is dirt on the charging port, or the port or subboard is damaged

First, make sure you plugged the charger into an AC outlet instead of a USB port on your PC or laptop.

The USB port on a PC delivers low power, and your phone may be using more power than your PC port can deliver.

And again, while it’s charging don’t use the device, using your phone while charging might reduce the battery percentage.

Make sure there aren’t any applications running in the background when charging the phone.

Turn off your internet connection when your phone is charging, and if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, disconnect it.

Try resetting your phone device and see if it’ll fix the issue. If you’ve done these fixes and nothing seems to be working.

It could be that the phone subboard or the charging port is damaged. And to fix it, you’ll need to visit a phone repair expert.

They’ll help you check the phone properly and see what’s going wrong on the inside.

Before that make sure you go through all this guide, and if you’re lucky one might work for your device.

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Why Is My Phone Battery Going Down While Charging?

There are several reasons why your phone’s battery is decreasing while charging, and this doesn’t determine if you have a new phone or not.

If you have an old iPhone or Android device, or you got a new one, this problem can happen to you.

It may be that the phone cable is bad, a cable is plugged in but no power to charge the device.

The power is too low for the battery, or it’s rejecting the charge. It could even be the phone charging port.

In all, here are the reasons why the phone battery go down while charging.

1. Charging Port/Board Is Damaged

One of the major problems that are causing your phone to decrease while charging, is because the charging port is bad or the subboard.

The charging port is connected to the subboard on your phone, it’s what allows power to charge your device battery.

If the charging port is damaged you’ll not be able to charge your phone, and instead of the battery percentage going up it’ll go down.

The port could get damaged if any of the pins are broken, or liquid gets to the subboard. And for this, you’ll not be able to fix it yourself.

Instead, go meet a phone repair expert or the manufacturer’s phone repair team, and they’ll be able to fix the problem for you.

2. Cable/Charger Is Damaged

If you’re experiencing this issue, it may be that the charger/cable is damaged. The charger may be worn out, and you’ll not be able to use it.

If it’s, it may not be passing down enough power to fuel your device battery when you’re using it while charging.

And thus, since you’re consuming more battery than what the battery can produce it will decrease.

3. Unofficial Used Cable

If you’re not using the official cable/charger of the phone you might experience this issue on the device.

Because the cable may produce less power than what the battery needs when you use it while charging.

Most of the charger available doesn’t give enough power to charge up your device.

If you’re not using the official charger for the phone, or a charge that can produce more charge and boost up your phone, and you’re using it the battery will go down.

Most phones required you to use a more faster and power output charger that can charge your phone even when you’re using it.

4. Using A Computer USB Port

If you’re using a computer USB port to charge your phone, the battery will reduce because the port isn’t producing enough charge.

The port only produces less charge that’s needed to transfer files not to charge your phone.

This mostly occurred if you’re using the phone and the computer is turned on. It’ll not produce the power that’s needed for the phone to charge.

Instead, you’ll use what’s left of it. And your phone battery will decrease while you are charging with the USB port and playing games

5: Too Many Application Opened

If you have too many applications opened on your device, you might experience this problem on your device.

And your battery will start to drain, even when you’re charging.

Most applications on your device run in the background and some of them take a lot of battery when used.

It may also be a malicious app downloaded from the internet that’s causing your battery to drain quickly.

If you’re charging your device and your phone battery is going down, it may be due to apps that are updating, uploading, or syncing.

6. Phone Is Over Heating

if you’re using your phone and it’s overheating, then you went ahead to charge the battery, and it may not charge.

If your phone is already overheating before you plug the device, the battery may decrease while you are charging it.

Because you’re charging the device, and it’s overheating, your phone will not be able to charge will still is hot.

And if the battery is bad this may cause a problem for your phone as a whole, and may even slow down your device.

7. AC Power Is Bad

Your AC power may be bad, and it’s no longer delivering enough power for your phone.

This may be one of the major reasons your phone battery decrease while charging.

If you’re using a faulty wall socket to charge your device, you may not get the power requirements for the phone to charge.

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How To Fix Phone Battery Going Down While Charging

If the battery keeps dropping while being charged, it may be that the phone is draining more power than what the charger is giving.

Here’s what you can do to fix the phone’s battery percentage that keeps going down while charging your device.

Fix 1: Change AC Plug

If your AC wall socket is bad and it’s delivering low power to your device, and making the battery go down while charging.

What you need to do at this point is to change the wall socket, or still use another first to find out if the battery will increase when you charge the phone.

You can change your charging wall socket, and replace it with another that produces enough power to charge your phone.

If it doesn’t, check the other guide to know how to fix your phone battery going down while charging.

Fix 2: Turn Off And Charge Your Device

If you’re experiencing this issue on your device, it may be for different reasons but one way to check this out is to switch off your device and charge it.

This fix works, if your battery is decreasing while charging, you should turn off your phone before plugging it in.

Fix 3: Clean Cable Port/Charging Port

You should do regular work on this to avoid your charger getting bloated with dirt. This may slow down your charging and the way the current is passed.

So clean your phone charging port and remove all the dirt by using an ear cleaner.

Fix 4: Use Official Charger/Cable

Nevertheless, don’t forget to use the device’s official charger. Most chargers don’t have what it takes to reach the maximum output to charge a phone.

You can get an official charger from the manufacturer, or use the charger that produces a good amount of power and can charge any device.

There are a few chargers out there that allow you to charge any device without any problems.

Fix 5: Close The Unused Applications

If your battery is decreasing and you have done everything you can, and it’s still going down. You’ll want to check the apps that drain the battery the most.

Sometimes you may have downloaded a malicious app from third-party sites, or they’re apps that just drain your battery and won’t be allowed to charge.

Just close all the apps from the phone App Drawer before charging the device.

Fix 6: Reset Your Device

If your phone battery is still decreasing after all the fixes above your next stop is to reset your device.

And then you’ll be able to charge your device without the battery going down.

To reset your Android or iPhone device you’ll need to back up your device first, that’s if you want.

For Android: Open your Android Settings > And then scroll down and tap on System > Tap on Advanced > Tap on Reset options > Tap on Erase all data (factory reset) > Tap on Erase all data at the bottom right corner.

For iOS: Open your iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. You will be prompted to back up your phone data, if you haven’t tap on Back Up Then Erase, if not skip and Erase.

Fix 7: Visit A Phone Repairer

If nothing seems to be working, it means that there’s more to your battery just decreasing while charging.

It may be that your subboard or the charging port is damaged at this point. You’ll need to visit any phone expert repairer around you.

This will allow them to check the phone out, and see if the problem is more than the software.


There are different things you need to consider when your phone battery is decreasing while charging.

You’ll want to look out for the apps running in the background and clear them out.

Check if the charger has enough output power to charge your device.

And most importantly, don’t use the device while you’re charging the device if you’re using a USB port.

To fix the phone battery decreasing while charging, you’ll need to change the charger or cable, try switching off the device, and charge it.

Another option you can try is to reset the device and see if the problem will come up after you’ve erased your phone.

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working, you should take the device to a phone repair expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my battery percentage going down while it’s charging?

Your battery is going down because you have more power-intensive apps running that’s consume your device battery while charging. If your device is hot, cable/charger is bad, or has dust, and you’re using the phone while charging, the percentage will go down.

Why is my battery percentage going down when I charge my iPhone 6s?

If your iPhone 6s is behaving this way, it may be that the cable you’re using is fake or the head charger doesn’t produce enough power, your phone battery is getting weaker, or the subboard or charging port is bad.

Why does my battery go down when I’m using my iPhone while it’s charging?

If you’re using your iPhone and the device is plugged in and charging you may experience this can of issue. It means that the cable doesn’t produce more power than you use. The battery is getting weaker, or the socket is failing.

Why is my Android phone still stuck at 1% while it’s charging?

If your Android device is stuck at 1% while it’s charging, it means that either the phone head charger/cable is bad, or can’t produce enough power, the battery is getting worse, and the subboard or charging port isn’t good.

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