What Does Emphasize Mean On iPhone?

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Have you tried using the emphasize feature on iPhone but you do not know what it is? If you’ve been wondering what the emphasis means on your iPhone, this article is for you.

Emphasize is one of the expressions made available on iPhone and other Apple devices. The emphasized notification is a tap-back expression on the iMessage app.

iPhone users don’t know what the symbols mean on iMessage and how they can use it. Thankfully, you can keep reading this guide to know what it means.

In this article, you’ll know the meaning of Emphasize on iPhone. You’ll also learn the uses of the emphasize feature and its wide range of abilities.

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What Does Emphasize Mean on iPhone?

Emphasize is an iPhone feature that allows users to react to messages using the double exclamation marks emoji. This is a built-in feature that all iPhones have.

You do not need to do anything special to activate this notification. It is simply an emoji that indicates interest or excitement in response to a message you have sent or received.

When you receive an emphasized notification, it implies that the person who has seen your message has reacted by using double exclamation emoji.

Whenever you emphasize a message you have received or sent, the ! ! icons display next to the message to indicate the reaction made.

The feature is a great way to express responsiveness to a text message that you have sent to someone.

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Why Do People Use Emphasize On iPhone?

Emphasize is an easy and effective way to deliver a response using the double exclamation emoji. It is usually used in the following situations:

Firstly, it is usually used to indicate agreement with the message received. iPhone users use the emphasize feature to show that they agree with the information provided.

Another reason it is used is to show excitement or enthusiasm toward the text provided.

When the content you have sent is exciting, the emphasize feature indicates that the recipient is truly interested in the message.

Again, iPhone users regularly use emphasize feature when they are too bothered or too busy to reply but have acknowledged the message sent.

Sometimes when a person is quite busy, and you send them a message, instead of disregarding your message, they react to it using the emphasize feature to indicate that your message has been duly noted.

It is easy to send the emphasize icon than to type a whole text to just reply.

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How To Respond To A Message with Emphasize On iPhone

As indicated above, you can use the emphasize feature anytime without installing any additional application or tool.

This process is quite simple, and once you learn how to do it, you can use it to emphasize any text messages you receive or send.

Remember that this feature may not work correctly if the person you are texting does not have an iPhone. To respond to a message with emphasize on iMessage

Step 1: Open iMessage

On your iPhone, locate the iMessage app and open it.

Step 2: Navigate To The Message

Open up the specific conversation containing the text message you wish to emphasize.

Step 3: Press And Hold

Press and hold the specific text message until an emoji menu pops up.

Step 4: Select The !! Emoji

In the emoji menu, select the !! Emoji (double exclamation mark) from the list of reactions that you can attach to the message.

This automatically applies the emphasis feature to the specific text message you have selected.

When done correctly, the double exclamation mark (emphasis) icon should become visible on your chosen message, which will also cause the person you’re messaging to see the same icon on the message.


The emphasize feature on iPhone is used to react to text messages using the double exclamation emoji. The guide above further details its purpose and how to use it effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use “Emphasize” On Android?

Emphasize is a feature used on iPhone and other Apple devices. Therefore, it is not possible to use it on Android, as it is not available on the Android ecosystem.

How Do I Find The “Emphasize” On iMessage?

Whenever you wish to use emphasize on iMessage, select the double exclamation mark icon, indicating you have emphasized the message.

What Does It Mean When Someone Emphasizes A Text On iPhone?

This indicates that the person has seen and is acknowledging receipt of your message.

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