Does Hinge Automatically Update Your Location? (Explained)

In this article, you'll get the question; "does Hinge update your location automatically" answered. You'll also learn everything about Hinge's location.
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If you’ve been using the dating app, and now you’re asking whether Hinge automatically updates your location? We’ve got this question answered and more.

If you join the Hinge app to have some fun , or to start a new relationship but the location hasn’t been helpful if you travel.

And now you’re wondering whether your location updates automatically on the Hinge app when you travel.

In this article, you’ll get the question; “does Hinge update your location automatically” answered. You’ll also learn everything about Hinge’s location.

Does Hinge Automatically Update Your Location?

No, Hinge doesn’t automatically update your location. So even if you travel to another state or city, your location won’t change.

However, if you’ve set up the Hinge app to use your current location in your phone settings while you use the app, the location will automatically be updated. [Tested by a user on Reddit].

On Reddit, someone tested this out, and you should see it.

Unlike dating apps like Tinder, Hinge won’t update your location unless you do so manually or change the app location settings.

You’ll still see matches from your previous location and not your current. Take for example. You live in California, and then you travel to Florida.

You’ll not be able to see matches with people around you in Florida, instead, you’ll still see matches in California (previous location).

The location on Hinge will remain the same if you do not update it. Once you update it, you’ll start seeing matches from your current location.

Why Does Hinge Location Keeps Changing?

If your Hinge location keeps changing, it means that you have allowed the app to automatically update your location from your phone settings.

When you move from one location to another, the location will keep on changing every time you use the app.

If you’ve enabled the automatic location settings for the Hinge app, your location will keep updating as you use the app.

If you don’t want your location to keep changing when you move around, you’ll need to turn off the automatic location while using the app.

For Android: Go to your Android Settings > Apps & notifications > Tap on App info or See All [Num] apps > Find Hinge app > Permissions > Location > Don’t Allow

For iOS: Go to your iPhone Settings > Hinge > Location Services> Turn on “While Using the App” >Turn off “Precise Location”.

How To Change Location On Hinge Manually

If you want to update your location on Hinge, you can do so manually from the app.

You can choose a wide audience by expanding the circle so that you can see matches from far away.

In all, here’s how you can update your location on Hinge.

Tap on the profile icon > Tap on Preferences > Under Basic Preferences tap on My Neighborhood (My Location). pinch and zoom to hover over that map and choose a location.

Step 1: Open Hinge

To update your location on Hinge, open the app and then tap on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Tap On Preferences

Once you’re on the Settings page, tap on Preferences. And on the next page, you’ll see different options.

Step 3: Tap My Neighborhood

Under Basic Preferences, tap on My Neighborhood (My Location).

And from here you’ll be able to select your current location, or anywhere you choose.

To select and choose a different location, you can pinch and zoom to hover over that map and choose a location.

How To Update Hinge Location Automatically

Most people think that Hinge doesn’t change your location automatically, but it does.

This only happens when you’ve set it up from your phone settings. You’ll have to allow the app to get access to your current location.

Update Hinge Location Automatically On Android

Go to your Android Settings > Apps & notifications > Tap on App info or See All [Num] apps > Find Hinge app > Permissions > Location > Tap on “Allow only while using this app.”

Step 1: Open Android Settings

For Android devices, open your phone settings and then tap on Apps & notifications.

Step 2: Tap On See All [Num] Apps

Once you tap on Apps & notifications, you’ll see different options. Tap on See All [Num] apps. If you don’t see this option, tap on App info.

Step 3: Find Hinge

On the App info page, search for the Hinge app. You can scroll down if you want. Tap on the app.

Step 4: Tap On Permissions

From the app options, tap on Permissions and you’ll see all the permissions you’ve given to the app and the ones you’ve not.

Tap on Location, and then select “Allow only while using the app.” This will allow Hinge to use your current location while on the app.

Update Hinge Location Automatically On iOS

Go to your iPhone or iPad Settings > Find Hinge app > Tap on Location Services > And then turn on “While Using the App” > Turn on “Precise Location.”

Step 1: Open iPhone Settings

For iOS devices, open your iPhone or iPad settings and then find the Hinge app.

Step 2: Tap On Location Services

Once you’ve seen the Hinge app on your iPhone Settings, tap on Location Services, and turn on “While Using the App“.

Step 3: Turn on “Precise Location.”

After you’ve turned on Location Services while using the app, you’ll still have to turn on “Precise Location.”

After that, close the app and restart your device. Open the Hinge app and your location will be updated to your current.

To check it out, go to your profile settings, tap on “Preferences,” and then “Neighborhood” and you’ll see the location changing to your current one.

Will I Need To Pay To Change Location On Hinge

Hinge is a location-based dating app, that finds matches around you with a mutual connection. It uses your location to find matches within your area.

But if you ever travel out of that location for a week or a month, and you want to know if you’ll pay for a location change?

Unlike other available dating apps, the Hinge app doesn’t make you pay to update your location.

Instead, you get to use it for free and manually change it to any location you want. Even though you’re not even there.

Do I Need a VPN To Change My Hinge Location?

No, you do not need a VPN to change location on the Hinge app. It’ll do just find manually. Unlike other apps, you can choose your location manually.

Hinge makes changing your location easier than any other dating app. You don’t need a VPN, or any location switcher to change location.


Hinge is one of the dating apps that want you to have a relationship, not hookups.

So if you’re the type that jumps from this person to that with the location changing, Hinge is not for you.

The Hinge app doesn’t allow automatically updating your location.

So when you travel to New York or God knows where your location will still be where you previously based.

You can update it if you’ve moved to a new town, city, or state, and you know you’ll not be coming back for a long time.

So since the location is constant you can get on a simple relationship, if you want to Explore update the location manually from the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Change Your Location?

Yes, you can change your location in the Hinge app. The dating app allows you to update your location manually, and you can select any place you like to switch to even without being there.

Do you have to change your location manually on Hinge?

Yes, you’ll need to update your location manually on Hinge if you want to see the new match on the new location. If you travel or go to another location you’ll need to continuously update it.

Is Hinge based on location?

Yes, the Hinge app is based on location, but the location isn’t the one from your device [except if allowed], but the one you enter manually on the app. To update your location on Hinge, you’ll have to edit your settings neighborhood.

Why does Hinge match me with people who are far away?

If your Hinge match is far away it means you’ve set a large distance on the location settings. If the circle is wider and covers more ground you’ll see the match from around there.

Can you fake your location on Hinge?

Yes, you can fake your location on Hinge by setting up a fake location in the neighborhood settings on your account.

Does Hinge change your location automatically?

No, & Yes. The hinge app does not automatically update your location. One of the ways to change your location on Hinge is if you update it manually. But if you’ve allowed location to be used while on the app, Hinge will update your location automatically.

If I change my location in Hinge, do I lose my matches?

No, you’ll not lose your match if you update your Hinge location. Once you have a match it stays even when you update your location, unlike other dating apps. So you can keep as many matches as you want and continue changing your location.

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