Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles? (Answered)

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Are you trying to reach someone on the Hinge app but you can’t, now you are wondering if the Hinge app shows inactive profiles.

You may want to know if an active user on Hinge will be shown by the app to other users.

You may have been inactive for a while, and you want to know if other users could see that you were inactive on the app.

In this article, you’ll learn whether Hinge shows inactive profiles, and you’ll also learn how to see an inactive profile on Hinge.

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Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles?

Yes, Hinge shows inactive profiles on the app. The feature to see who is active and inactive on the app was added to let user see if their match is online.

This feature allows you to see other users’ active status on the app. You will know if the user is inactive on the app when you see the ‘minutes ago’ the user was active on the app.

If you see that, it will show you that the user has either been active or inactive on the app for some time now.

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How To Know A Profile Is Inactive On Hinge

Method 1: Check The User’s profile

One way to know a profile is inactive on Hinge is by checking the user’s profile.

The feature on Hinge that shows how long someone has been inactive on the app can be found in the profile of the user. 

So if you want to check to know how long someone has been active on Hinge, just go to the user’s profile and check the inactive status.

Method 2: Send The User A Direct Message

You can send the user a direct message to check how long the user has been inactive on Hinge.

If you send a direct message and you receive a reply instantly, it may mean that the user is active at the moment.

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Method 3: Search For Matches On Hinge

If a user is not active on Hinge, his or her profile is not shown on the Matches.

Therefore, you can search through the matches on Hinge to see if you can see the user on Hinge.

If you do not find the user on Hinge Matches, it means that the user has not been active for some time.


Knowing whether someone is active or inactive on Hinge is very important because sometimes you may want to meet up with your date and they should be active to have a conversation with them.

This article provides you with all the necessary things you should know about how to know a profile is inactive on Hinge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Someone Is Active On Hinge?

You can see the last time someone was active on the Hinge app and this is shown below the person’s name on his or her profile. The active status of the user is shown in the user’s profile.

Do You Still Show Up On Hinge If You Delete The App?

If you delete the Hinge app, you will no longer be shown in their “Matches” and “Likes you”. This means that your account will be removed from active content by Hinge.

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