Why Is My MacBook Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi? See How To Fix It

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In a situation whereby you observe your Mac keeps disconnecting from home or office Wi-Fi, it can be very upsetting and can affect your job productivity.

Whether you’re using your Mac for work, streaming movies, or simply browsing the internet, a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection is essential.

Although, there are reasons why your Mac keeps disconnecting from WiFi which is why you need to learn to fix it.

In this article, you’ll learn the reasons why your Mac keeps disconnecting from WiFi and how you can fix it.

Why Does My MacBook Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

You are a Mac user and have experienced an issue where your Mac keeps disconnecting from home or office Wi-Fi.

Sometimes it might be that it’s the wrong Wi-Fi connection, a network provider issue, or your Wi-Fi is not in working condition.

It can also be that your external device is not plugged in, or active, or a problem with the macOS software.

How To Fix Mac Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting Issues

If you are looking for working ways to fix your Mac when it keeps disconnecting from the WiFi, apply the fixes below.

Fix 1: Connect the Right WiFi

It may be that your Mac has automatically connected to an open or a wrong Wi-Fi network without an active internet connection.

This is also a possible reason why your Mac keeps disconnecting from the WiFi. Simply check and connect to the right WiFi network.

Fix 2: Turn Off/On your Mac computer

If your Mac keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, before doing other fixes, quickly turn off your device and turn it back On before connecting it to the Wi-Fi. If the problem continues, try other fixes.

Fix 3: Forget and Reconnect Wi-Fi

One of the first things to do is to forget the current connected Wi-Fi network on your Mac and reconnect it back to see if this will solve the problem. To do this.

Navigate to System Preferences > Network > choose WiFi > click on Advanced > select network to forget > click the minus icon (-) > confirm the action > wait some minutes and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

Fix 4: Run Wireless Diagnostics

When there are detected wireless problems your Mac, you might need to run the Wireless Diagnostics test to see if it fix the problem with the Wi-Fi. To use Wireless Diagnostics troubleshoot.

Go to Spotlight search (Cmd + spacebar) > search and open Wireless Diagnostics app > Click Continue > Wait for diagnostics result.

Fix 5: Update your MacOS

Update your Mac to the latest MacOS as new updates contain helpful fixes that maybe help when your Mac keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. To do this.

Open the Apple menu > click System Preferences > Software Update.

Fix 6: Update your Router’s Firmware

Updating your router’s firmware may solve the problem. Some devices can do the firmware update automatically while some can’t.

But if you have a mobile app for the devices, quickly update your router’s firmware using the app. After that, check if the problem is fixed and if not, do other fixes.

Fix 7: Physically Check the Router

When your Mac keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, you can physically check the wireless router to see that it is in a working condition.

After being sure of the wireless router, turn it on. But, if it’s already active, turn it Off, wait a little and turn it On again.

Fix 8: Disable Active VPN

When a VPN that hides your IP address is active on your Mac, it can be a core reason why your Mac keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Try disabling the VPN and see if the problem persists.

Click the Apple icon > Choose System Preferences > Network > Select the VPN > click Disconnect followed by Apply.

Fix 9: Switch to a Different DNS Server

Switching to a different or a free Domain Name Server (DNS) like the one from Google might help solve the problem as it might be an issue from your Internet Service Provider.

Googles DNS Address is double eight, double four ( or, eight into four places (

Open the Apple menu > System Preferences > Network > Select WiFi > Click Advanced > Choose DNS > Add the DNS Address > Click Ok.

Fix 10: Reset Your WiFi Network Settings

If your Mac keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, reset the Wi-Fi settings. Resetting the Wi-Fi settings on your Mac can fix several wireless connectivity issues.


After knowing why and how to fix your Mac when it keeps disconnecting from a WiFi, you instantly say goodbye to frustrating interruptions and regain control over your internet connectivity.

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