Instagram Tags Not Working? 10 Ways To Fix The Problem (Solved)

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Fix: Instagram tagging not working

To fix Instagram tagging not working, you can ask the person to approve your tag on the post. Don’t tag too many people, and if you’re new, you’ll have to wait for about 1-3 weeks.

If you have been using the app and you can’t tag an account on your post, this can be because of different reasons.

Users have been complaining about the Instagram tags not working, and we can help you fix it.

In this article, you’ll learn how to fix Instagram tags not working. And you’ll also know why Instagram tags not working.

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What To Do When Instagram Tagging Not Working?

Tagging people on Instagram is one of the best features of the app. Which shows the followers who the person is in the post.

You can also use it to invite people to see posts, but what happened if the Instagram tags not working, what do you do then?

If you tag someone in a post on Instagram, but only for the tag to disappear when you post it. Well, there’s a minor issue, that you need to fix it.

If you’re experiencing this problem on your iPhone or Android device, you need to first check if other people are seeing this error too.

Most times, the issue on Instagram means that the person you’re trying to tag has disabled the feature on their account.

Instagram tags not working due to disabled automatic tagging for the account, a new Instagram account, or you’ve tagged too many people.

To fix tagging not working on Instagram, make sure the person you want to tag isn’t using a private profile, and they haven’t deactivated tagging for their account.

If they have asked them to accept the tag on their account.

You’ll also wants to check if it’s the correct username name.

And if you’re using a new account, you’ll need to wait for about 1 to 3 weeks before you can tag anybody.

And make sure you’re tagging less than 20 people on a single post.

When Instagram doesn’t allow you to tag, you can use the Instagram web.

This will help you know where the problem lies (app, profile, server, or internet problem).

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Why Instagram Tags Not Working?

There are different reasons why you can’t tag someone on Instagram, and why Instagram tags not working for a new account.

It could also be that the person you’re trying to tag has disabled the feature on their account, and nobody will be able to tag them. Expect they manually approve it.

If you have a new account, you’ll also have a problem tagging profiles on Instagram, this is to combat spammers in the app.

And if you’re tagging too many people in your post, you’ll not be able to see them once the post is published.

For accounts that set their account as private, you’ll not be able to tag them if you don’t follow.

In all, here are the reasons why tagging is not working on Instagram.

1. Tagged Too Many People

If you’re not able to tag on Instagram, it’s because you’ve tagged more than 20 people.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to tag more than 20 people in your post.

If you tag more than that on your post, you may not be able to post the picture or video.

2. Tagging Has Been Disabled

If the Instagram account you trying to tag has a disabled tagging feature from automatically approving, you’ll not be able to tag them again,

Except the person approved it. If the person doesn’t manually approve the tags for their profile, the tag will not show on the post.

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3. Created A New Account

If you have a newly created Instagram account you’ll not be able to use the tagging feature.

The feature is limited to a new account. You’re restricted on how you can use your new account.

Instagram typically limits some features in newly created accounts. It’ll be hard for you to tag other users in your posts.

4. Tagging Private Account

If you’re tagging a private Instagram account you’ll not be able to tag them if you’re not following. To get this around you’ll need to follow the account.

Once you follow the account, you’ll be able to tag the person in your post, and then will appear as a tag in a picture or video.

5. You’ve Been Blocked

If they’ve blocked you on Instagram, you’ll not be able to tag them on your post.

It also implied an account that has changed its username or deactivated its account.

6. Not Adding @

If you’re tagging someone on Instagram and you’re not using the @ symbol before the person’s username, you’ll not be able to tag the person.

If you just type the name without the @ symbol, and you want to tag them, it won’t work. Because Instagram will not pick any account with the name.

To let Instagram see the username, you’ll have to use the @ symbol. And make sure you’re using the correct username.

If it’s more than one account, you’ll need to add the @ symbol before their username.

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How To Fix Instagram Tagging Not Working

Since you know the reason tagging is not working on Instagram, you can now fix it with this guide. In all, here’s the fix Instagram tagging not working.

Fix 1: Request The User to Approve Your Tag

If you want to tag someone on your Instagram photo or video and it’s not working.

The first thing you need to do is asked for the person’s permission.

You can ask the person to approve the tag if they like it.

If the person doesn’t manually approve the tagging on your post, their username name won’t show.

This is for people that have enabled the “manually to approve tags” in their settings. And anytime you try to tag them, it won’t work except they accept it.

When they disable the automatically approved tagging on their page, they’ll need to manually approve all tags.

For them to even know they have one, you’ll have to message them and ask them to approve it.

And once they’ve approved the tag on your post, their username will show up and you’ll be able to see it, as do others.

Fix 2: Wait For A Few Weeks

To fix this, you’ll need to wait for 1 to 3 weeks, and you’ll be able to tag anyone on the app.

If you’re new to Instagram and you’re trying to tag someone in a post and it’s not working, it’s because you just created the account.

The Instagram-tagged feature isn’t available on a new account, and you need to wait for a few weeks to get it.

This is because of spammers, so they’ll not abuse it whenever they create a new account. Tagging is restricted for new accounts on Instagram.

So if you’ve newly created your Instagram account, you can wait a week or three before tagging anyone in any video or photo post.

If you want to be able to tag someone on Instagram when you just created the account, you’ll need to be following them.

This will help you easily tag the person you’re following, than the one you’re not.

Fix 3: Don’t Tag Too Many Users

If you’re the type of person that likes tagging too many people on a single post, you should stop it.

The maximum number of users you can tag on a post on Instagram is 20.

And if you tag more than that you’ll not be able to see the tag in the post.

So if you tagged more than 20, you should be able to remove the people that aren’t that important to the post before hitting the post button.

Fix 4: Follow The Private Account

If you’re tagging a private account, the tags will not work and you’ll not be able to see their username in the post.

To fix this, you’ll need to follow the private account first, so that you can tag the account on the post.

Fix 5: Use The Correct Username

If you have misspelled the person’s username when tagging them, you’ll not be able to see them on your post.

Before posting and make the tagged username is correct, and if they’ve changed their username, use the new one.

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Fix 6: Log Out And Login

The most basic thing you can do if the tagging on Instagram is not working on your account is to log out and log in back.

If you sign out of your account and sign in back, it will allow the Instagram tagging feature to refresh.

To sign out of your Instagram account on both Android and iPhone.

Open the app > Tap your profile icon at the bottom-right corner > Tap the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner > Tap on Settings > Scroll down to the bottom and tap Log out.

Wait for a few seconds, and then login back into your account. You’ll be able to see that you’ll be able to use the feature again.

Fix 7: Restart Your Device

If Instagram tags is not working, you can reboot your phone to fix the problem.

Once you restart your device and open the Instagram app, the problem will be fixed, and you’ll be able to use the tagging feature on Instagram.

The app may just have a minor glitch, causing it to malfunction and not load the music feature as expected.

And restarting your iPhone or your Android device can fix the problem.

You can tap on the power button and tap on the restart option, or you can power it off and wait for a few minutes before turning it on.

On iPhone, you can soft or force restart your device. This will clear glitches and stop running apps in the background.

Fix 8: Clear Instagram App Cache

One of the best ways to fix any issue on apps is to clear the cache.

If you’re using an Android device, and you’re facing a problem you can clear the app cache.

To fix Instagram tags not working, you need to clear the Instagram app cache.

Open Android Settings > Tap on Apps & notifications > Tap on App info > And then find the Instagram app > Tap on Storage & Cache > Tap on Clear Cache.

You can also clear the cache from your Home Screen, tap and hold the Instagram app > tap the App info icon > Tap on Storage & Cache > and Tap Clear Cache.

For iPhone users, you can’t directly clear cache on your iPhone app Settings or even from the Instagram app. Instagram doesn’t support the feature yet.

The feature isn’t available on iPhone devices, the only thing you can do here is to offload the app from your phone.

Since you can’t directly clear cache on the Instagram app, or from the iPhone Settings, you’ll need to offload the app.

Open the iPhone Settings > And then tap on General > Tap iPhone Storage > Then find the Instagram app and open it > And tap on Offload App button.

After you’ve offloaded the app from your iPhone, you’ll need to reinstall it back from the Apple App Store by tapping on the app icon.

Then check the Instagram app after you’ve cleared the cache to see if the Instagram tags is working again.

Fix 9: Update Instagram App

If you haven’t updated the Instagram app in a long time, updating the app now is a good time to fix the issues.

The old version of the Instagram app may not be working properly, or the feature is misbehaving. You’ll need to update to the latest version.

To update the Instagram app on your device, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, once you see an update, click on it to update right away.

Fix 10: Uninstall And Reinstall The App

If you’ve tried updating the app and the Instagram tagging is still not working as expected.

You’ll need to delete the app from your device and wait for about 3 minutes before reinstalling it.

This will fix the tagging feature problem on the app, and you’ll be able to use the app again to tag your profile to your Instagram post.

To uninstall the app from your phone.

For Android: Tap and hold the Instagram app, and you’ll see the uninstall option at the top, drag and drop and the app will be deleted, for Android.

For iPhone: Tap and hold the Instagram app, and on the small pop-up menu, tap on Delete App. The app will be removed from your device.

Once you’ve deleted the app from your phone, you’ll need to wait for about 3 minutes, then restart your phone before reinstalling the app.

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When you want to tag your friends or people you admire on Instagram, and you can’t seem to tag them. It might just be a minor issue.

If you’re having issues tagging someone on Instagram on your post, it means that the person has disabled the tagging feature on their account.

This could also be that you just created your new account, or you have tagged more than enough people in one post.

And to fix Instagram tags not working on your account, you can use the guide above. This will allow you to know who to tag and what you need to do.

It will fix the issue you’re facing on the Instagram app, and you’ll b able to tag your account.

This is only applicable if you’re not tagging a private account, an account with a tag disabled, and not more than 20 tags in a post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you tag on Instagram?

You can only tag several people on Instagram, and this is limited to a max of 20. If you tag more than 20 accounts, the tag will not work.

Can I tag people in someone else’s photo or video on Instagram?

No, you cannot tag anyone in someone else photo. You can only mention their name in the comments section. The person who posted the photo or video is the only one that can tag other people.

Why can’t I tag someone on Instagram?

There are different reasons why you can’t tag someone on Instagram. It could be that you have tagged too many people, the person has disabled the tag feature, or you have a new account. You’re tagging a private account with, the wrong username.

Who can tag me in their photos and videos on Instagram?

Anyone can tag you if your account isn’t private and you are using the default setting. But you can choose the person that can tag you on Instagram from your privacy settings.

Where can I see Instagram-tagged photos and videos?

If you have been tagged by other people you’ll be able to see the Instagram photos or videos you have been tagged within your profile. You’ll see the tagged icon (like a profile ID) at the last of the post toolbar.

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