Cannot Log In to PlayStation Network Account? Why & See How You Can Fix It

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If you cannot log in to your PlayStation Network account, there might be a problem hindering the connectivity process. Although, here are some fixes to resolve the issue.

Whenever you discover that you cannot log in to your PlayStation network, do not panic as it is a common issue some PlayStation users experience due to a few reasons.

In this article, you’ll learn why you can’t log in to your PlayStation Network account and ways you can use to fix the problem on your console, app, or web.

Why Can’t I Log In To My PlayStation Network Account?

As it is a common issue, it is also important to know why you cannot log in to your PlayStation network.

When there is a connectivity issue or incorrect login details, you will encounter a problem logging in to the PlayStation network.

It maybe caused by a bug, a currupted file or even a suspended account. Bolow are a few fixes that would handle the situation.

How To Fix PlayStation Network Log in Issues

If you cannot log in to your PlayStation Network account, below are the fixes that have resolved PlayStation network login issues.

Fix 1: Restart your PlayStation

The quick idea to do if it is a minor issue is to restart your PlayStation to refresh it and try logging in to see if the problem will stop. To do this.

Long press the PlayStation pad power button > Select the Power option > then select Restart and confirm your action with the X button.

Fix 2: Check PlayStation server functionality

It is advisable to first check your PlayStation server functionality before embarking on any further troubleshooting adventure.

In a situation whereby you cannot log in to your PlayStation Network, check the server status.

To check the problem from the PlayStation server, visit the PlayStation status web page to be sure of your PlayStation server functionality.

Fix 3: Confirm your login details

The most common mistakes when you cannot log in to your PlayStation network can be due to the wrong username and password you’ve provided.

Simply confirm that you have provided the correct login details for the account.

If you have forgotten the password for the account, you can still regain it by initiating the forgot password process.

Fix 4: Observe your network connection

It might be that you cannot log in to your PlayStation network as a result of a poor or inactive network connection as the PlayStation network service is online.

Quickly do a network speed test to know your network connection status or you can restart or refresh you router and be sure connection is solid.

Then try logging in again and if the problem continues, do the rest fix.

Fix 5: Change your PlayStation network password

To change your PlayStation network password can come in handy in a lot situation.

When you cannot log in to your Playstation network, try changing your password to see if it will rectify the problem. To do this.

Visit the PlayStation Network account log in web page > Click on Trouble Signing In > Select Reset your password > enter the PlayStation network account email address > Check and follow the further instructions via your email.

After you successfully change your PlayStation network password, try logging in again on the console to see if fix the problem.

Fix 6: Update your PlayStation software

If your PlayStation software is outdated, it might be the problem why you cannot log in to the PlayStation network.

All you have to do is to check for available system updates for your PlayStation. To do this.

Navigate to your PlayStation 4 Settings > click on System Software Update > then select Update Now > After that, click on Accept and follow the rest instructions to install the update.

For PlayStation 5, navigate to Settings > System > Select System Software > then System Software Update and Settings > afterward click on Update System Software > then Update Using Internet.

Patiently wait for your PlayStation to update and then check if you can now log in.

Fix 7: Deactivate media server connection

Quickly check and deactivate the media server connection on your PlayStation if it’s activated as it can contribute to not letting you log into the PlayStation network when it has a problem. To do this.

Go to the Settings section > Select Network > then the Media Server Connection > Deactivate it if it’s active and try logging in again.

Fix 8: Check your DNS server status

If your DNS server is slow, faulty, or undergoing technical problems, this is another sure reason why you cannot log into your PlayStation network. You simply have to change your current DNS server by doing this.

Open the Settings section > Select Network > then Internet Connection Setup > Use Wi-Fi > Custom > Change IP Address to Automatic > For DHCP Host Name choose Do Not Specify > on DNS Settings, select Manual > enter the Google DNS and > For the MTU Settings select Manual > input the value 1456 > click Do Not Use for the Proxy Server > then Test Internet Connection status.

Fix 9: Reset your PlayStation

Making the move of resetting your PlayStation to its default settings can help solve this issue but it should be considered as one of the last options you’ll do.

Open the Settings section > Select Initialization > then Initialize the PlayStation 5 or 4 > On the next display, click on Full or Restore Default Settings to start a thorough factory reset process.

Fix 10: Report the Problem

If the problem continues, you can simply seek assistance by reporting the problem to the PlayStation support team when you visit


Whenever there is a problem on your PlayStation that hinders you from logging in to the Playstation network, here are working fixes to resolve the problem.

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