How To Fix “Blue Screen Of Death On Your Playstation 4” [Solved]

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A blue screen of death on your PlayStation 4 is a quite common and annoying issue faced by most gamers who own a PS 4.

Although it sounds terrifying, a Blue fix-iphone-stuck-on-charging-screen of Death is not as serious as it may appear and it is only an indication of a minor malfunctions of your gaming console.

In this article, you will learn what causes blue screen death on your PlayStation and how to fix it.

What Causes Blue Screen Of Death On My Playstation 4?

The blue screen of death on your gaming console is introduced by a blue flash on your screen followed by a “Weak or No Signal” or your screen will go black. This is caused by several reasons.

Damaged cable

A blue screen of death can be caused by High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables that are either torn, frayed, are damaged with moisture or other factors.

Monitor ouput

The monitor output for your Playstation will display a blue screen death if it is incompatible with your gaming console. This will cause it not to work properly.

Inserting a gaming accessory in your PlayStation console can cause a blue screen death on your PlayStation especially if it’s defective.

HDCP Is Enabled

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection is a feature on your gaming machine that when enabled, prevents the duplication of transmitted data. When HDCP encounters an error, it is likely to cause blue screen death.

Software or Hardware issue

The blue screen death can also be because the system data of the PlayStation has been infected and corrupted by malware or virus. A hardware issue can also be the cause of a blue screen death.

How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death On Your Playstation

When you are faced with the issue of Blue Scree Deatg on your Playstation 4, here is what you should do:

Fix 1: Hard Restart your Playstation

Since a software issue might be the cause of your blue screen death, a hard restart might just be what your gaming console needs to correct itself.

Unlike a soft reboot which involves turning off and on the machine, with a hard restart, you must turn off the machine, disconnect all the cables and cut it from the power supply by unplugging it from its electrical outlet.

Wait for a while, reconnect it to the power source and switch it on. A white light on the indicator means the problem has been resolved.

Fix 2: Check cables

Your blue screen death may be the result of faulty HDMI cables. To fix them, turn off the PlayStation and disconnect every cable.

Take the cables individually and examine them for signs of damage. Replace damaged cables with newer ones to prevent experiencing blue screen death on your Playstation 4.

Fix 3: Factory Data Reset

A factory data reset wipes your device clean of any and all data and also reverts the software to the default.

This is useful for resolving blue screen of death especially when it is caused by a software issue. To factory reset your device,

Open Settings on your Playstation 4 > Locate and select Account Management > Click on Activate as Your Primary PS4 and toggle it off > Go back to the Settings menu and click on Initialization > Choose Initialize PS4 > Wait as the process takes a few hours to complete.

Fix 4: Monitor Compatibility

Check the output for your PlayStation and ensure that it is compatible to display without errors and glitches.

The most common monitor used for PlayStation output is a smart television. If your smart TV is incompatible with your PlayStation 4, contact the manufacturer for a firmware upgrade.

Fix 5: Safe mode

Using your PlayStation in Safe Mode is another way to get rid of Blue Screen Death. To put your device into Safe mode, press and hold the power button.

After the first beep, still, press on it till you hear a second beep. This should restart the PlayStation and put it into safe mode.

Fix 6: Repair Shop

A hardware defect might also be the cause of your blue screen. Visit a technician to diagnose your PlayStation 4 and patch it up.


As frightening as a blue screen death on your PlayStation 4 may seem, it does not mean that your gaming console is damaged beyond repair.

There are many ways to fix this issue and in this article, we have outlined them all as well as what causes Blue Screen Death.

FAQs on How To Fix “Blue Screen Death On Your Playstation 4”

There is a blinking light of blue on your screen followed by the display message "Weak or No Signal” or your screen will go completely black.


This means that your playstation was not able to enter the power in state and there may be no audio or video output.

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