How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages 2023 (The Step-By-step Guide)

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If you want to recover deleted Instagram direct messages, well you can, and it’s the simplest guide you can work through.

Instagram DMs are where most opportunities start, and if you have a DM that you’ve mistakenly deleted while cleaning your DM, we can help you out.

But the question remains, can you see your deleted Instagram messages, well, the photo-sharing app doesn’t allow users to see deleted messages, but.

In this article, you’ll learn how to recover deleted messages on Instagram. You’ll know what you need to do to get see deleted Instagram DMs.

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Can I Recover Deleted Instagram DMs

Yes, you can recover your deleted Instagram messages by asking the person you send the DM to resend the message.

You can’t use your Instagram download data to see deleted messages, it’s not possible, and you’ll not be able to use third-party apps also.

You can’t use other ways to get the deleted message. When you delete a message, you only delete it on your end and not the recipient [/or sender].

That means the person you send the message to will still have the conversation you had with them.

The message can only be deleted for them if you have unsend it. If you didn’t and just deleted it, you can get it back.

All the conversations will still be available on their end. And to recover it you can ask them to resend the message that you need.

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How To Recover Deleted Messages From Instagram

If you search online, you’ll see that there are different ways you can recover your deleted messages on Instagram.

But it doesn’t work, that’s why it’s called “DELETED”, you’ll not be able to recover the message again.

Except you use the guide below, this will be your only shot. If not, forget it there’s no other way to see deleted messages.

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Ask The Person To Resend The Message

The best way to recover any deleted Instagram messages on your account is to ask the person you send the message to.

Since you deleted the message from the conversation you had and did not unsend it, you’ll be able to get the deleted messages.

Go to your Instagram DMs and ask them to resend the last message, or specified the [time frame] so that they can go through the conversation and resend the message you want.

Well, after this there’s no other way you can do it. If you’ve unsend the message, you’ll not be able to recover the message on Instagram.

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Using Instagram Download Data [Doesn’t Work]

We’ve seen that many sites recommend that to recover your deleted Instagram messages, you can download your Instagram data and view it from there.

But we tested this out, and we didn’t see any deleted messages. We delete a message and request for the data.

What’s available on the Instagram data report is your current Instagram DMs, not the deleted messages.

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Using A Third-Party App [Doesn’t Work]

Using a third-party app to recover your deleted messages on Instagram is not possible, don’t let anyone fool you.

We’ve tried everything and nothing seem to be working, so even if the app asks you to put in your username, or sign in to get deleted messages.

You’ll not be getting any deleted DMs, it’s not possible. This is because messages are within the Instagram and Facebook server and can’t be accessed by any third party.


Getting deleted messages on Instagram could be very interesting, and then the DELETE button will be of no use again.

Once you’ve deleted a message on Instagram, you’ll not be able to recover it again even if you download your Instagram data, or use third-parties

The only thing you’ll be able to do to retrieve deleted messages on Instagram is to reach out to the Instagram user on the conversation you had.

Then ask them to resend the message you’ve deleted [make sure you specified the message, or choose a time frame].

Apart from that, there’s no other way to recover deleted messages, and if you want to save yourself trouble in the future, stop deleting Instagram conversations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if this doesn’t work?

Yes, because it doesn’t work, and retrieving messages that are already deleted on Instagram is impossible. If you like to download your data or use a third-party app you’ll not be able to see deleted messages. Except you ask the person to resend the message.

How do you look at someone’s archive on Instagram?

You cannot look at someone’s archive on Instagram, these things are not possible. It’s their privacy, and only they are allowed to see what’s on their archive, not you.

Why aren’t my DMs showing up in My Data?

You can only see recent messages on your Instagram data and not some deleted messages from years back.

Can I see the DMs I unsent in the recently deleted folder?

No, you’ll not be able to see messages that you’ve unsent or deleted in the Instagram download data. The only deleted data that’s available is that of your posts, stories, and reels.

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