Google Maps Not Working On iPhone: See Why & How To Fix It

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So far, Google Maps has made the location of certain areas discoverable. If Google Maps is not working on your iPhone, here’s why and how to fix the problem.

For newbies in a new location, Google Maps can be a great guide to how they can move around without getting lost.

But when you discover that your Google Maps is not working on your iPhone, it can be hectic to get directions to a location.

In this article, you’ll learn why Google Maps is not working on your iPhone and how you can fix it.

Why Is Google Maps Not Working On iPhone?

Obviously, there are a few main reasons why Google Maps is not working on your iPhone.

Sometimes, it may be that you’ve not enabled Google Maps on your iPhone which is a core reason you are not able to use it.

To make Google Maps work on your iPhone, you’ll have to enable it first before you can use the feature as you want.

If you’ve enabled Google Maps already on your iPhone and it’s still not working, it could be a bug that you’ll have to close and relaunch Google Maps or check the Google Maps server status.

It may also be that Google Maps doesn’t have access to your iPhone’s location or your time zone is incorrect.

There is more reason which still includes interrupted internet connection or might need to enable a background refresh for Google Maps.

How To Fix Google Maps Not Working On Your iPhone

You may have been using Google Maps for quite some time and all of a sudden, you notice that it has stopped working.

Here are possible ways to fix Google Maps when it’s not working on your iPhone.

Fix 1: Enable Location on iPhone

In most cases when your Google Maps is not working is that you’ve not yet enabled location on your iPhone.

You need to enable it first before Google Maps can work on your iPhone.

So, you’ll need to check your iPhone Google Maps Location status and enable it.

Open your iPhone Settings > TapPrivacy & Security > Tap Select Location Services > Toggle on Location Services.

Do the next fix if Google Maps refuses to work after you’ve enabled location on your iPhone.

Fix 2: Stop And Relaunch Google Maps

If Google Maps continues to stop working after you must have enabled location services on your iPhone, then you’ll have to stop the Google Maps app and relaunch it as it might be a bug.

To do this, close the Google Maps app from the app switcher and relaunch the Google Maps app.

Fix 3: Allow Google Maps Location Access

For Google Maps to stop working on your iPhone might be that you are yet to allow Maps location on your iPhone.

Some apps will require you to grant location access and check the location access status in Google Maps.

Open Settings > Select Google Maps > Tap Location > Choose Always > To finish up turn on Precise Location.

This should fix the problem but if doesn’t, try the next solution to solve the Google Maps’ not working issues.

Fix 4: Enable Background app refresh

If you’ve enabled location service on your iPhone device and the Maps is not working, you’ll need to enable the background refresh.

Open Settings > Select Google Maps > Enable Background App Refresh on.

Fix 5: Set Your Time Zone

If Maps is not working on your iPhone device, it may be because your time zone is not correct. You’ll need to correct the time zone for Google Maps to start working.

Go to your Location Services page, after you turn on location services, scroll down and tap System Services > Toggle on
Setting Time Zone.

Go back to the main Settings Page > Tap General > Date & Time > Toggle on Set Automatically.

Fix 6: Observe your Mobile Data connection

When you don’t have a working WiFi or a strong mobile data connections, it could be a reason for Google Maps to not work on your iPhone.

So you’ll need to observe and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Fix 7: Reboot your device

If you tried all the above solutions and Google Maps isn’t working on your iPhone or iPad device, you’ll need to restart your device.

You can force restart too, this will allow the phone system to start again and possibly get the Maps app working again.

Fix 8: Uninstall And Reinstall Google Maps

If your Google Maps is going through some bugs, it can make it stop working on your iPhone.

A faster way to fix this issue is by simply uninstalling the app and then reinstalling the Google Maps app to start a new experience.

Fix 9: Update your iPhone

In some cases when your iPhone iOS version is out of date, it may likely affect the Google Maps app making it stop working.

You simply have to look for the new iOS version for your iPhone and update your device and try using Google Maps again.

Fix 10: Reset iPhone Network Settings

When you are sure your Google Maps is normal and suppose to be working and it’s not, the possible thing to do is to reset your iPhone Network Settings.

Go to iPhone Settings > Tap on General > Navigate to Transfer or Reset iPhone > Tap Reset > Then Select Reset Network Settings.


Google Maps comes in handy when you need a proper direction to a particular location that you don’t know how to locate.

Still, when you want to share your location with a friend for some reason, Google Maps is a great tool for that.

This article exposes the possible ways you can quickly fix the Google Maps issue on your iPhone when it is not working.

FAQs on How To Fix Google Maps Not Working On iPhone

It may be that you have not enabled Google Maps to access your location on your iPhone, or it may be that you need to enable location services.

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