Roblox Lagging On PC? See How You Can Fix It

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Roblox is arguably one of the best if not the best gaming platforms that is currently in existence. Another plus that accounts for its massive usage is that it is a free platform.

Roblox is available to use on any platform but most users prefer using a personal computer. These users have issued reports of the service lagging on their PCs.

In this article, you will learn why Roblox is lagging on your Windows PC and how it can be fixed.

Why Is Roblox Lagging On My PC?

If you’re experiencing lag in Roblox on your PC, it’s boiled down to three factors, graphic internet connection, and system issues.

Graphic drivers

Your Graphic drivers and system resources may be glitching during the proceeding which might cause your CPU to poorly perform. This will cause the running of Roblox on your PC to lag.

Poor internet connection

Although, Roblox is free to use, it requires an active internet connection for you to access the platform.

The state of your internet connection will determine how your Roblox operates. If your internet is unstable, then Roblox is bound to lag.

Increase graphic settings

You may have increased your graphic settings on your PC, but this is putting a strain on your PC as it cannot run it effectively.

This will cause the entire system to run slowly and lag, including Roblox.

Technical issue

Your PC might be affected by technical glitches and bugs which cause the system process to malfunction.

Some of these system processes include running of applications.


A virus or malware software may have stacked your device and it is fusing malice to your software and other applications on your PC. This may be why Roblox is lagging.

How To Fix Roblox Lagging on PC

From multiple high-powered resources consuming apps to high graphics settings in-game, low-end computers, and a poor internet connection, here’s what to do to fix it.

Fix 1: Change Graphic settings

Reduce your graphic settings as that may be what is causing your Roblox to lag. This is because running Roblox may be causing your graphic settings to strain.

While Roblox is open and in operation, press the ESC key on the keyboard > On the Menu screen, click on the Settings option > Find and select the Graphics Mode > Switch it to Manual > Lower the Graphics Quality.

Fix 2: Restart your Computer

Restarting your computer will cause the entire software and hardware components of your PC to refresh and reset. This will cause your Central Processing Unit to run smoothly.

Locate the power button of your Computer and long press it till the screen goes blank and the indicator light goes off.

Take your hands off it for a while and long press it again till the screen comes back on. Access your desktop and open Roblox.

Fix 3: Clear RAM

Clear the Random Access Memory (RAM) by closing all apps that are not in use and also clearing the cache.

This is because opened apps are kept running by the RAM and if they are too much, it puts a load on the CPU and GPU.

Close all opened applications on your desktop. To clear cache, On your keyboard, press the Windows key + R key simultaneously to open the Run Command > Type in ‘%temp% and press the Enter key > Delete all the files in the folder that pops up.

Fix 4: High internet speed

Visit to check the speed of your internet, the unstable or poor network connection may be the reason Roblox is lagging.

Also, we recommend that you switch to an Ethernet connection instead of a wireless one as it is much more stable.

Fix 5: Antivirus

Since a virus or malware attack might be what is causing Roblox to lag, try installing an antivirus software application to counter the effects of the virus.

The antivirus will identify and eliminate the virus and keep your systems running smoothly.

Fix 6: Update your device

Update your computer to the latest software version as this will erase all traces of bugs and technical glitches that affect your computer system.

Windows: Select Start > Click on Settings > Choose Update & Security > Windows Update, and then select Check for updates > Wait for the updates to download and install

MacOS: Open the Apple menu > Click on System Settings > Select General > Click Software Update > Wait for the software updates to download and install.

Fix 7: Upgrade your device

If you’ve done everything on this guide by reducing your computer graphics and nothing seems to be working and Roblox is atoll lagging. You may need to get to the upgrade part.

If you can’t upgrade your PC to a more brutal force for gaming, you may need to buy a new PC with more power to play Roblox without having any issues.

Fix 8: Close opened apps

Make sure your device isn’t running other high-power apps. And if you’ve had many apps opened, you’ll need to close all of them to play Roblox without any lag.

Close the app to give resources to the Roblox app that are needed to run the game without getting any lag while playing.

Fix 9: Install Game boosters

Game boosters are third-party software applications that reduce the lagging of your game by optimizing your computer’s performance, and clearing unnecessary background processes that negatively affect the game.


Roblox is a free-to-use gaming platform that everyone loves. When your Roblox is lagging then it means there is an issue you have to resolve.

In this article, we have examined the possible causes of Roblox lagging on your PC and how you can solve it on your personal computer.

FAQs on How To Fix “Roblox Lagging On PC”

Using a game booster helps as the game booster focuses and optimizes all the computer’s systems in the game that is being operated.


This may be because you have many windows open in the background that are still running. These opened windows slow the speed of the Roblox.

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