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If you want to know how to find clothes ID on Roblox, this article is for you. Roblox is an online platform that creates a community through game playing.

Most of the games on Roblox are created by other users. To use Roblox, every user needs an identification number. There are other types of ID like the Clothes ID.

Clothes ID identifies each piece of Clothing in Roblox and differentiates one piece from another. In this article, you’ll learn all about the Clothes ID and how to find it on Roblox.

What Is Roblox Clothes ID?

Roblox is an online gaming platform for children and adults with games like Pet Simulator X and Meep City.

Roblox Clothes ID is an identification number used to identify and differentiate the clothes and accessories for the Roblox Avatar.

These IDs are unique and can also be used to locate any clothing or accessory that you need.

Other types of IDs are User ID, Group ID, Item ID, Decal ID, Asset ID, and Experience ID each serving different purposes.

These Clothes IDs are used on T-shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, shorts, pants, shoes, and even cardigans.

The IDs are used when reporting an issue, trying to refund an item, or when you are trying to search for Clothing.

Unlike the User ID, the Clothes ID is a nine or ten-digit number. An example is 398635338, which represents a ripped pair of Skater pants, and 5692395530 which identifies a Spooky Halloween Cardigan.

How To Find Clothes ID in Roblox

Finding the ID of a piece of Clothing in Roblox is not challenging. These steps can be used whether you are using a laptop or a mobile phone to log into Roblox.

When using a mobile phone, do not use the Roblox App, but rather a web browser on your phone.

Step 1: Go to the Roblox website

The first step you need to take is to visit the Roblox website. As stated earlier, do not use the App since you cannot see the clothing URL with the Roblox mobile app.

You can use any web browser of your choice to access the Roblox website like Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera.

Step 2: Click on the Continue in Browser option

On the website, you will see two options; an option to Continue in the App and another option to Continue in Browser. Choose the Continue in Browser option to open Roblox in your web browser.

Now, log into your Roblox account using your registered email and Roblox username.

Step 3: Locate the Avatar Shop

Tap on the Avatar shop on the navigation bar to access the Avatar shop which houses all the clothes and accessories.

Step 4: Search for the Clothing you want

Here, you can search for whatever clothing item whose ID you want to know. It could be a sweater, a pair of shoes, or a shirt.

You could also go to the Favourites tab, which contains every item that you have tagged as a favorite to get the ID of some of the Clothing grouped there.

Step 5: Copy Clothes ID

Once you search for your preferred clothing item whether a shirt, shoes, or jacket, tap on the URL in the address bar.

You will see some numbers beside the word catalog. That is the Clothes ID. Copy the numbers or write them down for future use.


A Roblox Clothes ID is essential when you are searching for clothes on the Roblox gaming platform.

It helps you locate clothes and differentiates one clothing item from the other. These clothes are used to customize your avatar.

To find the clothes ID, you cannot use the mobile version of Roblox. You need to use a web browser, whether on your phone or laptop. Sometimes, people find it hard to find a clothing ID.

Do not worry. This article details everything you need to know about the Clothes ID and what you can do to find a Clothes ID in Roblox.

FAQs on How To Find Clothes ID In Roblox

Locate the URL of a clothing item in the Avatar Shop. Your ID is the nine or ten-digit number beside the word catalog. You can copy the ID for future purposes.

The ID differentiates all clothing items and is also important when contacting Roblox Support about an issue. You need it when describing the issue so the Roblox team can easily locate the piece of Clothing.

Log Into your Roblox Account> Tap on the Avatar Shop on the Navigation Bar. It is usually at the top left > You will now be able to view all different categories of accessories, weapons, gear, and Clothing.

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