The Best Web Browsers In 2023: A New Way To See The Internet

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Whether you are trying to get information online or just browsing the web, the best web browsers can make a difference. From the browsing experience, speed, performance, and security can make a browser stand out.

Having a web browser that gives you what you need when you use the internet is a necessity for a good browsing experience.

We browse the web no doubt, and I’m no exception, we all have our best view about something. We look out for browsers with a value that can add to your browsing experience.

Meanwhile, the browser you are currently using might not be the best browser on your operating system in terms of speed or performance, but it can be better with other OS.

Before you choose a web browser you will have to consider things like speed, privacy, and security of the web browser. A web browser like Firefox helps you keep prying eyes away from your privacy, others let you choose how you want to balance your browsing experience.

And with features that can help you customize your browser, there is no better way to enjoy surfing the internet.

What is the best web browser

We have put together the best web browsers for speed, privacy, and security that can help you improve your browsing experience.

Whether you are using a mobile or a computer to browse your favorite website, we have picked the best browsers for 2022.

There is plenty of internet browser that want to make your browsing experience awesome on the web.

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is the best web browser and the most popular on the internet, but it also has its flaws. The Chrome browser is built on the Chromium engine and shares many features with other Chromium browsers. The one downside about Chrome is that it uses too many resources on your device.

Opera is the most innovative web browser on the internet that comes with lots of features for modern-day users. The browser is built with the Chromium engine and doesn’t consume as many resources as Chrome does. It has an in-built VPN that helps you browse securely.

Microsoft Edge is the best Google Chrome alternative on the internet because it is now mostly like Chrome with plenty of useful built-in features. The browser is built on the Chromium engine and does the exact opposite of Google Chrome’s use of device resources.

Mozilla Firefox also breathed a new fresh look around last year and they have been modern. The web browser is the best at keeping your privacy safe from prying eyes that want to collect your data. If you want privacy on the web, Firefox can help you achieve that.

If you’re to customize your own browsing experience, Vivaldi is a great choice, you can change almost anything on the web browser. Vivaldi is built on the Chromium engine by a former Opera founder, and you can also use the Google Chrome extension.

Apple Safari is a great browser that is built for Apple devices, if you’re an Apple user you will already have the browser installed on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. Safari boasts speed and privacy for Apple users.

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What to look for in a web browser?

Before choosing an internet browser there are certain things you need to look out for: speed, security, and privacy.

You don’t want to use a web browser that is slow like a snail, or a browser that just collects every data they find their hands on.

Use a fast and clean browser that will smooth your browsing experience, and also web browsers that will help protect your data from trackers.

Best web browsers in 2022

  1. Google Chrome — Best web browser all rounder
  2. Opera — Best innovative browser
  3. Microsoft Edge — Best for Windows and Chrome alternative
  4. Mozilla Firefox — Best for protecting your privacy
  5. Vivaldi — Best browser for customization
  6. Apple Safari — Best for Apple users

1. Google Chrome

The best web browser on the internet (Overall)

Best web browser: Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a superb browser, fast and adaptable with high performance, speed, and durability. Chrome is built for speed and it is an easy-to-use browser.

Well, it sure has a large market share because of the cross-platform and incredibly design model. The Chrome browser surpassed all browsers with its speed and it is available on all major platforms.

Chrome boasts some of the best features available in a web browser for smooth browsing sailing, with their Google Account integration you will get all the Google services suite for easy use (available on desktop only).

With your Google Account, you can Sync your browsing activities and active extensions among other things. You can customize your browser by installing extensions and Themes.

With features such as the Chrome group tab, you will be able to group your browsing into different categories. You can group tabs for social media, research, movies, etc.

Chrome also has a dark mode that let you turn your browsing dark and reduce the light going to your eye.

Their free built-in password manager helps you to generate stronger passwords when creating an account, the password is saved on Chrome.

And if sign in to your Google Account it will be automatically saved on Google Password, then it will be easy to access when you use Chrome on mobile and desktop. You can view your passwords in Google Chrome.

The downside with the Google Chrome browser is it takes too many resources (Ram Hungry).

So if you decide to use Chrome I bet your computer or mobile phone is up for it. Chrome is available on Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, and Windows.


  • Syncs across multiple devices
  • Easy to use
  • Fastest web browser
  • Password manager


  • Collects lots of data
  • Use lots of resources
Use Google Chrome

2. Opera

Most innovative web browser

Best web browser: Opera browser

Opera is one of the best web browsers in 2022, with a clean interface, built-in VPN, and a Turbo mode that makes slow connections more useable.

Having a slow internet connection, Turbo compresses your web traffic, routing it through Opera’s servers, which makes a huge difference to the browsing speed. Opera support lots of useful addons for additional features to the web browser.

The Opera UI is nice, as one can tell for both the desktop and mobile versions, everything is clean, with extra additional social features like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other social networking apps.

The web browser is packed with lots of built-in features like a battery-saving mode that wants to keep your device going longer, a built-in VPN that helps hide your IP address, a free built-in ad blocker, and a crypto wallet for cryptocurrency users, etc.

The web browser is built from Google’s open-source Chromium engine, this just makes Google feels good.

With the browser-based engine, Opera’s speed is close to that of Chrome and Edge, and it gets all the features available and be able to use all the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Opera also has its own Add-on store that let users install extensions for additional features. The difference between Opera and other Chromium engine browsers is the built-in features.

If you’re like saving content for later or like going through different social media at the same time, Opera has created a space for you.

Their built-in social tools will help you get your browsing experience right. If you want a free VPN while browsing you can use Opera to hide your IP address from the data collector.

Opera is one of the best browsers with the best features of the Chromium engine browser. Opera is available on Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, and Windows.


  • Built-in VPN
  • Built-in social tools
  • Built-in Adblocker
  • Fewer system resources


  • Doesn’t loads old websites correctly
  • Updates not frequently
Use Opera

3. Microsoft Edge

Best for Windows and Chrome alternative

Best web browser: Microsoft Edge

Microsoft makes Edge its default browser for windows 10, from opening links and thereafter. Edge is uniquely for Windows, and it’s built with readers in mind and with a very fast and plenty of features.

Edge is just like Chrome, the only difference they have is the additional built-in features on Edge and all the clear privacy tools on the web browser.

The new Microsoft Edge browser built on the Chromium engine is better than the predecessor and faster. It also introduced features from the formal to the new browser.

It comes with a password manager, an ad-blockers, and more that are available on the desktop. You can also use the Chrome extension on your Edge browser.

You can import your Chrome settings to Microsoft Edge and get all your browsing data on the web browser.

You will see your passwords, bookmark, and everything imported from Google Chrome. Edge provides a clear privacy tool that explains how your browsing experiences.

Edge provides a page that displayed three security levels for your browsing experience: The Basic, Balanced, and Strict, each gives you control over what you want your experience to look like when you browse. The Site Permissions page gives control over what specific sites can do.

Microsoft Edge works with Cortana, a smart AI assistant for Microsoft devices and apps.

With Cortana you can make it easy for you to access your favorite sites, reading list, what’s in your history, recent downloads, and more. Download Microsoft Edge for Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows.


  • Sync across multiple devices
  • Fast as Chrome
  • Use low resources
  • Clear privacy tools


  • No Edge for Linux and Chrome OS
  • Not available for older computer
Use Microsoft Edge

4. Mozilla Firefox

Best for security and privacy

Best web browser: Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is back with an amazing new look, with a focus on privacy and security, it is the best web browser for privacy with a strong security tool. Mozilla, Firefox’s parent company takes privacy seriously, and they are much happier in keeping your privacy out of reach, with a range of features to help protect you online.

With a focus on privacy, they are many features that will make you want to use Firefox, the web browser has tracking protection features that restrict websites from tracking you on the web.

Firefox is one of the few browsers that use its browsing engine (Quantum) and not Chromium, which makes it a different option from the other web browsers.

If you’re looking to add more features and customize the browser you can use the Firefox extensions and themes. Although, if compared to Google Chrome, Firefox lack an extensive suite of extension, the one available will do.

Firefox also integrates with breach alerts, which alert you if your email is included in a data breach. And a dashboard that provides a summary of how Firefox protects your privacy.

Firefox doesn’t have a problem dealing with your privacy, the web browser makes it harder for a third party to collect your data. A feature added to the browser allowed password-free login and automatic blocking of ad trackers and fingerprinting.

It also supports Sync if you create a Mozilla account to help keep your passwords, bookmarks, and history synced across platforms. Download Mozilla Firefox for Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.


  • Privacy protection
  • Blocks pop-ups
  • Incredibly flexible
  • Sync across platform


  • Use large system resources
  • Slow speed when compared with other web browsers
  • Lack of extension library when compared to other
Use Mozilla Firefox

5. Vivaldi

The best browser for customization

Best web browser: Vivaldi browser

With plenty of internet browsers available today, only a few offer you ways to customize your browser look. Vivaldi was developed by a former Opera founder, and they want to change how internet browsers look by letting anyone create what they like. The web browser is pretty much all about customization and features for your good browsing experience.

Vivaldi comes with lots of features since it uses the same Chromium engine most top browsers use, which means you get to use other Chrome extensions too.

Their features drift away from the normal Chromium-based browser which allows users to Clone tab, an option that allows you to duplicate the current tab. Choose to display the address bar at the top of the page or side panel.

With features that let you pin a website to the sidebar, and group tabs if you want to browse on specific topics. Others include a built-in ad blocker, a built-in tracker blocker, a new text-rich Notes Manager, and a Break Mode. You can also view your history on Vivaldi using graph form. Download Vivaldi for Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows.


  • Customization at its best
  • Use Chrome extensions
  • Syncs across devices


  • No iPhone or iPad app
  • Use lots of system memory
Use Vivaldi

6. Apple Safari

The best web browser for Apple users (Apple Ecosystem)

Best web browser: Apple Safari

For Apple users, you don’t even need an introduction, Safari is already your default browser, and come pre-installed like Chrome on Android device.

Safari isn’t available on other OS, it’ is only available on the Apple ecosystem; iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Unlike the top browsers on these lists, Apple Safari isn’t built on the Chromium engine but it also boasts speed on Mac computers.

Apple Safari isn’t just a good internet browser for smooth sailing but also focuses on protecting users’ privacy like Firefox. The web browser provides plenty of features that let you save your passwords, allow you Sync between Apple devices with your Apple ID, add extensions for more features, and doesn’t consume high system resources.

Just like Firefox, Safari includes a privacy panel that displayed all the websites that have tracked you since you start using the web browser. On your Mac computer, you can preview tabs to show the page in a small box.

Although the Apple Safari isn’t available on anything that is not Apple devices, the browser has a large market share after Google Chrome.

So if you aren’t using anything other than Apple products and you use the web a lot, Safari will be good enough to Sync your browsing your preferences, and settings across your Apple devices.


  • Built for Apple devices
  • Runs faster on a Mac computer
  • Doesn’t consume system resources


  • Lack customization
  • Only for Apple devices
  • A small number of extensions
Use Apple Safari

Which browser is most used in the world?

They are plenty of browsers that are available for use, most of which come pre-installed on your desktop or mobile device.

According to Statcounter, the most popular and most used web browser in the world is Google Chrome, which covers a market share of 64.34%, followed by Apple Safari with 19.16% (Apple ecosystem). The new Microsoft Edge browser with 4.05%, then Mozilla Firefox with 3.41%, Samsung Internet with 2.85%, Opera browser with 2.07%, UC Browser at 0.84%, Android browser at 0.76%, and then Internet Explorer at 0.39%, and the others.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

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How to choose the best web browser

It’s pretty easy to choose the best web browser if you know what you want and what you intend to use the web browser for. If you’re looking out to browse privately online, there’s is a browser that can help keep your online activities private.

If you’re looking for speed and just simply want to browse the web there are browsers for that.

Most times the browser pre-installed on your devices won’t do, but for most, it’s enough for people who just want to surf the web. Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows all come with pre-installed browsers and they are best in their own game. So, you don’t have to keep finding browsers to use.

Most Apple users stick with Safari as do Android users with Chrome, and Windows users with Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. It all boiled down to what you want to do with it.

The unique thing about using a cross-platform browser is that you can start browsing on your Android device and continue on your Windows or iOS device. Most of the web browsers are now cross platforms except for Apple Safari which is tied to the Apple ecosystem.

Do I need to use a VPN when browsing the web?

There are different things you will need a VPN for when browsing the web, but it’s not a must to use a VPN when browsing the web. You only need a VPN if you need to stay anonymous online and bypass some countries’ restrictions or get access to a particular server.

The internet provider and everyone trying to get your location won’t be able to pinpoint your location.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps you stay anonymous online through an encrypted tunnel, which prevents providers and anyone from accessing the data you’re interacting with.

With a VPN you can access contents that are not available in your country, but you should note that using a VPN doesn’t secure you from internet malware, you may get affected if you get into the wrong site. So you do lookout for the best antivirus apps.

When you need to use a VPN

There are certain cases when you will need to use a VPN service on your phone while browsing or connected to a public network. You never know what’s behind the network you’re connected to.

If you’re in a public place you don’t trust or haven’t been there before using a VPN is your best choice to encrypt your browsing anonymously. Want to get access to content outside of your country you will need a VPN to facilitate this.

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Google Chrome is the best web browser

With 63.63% you shouldn’t be surprised that Google Chrome is the best web browser. You can argue with your keyboard, they’re lots of customization, features, and extensions that let you browse seamlessly on the web, and it is available on all major platforms.

But the browser suffers its problem, not just taking a huge part of your RAM, but it isn’t privacy-focused. Well, they are other browsers like Mozilla Firefox that want to protect your privacy.

If you don’t want to use Chrome, they are also other alternatives like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera. These browsers are available on all major platforms. If you’re using Apple devices, using Safari is a good choice. But all way around Google Chrome works well that’s why it’s the best web browser.

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