What Does “Recents” Mean On Snapchat? (What You Need To Know)

Want to know what Recents on Snapchat mean, hang on, we got the perfect explanation.
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The recent list shows your most recent chats with your friends and people who just recently became your friends on the app. Even people you have not spoken to in a while may appear due to certain reasons.

If you have been using Snapchat, then you probably have a ton of people on your recent list (Chats list). This goes for all the conversations you had with people, mostly the recent chats with others.

Want to know what recents on Snapchat mean, hang on, we got the perfect explanation.

In this article, you’ll learn what’s recents mean on Snapchat. And how to clear friends from the Recents list. You will also learn why a friend’s name shows up on the Recents list. Snapchat keeps a record of everybody you snap to, chat to, or add in your Recents.

What Is “Recents” On Snapchat?

The recents on Snapchat mean that you will get to see all the people you have had conversations with on the app.

The recents keep account of people you communicate with: chats, snaps, stories, etc. Friends you have spoken with recently, these people will be at the top of the list.

You may see someone’s name appear here if you have not spoken to them in a while, even people you have never spoken to.

The recent list on Snapchat also lets you see that you have an unopened snap, your new friends.

And if a friend unfriend you on Snapchat, their name will appear on the recent list. More on this on the next heading

The list is the same thing as your chats. If you see a friend’s name on the Snapchat Recents list, different reasons made the name appear there.

Why Is Someone In My Recents On Snapchat?

If you see someone’s name on the Recents list on Snapchat, there are different reasons why someone may be on your Recent.

When any of your friends remove you from their friend list, their names will appear on your Recent list.

This will allow you to know the people who have unfriended you on the app.

This could also mean that they have added you to their friend’s list or accepted you.

Just to make sure you are right, that the person has truly removed you from their friend list, go to their profile and check if you can see their Snapchat score.

If you don’t see anything it means that they have unfriended you.

More Reasons Why Someone Is Showing Up In Your Snapchat Recents

If you have not spoken to the person on your recents list on Snapchat, it may be different reasons they appear on the list.

If you have removed yourself from the person’s friend list.

They reply to your Snapchat story. You add the person as a friend. More on this.

1. You Guys Recently Added Each Other Back

The one reason you may see a person on the recents list may be because they have added you as a friend or accepted your friend request.

You may have forgotten that you sent someone a friend request, but if you are not sure you can always ask the person to get why the person is on the list in the first place.

2. The Person Unfriend You

If one of your friends unfriends you, you will see their name on the recents list.

To be clear that they removed you from their friend list, go to their profile and check if you can still see their Snapchat score.

If you cannot see it, then you have been removed from their list.

3. They Replied To Your Story

If someone replies to any of your stories on the app, you may see them on the recent list.

Snapchat will show the person who has responded to your story, and they may even be at the top of the list. So check it out before you panic.

4. Maybe You Haven’t Spoken To Anyone Else?

The recents list changes if you have not had a conversation for a long time or less than normal.

If you find someone on the recents list, this may mean that you have not chatted with anyone or you talk to fewer people on the app. If you don’t chat, people from backstage will appear again.

5. You Opened Their Snap Or You Accidentally Sent Something

Different things may occur while you are using Snapchat, you may accidentally send snaps to the person and just forget, and the next day you are wondering how the account got on the list.

They may also appear if they send you snaps or chats. You can know more about Snapchat’s opened and received meaning.

6. Someone Else Had a Chat Using Your Account!

If your friend or family member uses your phone, they might send a snap or chat or the person.

And this would allow their name to be on the recents list. If you know you have anyone you phone, you can start by asking them if they have chatted using your account.

7. Snapchat Is Bugging Out

There might be a bug in the app. Snapchat may be malfunctioning and this will allow someone on your recents list.

What is not supposed to happen will be happening, but this is hardly the case. But if Snapchat is having an issue, you can just wait for them to come out with a fix.

How To Clear Recents On Snapchat

You can clear conversation on the recents list if you don’t want the person to appear on the chats.

If you also want to remove other accounts on the list you can do and clear conversation with a specific friend.

To delete the conversation open Snapchat, tap on your Bitmoji at the top left, and click on your account Settings at the top right.

Scroll down to Account Actions, under this section tap on Clear Conversations. Find the friend conversation you want to delete and tap on “x“.


If you see names that you haven’t spoken to, don’t freak out and take necessary actions like reaching out to them and asking them how they got to your list.

If they can’t give you a satisfying answer you can unfriend or block them.

But if they don’t know how they got there in the first place, this may be a bug.

As such you can always make friends from there, you might never know what the future holds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you look at Snapchat history?

You can see your Snapchat history in your account settings. Scroll down to Account Actions, under this section, you will see search history, scan history, and voice scan history.

Why did someone disappear from my Snapchat recents?

Because the person had blocked you. Once they block you on their Snapchat account you will be removed from their list, and they disappear from your recent conversations. Once they block you you will not be able to add them back.

Why are people I haven’t talked to in a while on my recent list on Snapchat?

Because it happens, and if you don’t chat will lots of people you may see people you have not chatted with in a while. If you find someone on the recents list, this may mean that you do have not to chat with anyone or you talk to fewer people on the app.

How to remove recent conversations

To clear your conversation on Snapchat, open the Snapchat app > tap your Bitmoji > tap the Settings icon > Clear Conversation > Tap “X.”

What do Snapchat streaks and recents mean?

Streaks and Recents or S/R is a term used on Snapchat. If you receive a snap on Snapchat that has S/R or S&R written on it, it means that the sender has sent this to all the people in their Recents list and all the people they are on a Streak with.

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