How Is The Best Friends List On Snapchat Determined?

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If you have been using Snapchat before 2018, you will know that some things like the best friends list change after the algorithm updates. This algorithm update determines how the best friends list is ordered on Snapchat.

When you don’t communicating with a friend on the app, even if the person is your best friend in the real world you won’t see their account at the top of the list.

Because these people are the ones you interact with the most, and even if you don’t talk in real life Snapchat will determine how to ordered of your best friends list.

In this article, you will learn what determines your best friends list on snapchat, and know if your best friends list goes down or across.

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What Determines Your Best Friends List On Snapchat?

Snapchat is built around friends, unlike other social media where anyone can just follow you. Snapchat wants you to be close, just as you are in the real world.

After the 2018 algorithm updates, Snapchat determine the best friends list with interaction and based on other factors that we have discussed below.

Snapchat ordered your best friends list based on the people you snap with the most, and put them at the top.

Snapchat doesn’t care whether {the friend} is your brother or sister.

Even if these people are not your best friends in any way, as long as you interact with them more on the app there will be at the top of the list.

This list is arranged from the top to bottom, the person you interact and snaps with the most, and the one you do it less often with.

Don’t be concerned that the best friends list will remain like that for a long time, it won’t.

If you have plenty of friends and you chat and snap every day with them, the list will regularly change, and add new friends, while removing the once you frequently snap or chat with.

You can have up to 8 best friends at the top of your New Chats section, they appear first before the Recent list.

Snapchat does not just order the best friends list based on interaction they have other factors that influence this, like how many friends you snap with, the most recent, if you both friends have a streak, sending of red snaps, sharing media, etc

The Factors That Determine Snapchat Best Friends List Ordered

1. If You And The Person Have A Streak

The most factor that determines when a friend is placed on your best friends list, is when both of you have a streak for more hours than the others.

If you message each other on the app within 24 hours or for three or more consecutive days, the friend will be at the very top of the list.

If you want to make someone your best friend on the app, all you have to do is streak them.

2. Friends You Frequently Speak With

As part of the streak, if you regularly chat and snaps with a friend on the app, Snapchat will use this to determine how to put them on your best friends list.

This comes after you chat with the person on the app. It is easy to use the factor to get any of your friends at the top.

3. The Number Of Snaps And Multi-media You Send And Receive

If you snap someone all the time, Snapchat will order them at the top of your best friends.

This also implies to friends you send and receive multimedia with. If you send pictures, voice notes, etc regularly their place will be at the top list of the list.

If you and your friends regularly send multimedia and snaps, the priority will be high and you both will be added to each other best friends list.

If you do the same for other of your friends, they will rise to the top.

4. Replies On Snapchat Stories And Snaps

Interacting with each other’s snaps and stories is seen as a factor in determining the order that they will be placed on the best friend list.

If a particular friend regularly replies to your snap and stories, the algorithm will place them at the top of the list, this will also influence that you message them more frequently.

5. How Many People You Talk To

If you only chat with two or three people they will be ordered on the best friends list. Even if the total is up to 8.

The algorithm takes into account how many people you regularly talk to. If there are just a few and not even up to 8, it might consider them on the best friends list.

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How To Make Someone Your Best Friend on Snapchat

It is easy to make someone your best friends on Snapchat if you keep a conversation with them for a long time, not so long though, 1 or 2 days is enough for the algorithm to recognize the person and move them up the list.

If there is no engagement in the chats, no snaps send or receive they won’t be on the list.

If they don’t reply to your messages or snaps after you have sent a ton of them. The algorithm won’t place them on the best friends list.

Even though there is a reply from your friends, the algorithm will not immediately boost the person to your best friends list.

Because the algorithm is looking at engagement over time. You have to constantly interact with them and they will have to be replying to you.

The Highest Number Of Best Friends You Can Have In The List

You can have up to 8 best friends in the list, and you will have to interact with them. But there won’t just show at once, it will take time for all of them to show on the list.

Snapchat doesn’t always show 8 best friends. If you don’t chat with up to 8 people or even fewer than 2, the friends will still be listed in the best friends section.

Does Snapchat Best Friends List Go Down Or Across?

Snapchat best friends list goes from up to down, it’s arranged from the top to bottom.

The person you snap at the most and the least person you snap the most on the list.

From the New Chats section, you will see them, the person on the top of the list is who you chat and snaps with the most and the reverse (least) for the last person.

Who Can See Your Best Friends?

The best friends list is private, no one can see your best friends on Snapchat.

Except for the people that are among your best friends, apart from them, no one else can see your best friends list.

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If Someone Is Your Best Friend On Snapchat Are You Theirs

Yes, you are their best friend on Snapchat if they are on your list. This happened if both of you have a long conversation and snap a lot.

You can also know by looking at their emoji, if there is a heart, it means both of you are on each best friend list.

Since best friends are determined by user interaction, you both will be on each other person best friend list.

Can You Edit Your Best Friends List?

No, you cannot edit your best friends list, once a friend on Snapchat is on the list, you will not be able to add as you please.

Even if your family members are on the best, you just have to live with the fact that this is only on Snapchat.

Can You Remove Someone From Snapchat Best Friends List?

Yes, you can remove someone from your best friends list, and this is simple, you just have to unfriend the person.

Doing this will remove the person from the best friends list. If you don’t want to do that, you can temporarily block the person for a few days.

And chat and snaps with others, so when you unblock them they will not be on the list.

You can use the normal way by stopping sending snaps and chatting them up, once you do this, continue chatting and snapping with others, they will drop down from the list and eventually be removed.

Changing Your Best Friends On Snapchat

To change your best friends list on Snapchat, you just have to chat and snaps with friends that you want on that list.

If you want 8 or fewer, chat with them, and between the next 24 to 48 hours, there will be on top of the list with the others gone.

How Do You Find Your Best Friends List On Snapchat

To find your best friends list on Snapchat, go to New Chats: Open Snapchat, swipe right to go to the Chats section, and then tap on the New Chat icon at the bottom right corner of your Snapchat screen.

The best friends list will be at the top section of the page before the Recents List.


If you use Snapchat regularly, the best friends list may be important to you, and this may help you see the friends you communicate with the most. 

Best friends don’t necessarily mean that they are your best friend, it is just a show of mutual long interaction.

The algorithm takes different factors to determine how the list is ordered, so don’t worry if a person is at the top just because you send a snap twice and interact with them in one day.

They may be out in no time, or still be on the list, because the feature allows you to see up to 8 best friends, which are updated regularly as you interact more with other people on the app.

If you want someone to be on your best friend list, snap them regularly, and let the person reply to the interactions throughout the day. This will make the algorithm place them on the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Snapchat order your best friends?

Snapchat ordered best friends with interaction, the more you snap and chat with a friend, and they reply and do the same, Snapchat will rank them on the list.

Does opening someones profile frequently makes you their best friend?

No, opening someone’s profile doesn’t make you their best friends, you have to chat, send multimedia and snaps to get on the best friends list.

Can you have someone on your best friends list and not be on best friends list?

Yes, you can have someone on your best friends list, and you won’t be on their list. But if they communicate with you frequently, chat and send you snaps, you will be on their list.

Which is the number one best friend?

The first person on the best friends list is your number one best friend on Snapchat. This is the person you chat and snaps with the most on the yellow app. The one with the heart ? Gold Heart means that you both send the most snaps to each other, and are best friends on your and their list.

How does Snapchat rank top friends?

Snapchat ranks top or best friends based on the number of chats and snaps you send to them. If one is considered higher than every other, Snapchat will rank the person at the top.

Does Snapchat best friends go both ways?

Yes, Snapchat best friends can go both ways, if the two persons send and reply to the chats and snaps each other sent. To know this, you will see the heart emoji.

Do chats count towards best friends on Snapchat?

Yes, chats are counted towards how best friends are ordered on the list. The more chats you send to a person the more rank the get on the list.

How do I know if I’m on someone else’s best friends list on Snapchat?

If you see a heart icon you will know that you are on their Snapchat best friends list. If not, you can tell them to continue sending you snaps and chats.

Why do I have 7 people on my best friend list on Snapchat instead of 8?

This may be because you haven’t sent more snaps or chats to another person to complete the rank. If you want to get all there, you have to continue sending and snapping to the person.

How do I become someone’s best friend on Snapchat?

Make sure both of your snap and chat with one another, if they do it the most you will be on their best friends list.

How do I get rid of my number 1 best friend on Snapchat without blocking them?

Stop chatting and sending snaps to them, and the person will go down the list over time. Or you can unfriend the person. If you do that Snapchat will not be able to determines your best friends list.

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